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Melanie de Biasio - I Feel You (EELS Remix)
아티스트: Melanie de Biasio
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I feel you A deep echo in me A strong appeal for that mystery I know you know 'Cause I feel you I won't say whay we met It sounds to loud for that I know you know Fear is knocking on your door And love is calling for sure The wind is blowing much too hard For love there's no reward I feel you A deep echo in me A strong appeal for that mystery I know you know

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Rich Handsome
Rich Handsome 1 답글 연결
Brought to you by weyland-yutani corporation
Marco Paech
Marco Paech 답글 연결
first ill thought this is Gaga
Awesome Leonidas IV
mineral water
mesut yıldırım
mesut yıldırım 2 답글 연결
ALIEN COVENANT got me here. love the song:)
Minister Owl
Minister Owl 1 답글 연결
Can someone list some songs that are like this awesome song?
DemiGod Scrub
DemiGod Scrub 답글 연결
Everyone in this comment section..has great taste in music..by the way.. If the Walter Promo brought you here..
DemiGod Scrub
DemiGod Scrub 답글 연결
You get a sub just because buddy..
DemiGod Scrub
DemiGod Scrub 답글 연결
We are Walter..
Ritwick Priyadarshi
Ritwick Priyadarshi 5 답글 연결
Mia W
Mia W 답글 연결
Who else found this song because of the new Alien film.This song is awesome 😎
Gorbag Quick-Blades
Gorbag Quick-Blades 1 답글 연결

Preorder your Walter now !
Lionel Hutz
Lionel Hutz 답글 연결
Weyland-Yutani....building better worlds
Henrietta 1 답글 연결
Patricia Mulder
Patricia Mulder 2 답글 연결
Is this from the new Alien?
Patricia Mulder
Patricia Mulder 답글
Thankx! its great:-)
Mdebacle 1 답글
This is used in 'Alien: Covenant | Meet Walter | 20th Century FOX '.
Kikoo Kikaboo
Kikoo Kikaboo 답글 연결
Let's wrap it up:

Belgian Singer
AMD powered Synthetics
Ridley Scott

Looks like a poker hand to me!
XLegend YT RNG
XLegend YT RNG 1 답글 연결
Walter, My Name is Walter
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield 1 답글 연결
Let's go alien covenant. My anus is ready.
Yurick Hunt
Yurick Hunt 답글 연결
Walter is the reason I live.
Campbell Purdie
Campbell Purdie 1 답글 연결
I've got this set to repeat, LOVE this track. #alien #soundtrack
samukatr premat
samukatr premat 1 답글 연결
very good

Shake Down
Shake Down 4 답글 연결
Sooooooo ready for covenant. And to see where the story goes in this amazing universe we all love so much. Great song for the Walter intro also May can't come soon enough. Let's see just how Walter and David shake things up and who creates the xenomorph sand who does what to the engineers. So many theories and unanswered questions. It's what we all love about it
canal do mula
canal do mula 2 답글 연결
weyland yutani ...
Kenneth Elmore
Kenneth Elmore 1 답글 연결
But im david
Kenneth Elmore
Kenneth Elmore 답글 연결
Think about it or Helps david
Kenneth Elmore
Kenneth Elmore 14 답글 연결
Walter fights David
doubl3m1nt 답글
no they get friends, and play flute while watching the black goo sunset together
JoNaThAn AleXsAnDeR
JoNaThAn AleXsAnDeR 2 답글 연결
Borislav Baev
Borislav Baev 6 답글 연결
Hey guys. Do you know songs like this one? Reply with a song that gives you chills.
Abbie Johnson
Abbie Johnson 답글
Strange fruit nina simone
Ricardeaux 1 답글
Alabama Shakes' "Sound And Colour"
Alt J's "Hunger of the Pine"
Ricardeaux 답글
Borislav Baev try "If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray. Edith Piaf work like "Non, He Ne Regrette Rien"
artyom 3 답글
Jeeto Fuckface
Jeeto Fuckface 15 답글 연결
Absolutely haunting
Jeeto Fuckface
Jeeto Fuckface 답글
Didn't read your comment but fuck you for spoiling if you've somehow seen the movie even tho it comes out next month
Tom Adams
Tom Adams 답글
Jeeto Fuckface > Guess what?!?! SPOILER ALERT!!
For Alien : Covenant - Walter and David interract in the middle of the film somewhere and David rewires or somehow messes with Walter's programming to set up Facehugger eggs after Daniels and Tennessee leave the dropship to go back to the Covenant ship.
Nut Y.
Nut Y. 1 답글 연결
Smarky Wolf Reviews
Smarky Wolf Reviews 48 답글 연결
"What is your name?"

"Walter. We are Walter."
Aziq Azman
Aziq Azman 25 답글
I thought he said 'Mineral water.." Lol..

gabriel dedalos
gabriel dedalos 8 답글 연결
I came from Alien Covenanat
Lunar Solar
Lunar Solar 3 답글 연결
One of the few songs that give me chills..
James Tomlin
James Tomlin 7 답글 연결
we are walter...
DigitalFlow 15 답글 연결
Have your ordered your Walter yet?
Five Dee
Five Dee 2 답글
Tried to, disclaimer said you'll only get updates.
Burning Cloud
Burning Cloud 3 답글 연결
The. Chills.
Fi Skirata
Fi Skirata 13 답글 연결
What is your name?
any dozin
any dozin 9 답글 연결
alien bring me there
Jimmy Salem
Jimmy Salem 25 답글 연결
Weyland-yutani ads brought me here
Arca Nova
Arca Nova 13 답글 연결
Alex Looa
Alex Looa 37 답글
Miguel Bastto
Miguel Bastto 1 답글 연결
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