The Hardest Button to Button 가사

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
아티스트: The White Stripes

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We started living in an old house My ma gave birth and we were checking it out It was a baby boy So we bought him a toy It was a ray gun And it was 1981 We named him 'Baby' He had a toothache He started crying It sounded like an earthquake It didn't last long Because I stopped it I grabbed a rag doll And stuck some little pins in it Now we're a family And we're alright now We got money and a little place To fight now We don't know you And we don't owe you But if you see us around I got something else to show you Now it's easy when you don't know better You think it's sleazy? Then put it in a short letter We keep warm But there's just something wrong with you Just feel that you're the hardest little button to button I had opinions That didn't matter I had a brain That felt like pancake batter I got a backyard With nothing in it Except a stick A dog And a box with something in it The hardest button to button [x12]

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homestuck Kid
homestuck Kid 답글 연결
Pro editing 101
zpalma 답글 연결
I Miss Meg
Splatter Bomb
Splatter Bomb 답글 연결
Ctrl C.......... Ctrl VVVVVVVVVVVV
Mrcardman12345 답글 연결
A drummer keeping time is the best drummer ever.
A bassist soloing is the worst bass player ever.
2:28 Beck
Ooooh! Trippy!
David Meyer
David Meyer 1 답글 연결
I guess like everyone is here cuz of the Simpsons... like me
kamryn 답글 연결
I bet it took them sentries to edit this video
Industrias Troll
Industrias Troll 답글 연결
de sampsans
Oshaoxin 답글 연결
Disclaimer: No drums were harmed during the filming of this scene.
Estevan lira
Estevan lira 답글 연결
The simpsons
Markus kägo
Markus kägo 답글 연결
wow... i looked at this video and just had a feeling this was a very hard video to make. i have a feeling... i dont know why but..felt there were many difficulties to complete this video.. because it seems so hard.. and so good!
Ellie Sue
Ellie Sue 답글 연결
Guys theyre using this song for some upcoming mainstream movie....lets enjoy this while we still can before all The kids come and rape it.
MikeTheKoopaWarrior 1 답글 연결
Came here because of the new Justice League trailer!
XKnight 1 답글 연결
Who came here after watching the Artifact Ad?
Vinicius Souza Royal Sporting Du Pays De Charleroi
Porque essa porra não é Vevo?
Jackie Boy
Jackie Boy 답글 연결
I listened to the White Sripes for Seven Nation Army and now I'm listening to all there songs
jordynsweird 답글 연결
Gerald White
Gerald White 답글 연결
Te meo dijo el barsinso
Why do you ppl glorify this simple music. 5 year olds can play this shit. Doesn't stimulate my glands...

Alejandro Basurto
El mismísimo José Novero
ASH 4 GAMES 답글 연결
How many drums did they get
You know the Simpsons brought you here
Carlos C.
Carlos C. 답글 연결
The drummer chick drums bare foot.
Her feet would get really dirty, black and filthy but nice.
MicroKORGI 답글 연결
"Knock knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Meg White's most complex beat"
one remains
one remains 답글 연결
"We blew the budget on kits, stands, and amps. Maybe White Blood Cells is still selling?"
filho lobo do eduu
Kelly Strachan
Kelly Strachan 답글 연결
so much talent for 2 people love there music love his voice!
"I lost my drumsticks!" "Here, have more drumsticks" I lost my guitars. Hey we are out of drumsticks,..
jsbastian vl
jsbastian vl 답글 연결
Arthur Curry... The Aquaman

Felipe Brinco
Felipe Brinco 답글 연결
Simpsons episode
Matias Morales Vergara
Justice League <3
lucas felipe
lucas felipe 답글 연결
Imagine o trabalho que o editor teve para fazer esse clipe kkk
Dr. Horizon
Dr. Horizon 답글 연결
человек или нет
Justic Leage?
Dylan outlaw
Dylan outlaw 답글 연결
I swear to GOD! people in the comment section better not be here from the Justice League Movie.
Jintao Xu
Jintao Xu 답글 연결
barry allen
bruce wayne
Roibn Sheel
Roibn Sheel 답글 연결
Simpsons brought me here.
Riley Forbes
Riley Forbes 답글 연결
One drum for every time me and my bae smashed
Ole Martin Aas
Ole Martin Aas 답글 연결
Meg and jack is the best combination ever.