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The Four Tops - Walk Away Renée
아티스트: The Four Tops
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And when I see the sign that points one way The lot we used to pass by every day Just walk away, Renée You won't see me follow you back home The empty sidewalks on my block are not the same You're not to blame From deep inside the tears I'm forced to cry From deep inside the pain That I chose to hide Just walk away, Renée You won't see me follow you back home Now as the rain burns down upon my weary eyes For me it cries Just walk away, Renée You won't see me follow you back home Now as the rain burns down upon my weary eyes For me it cries Your name and mine inside A heart on a wall Still finds a way to haunt me Though they're so small Just walk away, Renée You won't see me follow you back home The empty sidewalks on my block are not the same You're not to blame

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srfnff 답글 연결
The 4 Tops version brings the vocals to the forefront of the tune, while the absolutely lush strings and arrangement of the original Lefte Banke tune is unbeatable. The original is haunting in a way the Tops version is not. But at least you can understand the lyrics in the Tops rendition.
Emily Malden
Emily Malden 답글 연결
Duke is the only one left, it will be a sad day when he enter R&R heaven, but the artist of that era are getting older. I like both versions, but this one is more upbeat!
Jay McRoy
Jay McRoy 답글 연결
Can finally catch all the words and understand this song once the 4 Tops did it
Lar 답글 연결
Four Tops have to be my favorite Motown group. Love their sound and the great memories.
Derek StuartClark
Still fabulous after all these years, thanks for posting
Don Buck
Don Buck 답글 연결
The original version kind of sucked but this a great song. I think the guy who wrote this was a teenager at the time and of course the Left Bank were 1 hit wonders.The 4 tops did a better job by far
Jayme969 답글 연결
Interesting version. I love The Four Tops on songs like "It's The Same Old Song" (my favorite by far), Baby I Need Your Loving, I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch), Reach Out I'll Be There, Standing in the Shadows of Love and Bernadette, so when I was looking up Walk Away Renee by The Left Banke and saw they did this song, I had to check it out. It was interesting, but those other songs are much more suitable for them. This version didn't hold a candle to The Left Banke's version, but Levi's vocals are still cool regardless.
Tis This
Tis This 1 답글 연결
You're not to blame
Ron Young
Ron Young 1 답글 연결
Renee Vaughn
Renee Vaughn 답글 연결
Big John's Cooking
Big John's Cooking 1 답글 연결
that my song four tops oh man, thank you so very much.
Jarod Indio Loco
Jarod Indio Loco 1 답글 연결
I miss you, girl. My Renae..😟😟
actiondixon dixon
actiondixon dixon 1 답글 연결
what a song what a group
Tony Lazarus
Tony Lazarus 1 답글 연결
Just the best thing ever.
Steve Mazer
Steve Mazer 답글 연결
I have inside knowledge that this song was written for and dedicated to Renee Wendell of Baltimore, Maryland.
LQ 답글 연결
Anyone else here because of the Three Billboards trailer?.
intothebluemr 답글 연결
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri brought me here, and I'm damn glad of it!
3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri brought me here.
MacGregor88 답글 연결
'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' trailer brought me here.
bluthbanana21 답글 연결

Bamm412000 1 답글 연결
4 TOPS can sing any thing...I love their version and of course the Left Banke
Bruce Maclennan
Bruce Maclennan 답글 연결
Beautiful rendition - I always sit up and listen when it come on the radio.
matilda1491 1 답글 연결
They don't make music like this anymore! So glad I grew up listening to this music, one of the best groups ever!
adonis johnson
adonis johnson 1 답글 연결
A super version of the Left Banke tune. Both are wonderful.
neno brown brown
neno brown brown 답글 연결
Fuck the thirty soulless fucks who disliked this gem
David 1 답글 연결
Absolutely a God given talent!!!
My has music lost its way !!!
donald lefevre
donald lefevre 1 답글 연결
Beautiful music...
Gregory Meyers
Gregory Meyers 1 답글 연결
I loved the 4 tops version the best because of the instrumentals included. Tambourine, percussion,, including the cymbals.and of course the amazing voice of Levi Stubbs!. Had a very "soul sound" to it.
LittleDogTurds 답글 연결
you are
Don Holland
Don Holland 답글 연결
Sorry, I'm wrong. My bad.

Don Holland
Don Holland 답글 연결
The Four Tops was before Left Bank.
Michel Bilodeau
Michel Bilodeau 답글 연결
My High School Days.
Phoenix Star
Phoenix Star 4 답글 연결
OMG! "just walk away Renee" I'm up dancing to this song! "you won't see me follow you back home" Shaking my booty! haha! MOTOWN are the best! My aunties and uncles sing this song when they're having a few cold beers! Lol. "the empty sidewalks on my block are not the same your not to blame" I've got the volume turned up LOUD! haha! That was so cool! Thanks GUYS! ~ PEACE & LOVE ~
Michel Bilodeau
Michel Bilodeau 답글 연결
I prefer the Left Banke version.
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 4 답글 연결
I like the Left Banke's version better; but, hey, the Four Tops did a great job with this song.
w9j15g 7 답글 연결
Damn! I wish I had a voice like Levi Stubbs.
Ron Washburn
Ron Washburn 1 답글 연결
great song
ukkfayooyay 8 답글 연결
Very good cover, but lacks the haunting strings of the Left Banke version.
Jay McRoy
Jay McRoy 답글
My Thoughts as Well Singing Better by 4 Tops. Instruments Left Bank ..
Sean M.
Sean M. 3 답글
The Four Tops were much better singers but you're right. It needs more strings and higher background vocals to capture that haunting ache of the original.
longtalltexan63 5 답글
I think it's incredible. I think his voice is very emotional.
Felix Brown
Felix Brown 3 답글
ukkfayooyay I agree, this is a WONDERFUL version, but the only drawback of this song is that it's completely devoid of the emotional impact that made The Left Banke's original an absolute classic.
David Godley
David Godley 5 답글 연결
Definitely the best version of all. Beats the one by The Left Banke though I like that one too. RIP Michael Brown who co-wrote the song with fdellow band members.
TJ Wilson
TJ Wilson 1 답글 연결
Real music!