Superman March

John Williams - Superman March
아티스트: John Williams

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Timothy Mckee
Timothy Mckee 답글 연결
What is is the Kryptonian space ships? I havent seen one not crash.
이대형 답글 연결
Superman actor movie star was Christoper Reeve whom was best handsome guy than any other superman movie actors in hollywood. He was best best memories actor superman.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 답글 연결
For a reporter Louis lane is soo stupid she can't tell Clarke Kent is superman same face only with glasses he is someone else stupid woman should stick to cooking
vicent arreola capri
En paz descanse tipo Jesús o un ser impactante humilde poderoso respetuoso digno de portar inmortalidad como hulk o spawn .el honor de recordad a súper man héroe 1.
Skipper toungtastic
Superman trolls buy flying past windows.
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 답글 연결
In my humble opinion, I think director Zack Snyder should rewatch the Superman films of Christopher Reeve and discover again why it became so treasured and liked amongst the people.
Maryjo Jandreau
Maryjo Jandreau 답글 연결
Maryjo Jandreau
Maryjo Jandreau 답글 연결
megamanxcapcom1 답글 연결
I remember when I heard he had passed away I was still trying to figure out what costume to wear to a costume party my singles ward was throwing after hearing about that I went out and bought the costume and black hair dye and went to the party as Clark and when it came time for the costume contest I went around pavilon and changed into Superman
Aaron Alonso
Aaron Alonso 답글 연결
El legendario Christopher Revee el es primer superman para mi.El líder de la liga de la justicia.
Huffy And Huffy
Huffy And Huffy 답글 연결
Perfect reeve not over muscle not over anything just just just perfect i say just just so many times coz he was just so perfect for the role
Huffy And Huffy
Huffy And Huffy 답글 연결
Alex lem.Fucking bang on kid There is only one superman in my eyes. ALWAY CHRISTOPHER REEVE. WITHOUT A DOUBT. M8 FUCKING BANG ON
이명진 답글 연결
30여년쯤에 엄마랑 형이랑 토요명화에세 봤던 생각이나데요
그때가 그립습니다
Ma Lei
Ma Lei 답글 연결
christopher reeve is superman
Alejandro Vazquez Tinoco
Hate is Baggage
Hate is Baggage 답글 연결
I wish superman would appear and save the world from Donald Trump. That comment is from an American.
Michael K.
Michael K. 1 답글 연결
The Definitive Superman movie. Margot Kidder & Christopher Reeve will always be the true Lois & Clark...and this will always be the them to THE Superman.
julien dessolis
julien dessolis 1 답글 연결
il restera le meilleur Superman pour moi
Toys and Toys
Toys and Toys 1 답글 연결
Best Superman and best song theme of all times
gabstanace2 답글 연결
This is absolutely brilliant, epic and breathtaking!

booboo booboo
booboo booboo 1 답글 연결
Reeve is Superman!!...
William Harrell
William Harrell 1 답글 연결
chris is the best.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 답글 연결
I wish this theme would play every time I save a hoe.
Luke Ang
Luke Ang 답글 연결
I'm 13 and yet find this nostalgic. I used to watch this movie when I was 6.
Marc Leysens
Marc Leysens 1 답글 연결
I was 16 when this movie came out and I saw it. It had a tremendous impact on me. Besides the fact that it was a superbly crafted movie, I think what resonated with so many people is the idea of the messianic saviour type figure that is Superman. Suppose it came at a time when such a hero was much needed.
JorgeGuapo 답글 연결
Kudos to the editor of this. Well done.
Chris Carey
Chris Carey 답글 연결
Absolutely love this. Thank you so much.
Mustafa Jackson
Mustafa Jackson 1 답글 연결
John Williams's score for SUPERMAN, THE MOVIE is the greatest theme for a super-hero movie ever.
Andrew Dexter
Andrew Dexter 2 답글
That's right Mustafa, along with Christopher Reeve's performance, it's all so very moving and powerful, Christopher Reeves likeness to the comic also works for me, that is why I simply cannot and will not accept anyone else in the part !!
ZZZap Zoom
ZZZap Zoom 답글 연결
this guys costume looks more like hes going to a costume party
Brandon Nielsen
Brandon Nielsen 답글
M. Scott Veach No one ever looked so sharp in a Superman costume like that. people gotta stop imagining things. lmao
M. Scott Veach
M. Scott Veach 답글
lol so true. costumes have gotten a lot better ha
Diogo Catalano
Diogo Catalano 5 답글 연결
Christopher Reeve Theme.

