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Dark Rooms - I Get Overwhelmed
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Are you runnin late? D'you sleep too much? All the awful dreams Felt real enough Did you know that? She wakin up? Did she die in the night? Leave you alone? Lone Bear nearer Is she crooked-nosed? Boring hand That doesn't recall The children Just emptiness No place like home It's a fuck'in mess Mess 20 messages D'you hurt your thumbs? What a stupid game Getting nothing done Will you learn this track? Your highest score While you crush your back And I'm at the wall Wall I'm a real man Do you wanna fuck? When the internet Wouldn't give you a second look D'you fool yourself? That's privilege That's power without power That's a business Business When You're near as I Then I get overwhelmed Can't sleep at night Can't convince myself To turn it off To let it go Gotta make sense Of the fucking world World Am I running late I get overwhelmed All the awful dreams On the bright screens Is my lover there Are we breaking up She finds someone else Leave me alone Lone

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DarkRoomsMusic 383 답글 연결
Are you runnin late?
Did you sleep too much?
All the awful dreams
Felt real enough
Is your lover there?
Is she wakin up?
Did she die in the night?
And leave you alone?

Mirror, mirror
There's your crooked nose
Boring hair
A thousand wrinkles
No children
Just emptiness
No place like home
Just a f*cking mess

20 messages
Did you hurt your thumbs?
What a stupid game
Getting nothing done
With your longest track
Your highest score
While you crush your back
And lament the war

All the women
That you wanna f*ck
On the internet
Wouldn't give you a second look
Did you fool yourself?
That's privilege
That's power without power
That's a business

But we know "you" is "I"
And I get overwhelmed
Can't sleep at night
Can't convince myself
To turn it off
To let go
Gotta make sense
Of the f*cking war

Am I runnin late?
I get overwhelmed
All the awful dreams
All the bright screens
Is my lover there?
Are we breakin up?
Did she find someone else?
And leave me alone?
Omar Alejandro Martinez
Mr. No brains try to watch the movie ‘a ghost story’ may be it will be helpful
Usman Baloch
Usman Baloch 답글
Your work is amazing.rare.It's indescribable.
Loola Palooza
Loola Palooza 답글
Reagan Kinman yes that's what it feels like, that's what I do and I've been in denial that I've bern depressed for years now
Mr. No brains
Mr. No brains 1 답글
Reagan Kinman i suppose it is
Reagan Kinman
Reagan Kinman 2 답글
Mr. No brains it's about anxiety and depression
Батон Хлебов
"история призрака"
Victor Cardoso
Victor Cardoso 답글 연결
F***ck, this song give me chills
On'z Exo Sehun Ren Nu'est
This song means so much
Cuscuz com Cinema
MELHOR MUSICA DE TODOS OS TEMPOS E CARA. PQ NÃO NASCEMOS SEM EMOÇÃO? FODA-SE O AMOR! QUE SE FODA, SEÉRIO MESMO, VELHO! Isso não leva a lugar algum, no final é tudo passageiro como a nossa vida! Fuck it. Como eu queria acreditar nesse fuck it
Adam Croslow
Adam Croslow 1 답글 연결
"We build our legacy piece by piece and maybe the world will remember you or maybe just a couple of people, but... you do what you can to make sure you're still around... after you're gone."
ameer bio
ameer bio 답글 연결
The music is a slow burn..
But the lyrics are everything!!
Omar Alejandro Martinez
Esta canción es una obra de arte, en el contexto de la película ‘a ghost story’ queda de maravilla!
Rifki Wuda
Rifki Wuda 답글 연결
this. Is. Beautiful
V B 답글 연결
The best film of 2017 with the best soundtrack integration IMHO
Ronnie T
Ronnie T 답글 연결
I thought Casey Affleck was actually singing
Ahmed Yasin
Ahmed Yasin 답글 연결
Yes, the best music and lyrics my ears heard after a long time. Topclasss!
tommyboy 답글 연결
Hi there, my name is tom, and i am a ghost stories latest victim. I watched it two night's ago now on october 3rd, 2017. This is when my life was ruined
André Araújo
André Araújo 답글 연결
A ghost story :(
MrSpeedyAce 답글 연결
Would this song be classified under dubstep?
Tate Kaufman
Tate Kaufman 답글
MrSpeedyAce nope
Sophie Afsaneh
Sophie Afsaneh 답글 연결
This song overwhelms me
wiston_1254 답글 연결
anybody know other songs like this one?
Tate Kaufman
Tate Kaufman 답글
Also wolf Alice - silk and underworld - born slippy.
Tate Kaufman
Tate Kaufman 답글
wiston_1254 something in the air tonight by Phil Collins gives a similar vibe.
Luiz Gustavo z
Luiz Gustavo z 답글
wiston_1254 maps - when you leave
Lorne Osbourne
Lorne Osbourne 답글 연결
W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. ...
Professor Voxi
Professor Voxi 27 답글 연결
'I'm waiting for someone'
'I don't remember'
Sahyl 답글
Broke my fuckin heart.
Jeff Decker
Jeff Decker 6 답글
Two people dressed in sheets and it might be the saddest thing ever in a movie.
Eduardo Ake
Eduardo Ake 답글 연결
Agradezco infinitamente no haber escuchado esta rola en el verano del 2015.

