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Yello - Oh Yeah
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Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah The moon, beautiful The sun, even more beautiful Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Beautiful Oh yeah Oh yeah

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JustAGirl 답글 연결
Why am i here....
griz312 답글 연결
When a girl walks in and she's sexy but you get a boner, and feel ugly as fuck.
Jacob Swartz
Jacob Swartz 답글 연결
Rooney eats it!!
Ahmad Khairaldo
Ahmad Khairaldo 답글 연결
Pepe Silvia! Pepe Silvia! This boxes is full of Pepe!!
Master Chief323
Master Chief323 답글 연결
TheKaiser83 답글 연결
The old man look like David Niven...
Renato Leal
Renato Leal 답글 연결
Save Farris Buller's
wolfmanjack 007
wolfmanjack 007 답글 연결
I just love the sound byte of that little dog barking-keeps me coming back-lol
Fanime 365
Fanime 365 답글 연결
full of memes
RandOmSandw1ch _
RandOmSandw1ch _ 답글 연결
What is this music video?
Wilito DeLeon
Wilito DeLeon 답글 연결
Duffman...Oh Yeah!!!
StackableGold 답글 연결
When you here this come on while listning to sirius XM....
LilGalaxyGal 답글 연결
Oh No
Cynical Matt
Cynical Matt 답글 연결
Barry Goldberg's day off
alfonso barreda
alfonso barreda 답글 연결
yo solo vine por que antes vi al hombre duff
omar r. da silva
omar r. da silva 답글 연결
obrigado do brasil . thanks for brazil
Zac Evans
Zac Evans 답글 연결
Sir Ruby
Sir Ruby 답글 연결
3:05 You're still here?!! It's over!! Go home!! Go!
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa 답글 연결
duff man..
StrikeLife99 답글 연결

nep808 답글 연결
MyNameIsSeth KY2
MyNameIsSeth KY2 답글 연결
1000th comment!
Octav Gamer
Octav Gamer 답글 연결
omg litlle girl and oh yeah?!
TheMaldarasanu 답글 연결
olm efsanedir bu ya nasıl bu kadar izlenme sayısı az
Peter Hunter
Peter Hunter 답글 연결
Be honest, who came here from Gran Turismo?
Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez 답글 연결
Still can't find Pepe Silvia
Gergő Tóth
Gergő Tóth 답글 연결
acid and coke ohh yeah
ahmed mido
ahmed mido 답글 연결
Are you ready to get DUFFed ??
Rene Prado
Rene Prado 답글 연결
anyone one find this after watching the captain underpants trailer. I did. lol
DarknoorX 답글 연결

Grace Meenan
Grace Meenan 답글 연결
Paul Dash
Paul Dash 답글 연결
Oooooohhhhh yyyeeeaaahhh
Guilhem Archer
Guilhem Archer 답글 연결
Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams 답글 연결
It's bow bow right? Not bum bum?
Aidenix 1 답글 연결
Nice pedo song
Sponegbob Squarepants
That little kid must be like "what the hell am I doing here"
Darryl Cornejo
Darryl Cornejo 답글 연결
looks like I'm at the side that questions my curiousity and humanity of YouTube again
Adrián Long
Adrián Long 답글 연결
😎 ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh
Ghostbird32 Animation's
i want this played at my wedding
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