ScipioAfricanusI 6 답글 연결
Many feel that Reeve movies were the better superman movies. I certainly prefer these to the most modern versions. Honestly, though a large part of why the older versions are better is due to the great score.
Andrew Dexter
Andrew Dexter 1 답글
Not just the score ScipioAfricanusI, but Christopher Reeve's performance, his likeness to the comic, that is why I feel that those Chris Reeve movies is far more superior than Man of steel. For me, Cavill simply didn't have it !!!
SomeoneWithOpinion 3 답글 연결
Played this when Trump won the election.
Daniel Monge
Daniel Monge 1 답글
MrSernyak now u fuck it up
Trump is not superman
kj walton
kj walton 6 답글
MrSernyak Yeah I played it too. I was hoping Superman will come and save us all.
Matthew Christein
Matthew Christein 1 답글
MrSernyak I vomited. disgraceful
karina salazar
karina salazar 답글
ray bon
ray bon 11 답글 연결
1980s greatest decade there was or ever will be. End of story....
Mad Cat Sphere! !
Mad Cat Sphere! ! 답글
very true!
megamanxcapcom1 답글
ray bon the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve was released in 1978 but still close enough
Andrew Dexter
Andrew Dexter 5 답글
The 70's were good too Ray.
Alex Biosoft
Alex Biosoft 5 답글 연결
I am almost 40 and still thrill with this music and scenes :)!
Andrew Dexter
Andrew Dexter 1 답글
It's all so timeless Alex Biosoft,
Dennis Johansen
Dennis Johansen 7 답글 연결
As cheesy as the effects are in this I still get chills during many of the scenes in this especially where he is chasing the missile down. That is the kind of Superman I want. A hero. The only moment where Superman actually seemed heroic in the terrible Snyder movies is the opening scene of Man of Steel where he rescues the oil workers. That was really great but then you never see that Superman again. It's a shame really because I think Cavill makes a great Superman. He just isn't given the opportunity to be heroic. (Also, Richard Donner saved Jimmy Olsen. Zack Snyder shot him in the face. Lois Lane is super crap in both.)
gabstanace2 답글
The "terrible" Snyder movies are epic, deep, profound and brilliant to me and many other fans who actually read comic books and appreciate their visual richness, their hundreds of cool details, easter-eggs and references to graphic novels, and their overall tone. Cavill's Superman is not given the opportunity to be heroic???... you seriously need to watch MoS and BvS c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y and a-t-t-e-n-t-i-v-e-l-y this time... Cavill's Superman is every bit as heroic as Reeve's portrayal: besides, he's only been in two films so far (more coming) while Reeve starred in four of them. I love Reeve's Superman as the Superman of my childhood, and Cavill as that of my adulthood. Snyder is a genius to me, no less.
gabstanace2 답글
Reeve's Superman was "only" saving Metropolis? Dude, you really need to watch Reeve's films... in them he also does heroic deeds in Smallville, Washington DC, Canada, Italy, France, South America and oh, yes, the entire globe as he destroys all missiles and nuclear armament on the whole Earth!
Dennis Johansen
Dennis Johansen 답글
+kj walton Also, sorry for mistaking you for a MOS fan. That's my bad.
Dennis Johansen
Dennis Johansen 답글
+kj walton I can get on board with that. But even though the stakes were higher with Man of Steel they somehow made his actions feel less heroic instead of more. That's all I'm saying.
kj walton
kj walton 답글
Dennis Johansen Dude I hate Man of Steel. Thats including all the rest of the new DC Movies. But Christopher Reeve Superman was always savin only Metropolis.. well mostly. But you have to admit with all that power and you only saving one subject at a time? Don't get me wrong Christopher Reeve is by far the best Superman ever its just his writers made him seem less powerful just and more heroic. End of discussion bro.
Whytebio 8 답글 연결
Wtf is this? Superman actually helping people? B-b-but I thought he was just supposed to mope around, glower and get into pissing matches with normal men dressed up as a bat? Wth is this "inspiring others and helping people" crap?
gabstanace2 답글
Agreed! Some people say they "saw" a movie when they only went to the movie theater to eat popcorn, drink Coke and use their "smart"phones all film through... everything but pay attention to anything that minimally challenges their feeble minds...
Chris Cade
Chris Cade 1 답글
So Cavill Superman didn't save anyone in BvS? Did you watch the movie?
Reshad Imam
Reshad Imam 답글
el guapo
el guapo 7 답글 연결
still the best Superman
Paco R
Paco R 1 답글
el guapo by far!!!
ansh veer singh
ansh veer singh 답글 연결
4:08 up up and away! 😬😀😄