this song is a piece of shit in terms of revolutionary standards. millennials will probably like it, but it will be too poppy and mediocre for older people's taste. it is dogshit compared to real musicians like mozart and stuff. i think it works in the movie because the guy who made the song within the film was an amateur musician. only thing that was unbelievable is that casey affleck's voice and daniel hart are nothing alike. affleck is too mundane and daniel is too high pitch, so it creates this lack of realism that he made the song.
UnbelievabIeMontages 답글
yeah i do, it says "existentialism is bullshit morty"
turdmen111 답글
You're fucking hilarious lmao. Do you have a Rick and Morty tattoo on your thigh too? Or is that too mainstream for ya?
UnbelievabIeMontages 답글
it's terrible, it sounds like turd. within a few seconds, mozart would've figured out what was wrong with it and could make it better within 40 seconds like he did to that turd sandwich in Amadeus.
turdmen111 답글
"No way would singers back then sing this girly. Mozart would barf in his mouth if he heard this"

There's a lot wrong with that statement.

Reason one: That's 100% subjective.

Reason Two: Stop being a pretentious dickbag. I know you watch YMS, and I can just tell that you want to judge everything to your religiously high standards that you've convinced yourself to believe in.

Reason Three: The composition of notes in the instrumental are pretty simple, yeah. But music isn't judged by complexity of instruments. it's judged on if it sounds good and people like it. His melody is great, the sound is atmospheric, and it is nice to hear (at least to me). Quit being so entitled, it just makes you look like a fucking moron lmao.
UnbelievabIeMontages 답글
this music is awful, no way would singers back then ever sing this girly. mozart would barf in his mouth if he heard this.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 답글 연결
Wow, Daniel Frederick Hart just moved my soul with this song. The lyrics are intense and I love how it takes you from whimsical in the beginning to symphonic despair at the end, it’s a roller coaster. Beautiful, bravo!
ivann9322 6 답글 연결
The movie left a hole in me that I can't really describe. The sense of time and what we do with it was amazingly portrayed.
Core Junkie's Demo Daze
So extremely rare for a film and a song to be so haunting, emotional and intertwined. One artists creates which sparks the flame in another and together it makes something I won't soon forget. Beautiful job Dark Rooms, on the song, Dan Hart on the soundtrack, and David Lowery on the film. Profoundly moving. Thank you.
Evan Hanson
Evan Hanson 1 답글 연결
Saw the movie last night and I can't stop thinking about it. This is a movie that is bound to grow on me and appreciate it even more.
dawid jonny
dawid jonny 답글 연결
Lol cos pieknego
Chapo X3SurSide
Chapo X3SurSide 답글 연결
Absolutely beautiful
tamambeabi 1 답글 연결
i love it but the F words have ruined the song!
Walter Quick, Jr.
Walter Quick, Jr. 1 답글
Become an adult?
Sudev Sen
Sudev Sen 답글 연결
What was in the note?
Gyorkland 답글
Something personal, it doesn't really matter he just understood that he had to move on and that she's not coming back, that's basically what she tells him at the begining of the film, that she left notes on all the houses she lived as a kid with poems or things that she liked about them but never came back. Also The ghosts in the movie had apparently some sort of a fuzzy memory or conciousness so that made things clear for him I think
Dark Tower
Dark Tower 답글
Sudev Sen safe safe safe.
Noyan Ozkan
Noyan Ozkan 1 답글 연결
i was just madly wanted to see a striking message to appear in that small paper.. Maybe in a heart breaking or heart melting way. it had to hit the viewer. This is why a movie should be made. I can't believe how they couldn't deliever the message and complete the movie. Well maybe they left interpreting the whole thing to the viewer but that's unfair. A huge potential wasted.

E Ric
E Ric 답글 연결
My fav song and movie ...
Bandcamp rev.
Bandcamp rev. 답글 연결
+A Ghost Story - Full Original Soundtrack Album (Youtube)
Fin Regan
Fin Regan 답글 연결
Precious Garnett
Precious Garnett 1 답글 연결
A ghost story was terribly boring but at least something enjoyable came out of it. Love this song ❤️
Walter Quick, Jr.
Walter Quick, Jr. 답글
If only Tyler Perry cross dressed as the ghost...
Jakob Jäger
Jakob Jäger 답글 연결
My eyes actually turned wet. I'm so impressed how many emotions emerged to surface when I listened to that.
Richard Le
Richard Le 1 답글 연결
i listen to this to feel something, to feel alive
Ben Moran
Ben Moran 17 답글 연결
Hi, my name is Ben and A Ghost Story ruined my fucking life
tommyboy 1 답글
Ben Moran hi ben
sandb232 답글 연결
This is a pretty song. I think the story of the film was more suited to the length of a music video. Surprisingly, I haven't seen a music video yet. Would be easy to make by editing down the essential scenes of the film.
Logan McDonald
Logan McDonald 답글 연결
We rarely get music this honest and powerful anymore. Beautiful.
Guy Hartman-Cocco
Thank you Dark Rooms and A Ghost Story.