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Yello - Oh Yeah
아티스트: Yello
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Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah The moon, beautiful The sun, even more beautiful Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Beautiful Oh yeah Oh yeah

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Dj Marques
Dj Marques 답글 연결
Curtindo a vida adoidado ✌👏
Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas 답글 연결
What kind of drugs would produce this kind of hilarious hallucination?
roboxone 919
roboxone 919 답글 연결
When your crush sits next to you in class
Сталкер Меченый
Abdulaziz عبدالعزيز
really fits Macho Man Randy Savage
JacobHQ 답글 연결
Sardar Abdulazizkhan
Just another fail...
Leonel Grellet
Leonel Grellet 답글 연결
0:13 Cuando tu y tu amigo ven a una chica con falda subiendo las escaleras.
APC227 답글 연결
Such a good child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy 1 답글 연결
When I take my shirt off XD
irllcd13 답글 연결
Acid Trip, the music video.
Essa musica me dar medo
Natiola 답글 연결
teledysk fajny (początkowo się ździwiłam dlaczego 2016 XD) i są tu jacyś POLACY? XDD
Marcello Ribeiro
Marcello Ribeiro 답글 연결
Swiss made.
7Neon Imagination7
When I'm tired and it's finally bedtime
IANXZ 답글 연결
Dammit,I need a beer.
lustylion 답글 연결
robbie rotten?
Caio Lopes
Caio Lopes 답글 연결
oh yeah
Caio Lopes
Caio Lopes 답글 연결
Oi Boa noiteeee
Nádražáci CZ
Nádražáci CZ 답글 연결
Like ze Stejka!

Paweł Sobczyński
Paweł Sobczyński 1 답글 연결
Like in the morning
leonardo Augusto
leonardo Augusto 답글 연결
um classico!
Santa Plays
Santa Plays 1 답글 연결
Duff Man from The Simpsons? 😂😂😂
just player
just player 답글 연결
gt4 anyone ?
Black Shadow
Black Shadow 1 답글 연결
Fac laba ca la romani
Dennis Lazanis
Dennis Lazanis 답글 연결
Οι Απαράδεκτοι !!
Carolina Pizano Wagner
hahaha lovely
XxSavage_ GurlxX
XxSavage_ GurlxX 답글 연결
Oh yea ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)
le bread
le bread 답글 연결
here cause of frederick bueller's day off
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 1 답글 연결
GT4 Failed license test

geecomics 답글 연결
pepe silvia
Red_Jacket 1 답글 연결
What you guys didn't know, is that this is secretly a song about pedophilia.... and they're oh yeahing about that little girl as evidenced in 0:11 - 0:16
yannie kim
yannie kim 답글 연결
Bueller...... Bueller.....
Lubi2278 답글 연결
when you going to lvl up
Jibaro de Monte
Jibaro de Monte 답글 연결
Hombre daff
AdamGamer SK
AdamGamer SK 답글 연결
Now is this song using as meme
Nique Ta Race
Nique Ta Race 답글
AdamGamer SK Hmmmm oh yeah.
Darren Williams
Darren Williams 답글 연결
At one time my GF and I went to this huge house party tossed by a friend of ours who's a Trauma Nurse. (Hubby is a Doctor) In the living room, there were these three Feminists sitting on the couch, and they started to loudly complain on how this piece of Music is a perfect example of this thing called 'Toxic masculinity', and how is so representative of 'RAPE.' An argument broke out between the three of these vicious man-haters, and all the normal women in the room. Our Trauma Nurse friend walked up to them and said, "I don't even know who the three of you are, but will you please take your putrid anti-male hatred and bigotry elsewhere?" On there way out, they gave everybody the finger screaming, "You're all nothing but a bunch of fucking BREEDERS!!" =I couldn't understand how such low-life man-hating bigots can go totally ape-shit over a simple silly fun song.
YaBoiCringe 답글 연결
CranBerry 답글 연결
when u get a tf2 gibus
Curtis Walker
Curtis Walker 답글 연결
The GTA V Knight rider Really Beautiful...