The Hardest Button to Button 가사

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
아티스트: The White Stripes
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We started living in an old house My ma gave birth and we were checking it out It was a baby boy So we bought him a toy It was a ray gun And it was 1981 We named him 'Baby' He had a toothache He started crying It sounded like an earthquake It didn't last long Because I stopped it I grabbed a rag doll And stuck some little pins in it Now we're a family And we're alright now We got money and a little place To fight now We don't know you And we don't owe you But if you see us around I got something else to show you Now it's easy when you don't know better You think it's sleazy? Then put it in a short letter We keep warm But there's just something wrong with you Just feel that you're the hardest little button to button I had opinions That didn't matter I had a brain That felt like pancake batter I got a backyard With nothing in it Except a stick A dog And a box with something in it The hardest button to button [x12]

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Elias Ramey
Elias Ramey 답글 연결
"oh trippy"
Velinite 답글 연결
I didn't know they had songs beyond seven nation army.
Random X
Random X 답글 연결
hardest video to video
King Plays
King Plays 답글 연결
Who watching 2017??
Miller Linke
Miller Linke 답글 연결
I don't know which is more interesting, the music or the video.
Raul Ruacho
Raul Ruacho 답글 연결
its funny Cuz she's teleporting and Jack white is walking
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 답글 연결
simpsons kkk
Lautaro natusker :3
One thousand of dolars later :v
DAG El Gamer
DAG El Gamer 답글 연결
i' challege to somebody count how many drumsets its in the video
sam borden
sam borden 답글 연결
they would be so much better with a drummer who know how to do a fill at least
Jesus H Macy
Jesus H Macy 답글 연결
I would catch this video on in the morning getting ready for school.and I would literally stand there and watch the whole damn thing
ChronoShenron 답글 연결
Jack: "Hey kid, why don't you watch where you're drumming?"
Bart: "Sorry White Stripes. No hard feelings?"
Meg: "Let's kick his ass!"
Ravage Glez
Ravage Glez 답글 연결
She is pretty!!!😍☺️
Joshua Weatherly
Joshua Weatherly 답글 연결
man. miss this shit
HellspawnStudio 답글 연결
At first I thought the Drums were edited,then I noticed the individual reflections on all of them...
Javi Jimenez
Javi Jimenez 답글 연결
i'd swear i hear this song in The Simpsons but ironically they didn't bring me here.
Sophia Moya
Sophia Moya 답글 연결
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Rafa TV
Rafa TV 답글 연결
Music Trailer Justice League
TheMighty Wallet
TheMighty Wallet 답글 연결
"Hey kid watch your drumming"

Olqefi 답글 연결
I wonder if this is just them bragging about how much money they have.

Brandon  Bell
Brandon Bell 답글 연결
I put on red nikes...
November 17 !!
Chuy DHM
Chuy DHM 답글 연결
Damn i would like to have that drum to go to school leaving a thousand drums behind me
Abisek Basnyat
Abisek Basnyat 2 답글 연결
The hardest video to video.
Diego Dominguez
Diego Dominguez 답글 연결
The Simpsons brought me here.
Fran Martínez
Fran Martínez 답글 연결
Qué pedazo de vídeo y qué currazo!! Enhorabuena chicos!!
Alexdrums 307
Alexdrums 307 답글 연결
what type of amp is that in the video?
Aradhya Sharma
Aradhya Sharma 1 답글 연결
Now It would take them a seven nation army to put the gear back.
luka i lara kostovski
very funny
Die Nosor Po
Die Nosor Po 답글 연결
edition or real

Die Nosor Po
Die Nosor Po 답글 연결
how money they spend
Canal Encaracolado
random person
random person 1 답글 연결
please answer me with a rick and morty reference
Darth Matt Lord Sith
Rafael Martin Cavalheiro
how they do it
This is leg day in a nutshell
cross 답글 연결
we don't know you and we don't owe you
Iker Pinneaple!
Iker Pinneaple! 답글 연결
that could take months to record with that result
jonny blaze
jonny blaze 답글 연결
iv always had a thing for her.. 👀
FINALY i fond THIS !!! thank you Simpsons !!
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