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Trailer Music Weekly
You can now easily recognize the Trailer Music Weekly music with the new thumbnail on YouTube :D
spindle12 답글
Do you have the theme of the part that comes after this in the trailer?
Michaël Deleau
Michaël Deleau 1 답글
You know this channel post the tracks in the legal way, so if you want them you need to go elsewhere.
ID-ID Electro Musics 6.0
ID-ID Electro Musics 6.0 3 답글
You should leave the download link on your videos.
Vegeta solo
Vegeta solo 답글 연결
This is epic
VynSkully 답글 연결
It's still a bit different than the trailer version :/
TrailerMusic France.31
Je trouve que la reprise du Klaus ... en mode Choir est magnifique !! (second musique theme)
Christopher Manson
Christopher Manson 6 답글 연결
"Pirates have infected the seas for generations, so I vowed to eliminate them all. Then there was this boy... Jack Sparrow. He took everything from me, and filled me with... rage."
#Hi #There
#Hi #There 2 답글 연결
my best trailer music is Avengers infinity war trailer music
this one is 3rd one
Gunkroc 1 답글
Mayron Alexandre
Mayron Alexandre 10 답글 연결
why does it sounds just like drunken whale from Dishonored score?
Brandon Lang
Brandon Lang 6 답글
Mayron Alexandre that song and this one are renditions of "Drunken Sailor"
LordStarscream100 7 답글
I'm pretty sure it is, but this is a rendition where they say "cursed pirate" instead.
GMT rasengan
GMT rasengan 9 답글 연결
that is like the first half of the trailer. do you know the other half song?
stf092 5 답글
who shoved a stick up your arse bro?
GMT rasengan
GMT rasengan 2 답글
you stop pretending u dont want to
Bornstellar Makes Eternal Salting
You can't find it. Stop expecting to find everything you hear.
Alexandros Xristotzwrtz
Alexandros Xristotzwrtz 1 답글
Michaël Deleau where can we find it
GMT rasengan
GMT rasengan 1 답글
thanks bro
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