To the Moon

Andre Ettema - To the Moon
아티스트: Andre Ettema
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Alexander H
Alexander H 답글 연결
Beautiful track, so rich and full of possibility.
ωæfe 魔
ωæfe 魔 답글 연결
You had me thinking this was some sort of Interstellar 2 shit, fuck yourself.
David Dominguez
David Dominguez 답글 연결
just brings me to tears
dudeofsteel31 답글 연결
This has me thinking of what it'd be like to be in their position.... voyaging to colonize a distant planet, and things turn to a darker path. Gaining such hope and having to fight to retain the hope, for it's one of the last things you have. Add on top of that the revelation that we aren't alone in the universe and this piece is so fitting.
Zombified 답글 연결
thank youuuuuuuu
Ghost Ninja 10
Ghost Ninja 10 6 답글 연결
I know Alien Covenant is supposed to be the most gruesome out of the entire franchise and it's probably not for me since I'm 16,but I don't care! I'm a hardcore Alien fan and I can't wait for this movie! I really want to have the chance to see this film as it looks epic!
alphazoom II
alphazoom II 답글
Most of the gore was great but the shower scene according to the special FX dept. took the most blood but we barely saw any of it except for the aftermath. The earlier stuff was far more gory.
Good Egg
Good Egg 답글
The film was the first (in my opinion) to truly capture the evil, grotesque nature of the xenomorph. We see the exit wounds of both the neomorphs and the protomorphs, it's very gory and the shower scene is pretty brutal for a big release box office hit type film
JownJawge 답글
It wasn't cut.
alphazoom II
alphazoom II 답글
The shower scene must have been seriously cut because that was the least gory scene.
JownJawge 1 답글
Ghost Ninja 10 I just saw it movie was sick
Thanos ‎
Thanos ‎ 답글 연결
Where to get the wallpaper?
Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 2 답글 연결
last thirty seconds make me want to go into space and have space sex
Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 5 답글 연결
the last thirty seconds or so are the best
Yuli Corns
Yuli Corns 답글
Anthony Zerangue true
Zombified 답글
Anthony Zerangue yep i love it
jaime javier
jaime javier 답글
Anthony Zerangue for real
Anthony Zerangue
Anthony Zerangue 2 답글 연결
this is nothing like interstellar you homeless unemployed mother fucker
ichaffee1 답글
Anthony Zerangue no need to be so mean
grizly a
grizly a 10 답글 연결
"You all sacrificed so much to be here." - Daniels
alphazoom II
alphazoom II 답글
The spores don't react to metal anyhow.
leonthesleepy 4 답글
Get ready to sacrifice more, as you step on this new planet...without fucking helmets.
Husky92 3 답글
"But now you're all going to sacrifice some more, because we didn't sent a probe before our landing"
Pan Paweł
Pan Paweł 답글 연결
Callum Williams
Callum Williams 답글 연결
Could you possibly send a link to where you got the image from? I love the image so much, I'd love to use it as a wallpaper
finavarro97 3 답글 연결
been looking for this song forever!!! you the mvp bro
The Determined one 1232
sounds like interstellar.
Hulk 1 답글
u wish
Doggo Lover64
Doggo Lover64 8 답글
But better
36/36s 답글 연결
Very calm , thank you .
Julian Penguin
Julian Penguin 답글 연결
Dat thumbnail tho...
Brendan Bernard
Brendan Bernard 28 답글 연결
Sounds a bit similar to Interstellar.
Chiara R.
Chiara R. 답글 연결
non so perché, pur avendo i suggerimenti attivi,YouTube mi consiglia musica che non ascolterei neanche sotto tortura...
EMM 5 답글 연결
Thank you. Do you know the music from the second part of this trailer?
Paradoxar 답글
nope thats a different trailer
Paradoxar 5 답글
same -.-
EMM 5 답글
I've been looking for this song for a month already.
NeonDeathAdder 답글
I've been wondering the same thing.

Rick Rhine
Rick Rhine 답글 연결
cool cant wait for movie
Games Proxy
Games Proxy 답글 연결
Perfect <3
MëTÂ BøSS 8 답글 연결
Wow this music is amazing
John Carter
John Carter 23 답글 연결
YES!!! Oh my god THANK YOU!!!! I've been searching everywhere for this!!!
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