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The Animals - We Gotta Get out of This Place
아티스트: The Animals
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In this dirty old part of the city Where the sun refused to shine People tell me there ain't no use in tryin' Now my girl you're so young and pretty And one thing I know is true You'll be dead before your time is due, I know Watch my daddy in bed a-dyin' Watched his hair been turnin' grey He's been workin' and slavin' his life away Oh yes I know it (Yeah!) He's been workin' so hard (Yeah!) I've been workin' too, baby (Yeah!) Every night and day (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!) We gotta get out of this place If it's the last thing we ever do We gotta get out of this place 'cause girl, there's a better life for me and you Now my girl you're so young and pretty And one thing I know is true, yeah You'll be dead before your time is due, I know it Watch my daddy in bed a-dyin' Watched his hair been turnin' grey, yeah He's been workin' and slavin' his life away I know he's been workin' so hard (Yeah!) I've been workin' too, baby (Yeah!) Every day baby (Yeah!) Whoa! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!) We gotta get out of this place If it's the last thing we ever do We gotta get out of this place Girl, there's a better life for me and you Somewhere baby, somehow I know it We gotta get out of this place If it's the last thing we ever do We gotta get out of this place Girl, there's a better life for me and you Believe me baby I know it baby You know it too

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Grandson of Sam NiFDy
Some love ❤️ war.
Ormi Milow
Ormi Milow 답글 연결
History has taught us nothing, the constant wars like broken records.When will they ever learn......
dale coley
dale coley 답글 연결
The Animals top 5 of an era and not enough can be said about there impact on a place in time.
Ben Joseph
Ben Joseph 답글 연결
Kids went to war thinking of playing

and just got used by the elite puppeteers that ran Nixon & LBJ as their goons. sad
Yusuf 1 답글 연결
Who came here from Kong: Skull Island trailer?
Optillian 답글
Yusuf raises hand
Tariqul Islam
Tariqul Islam 답글 연결
this song had a remix that was used for Kong skull island trailer
Adam Draws
Adam Draws 답글 연결
Thomas Cabral
Thomas Cabral 답글 연결
Kong: Skull Island brought me here. Awesome movie!
Steve Tersten
Steve Tersten 답글 연결
Combat Medic 1968-1969 Still have nightmares ...
JpTyranno RexBoy75
Anybody from Kong Skull Island?
Wing Nut
Wing Nut 답글 연결
good music suck ass videos I was there
we all need to get on with our lives vets them vets now
having been there... I'm still waiting
I'm still reminded not by the music so much but the videos
I don't need s reminder of what I did
I have the video in my head rewinding everyone I close my eyes.
I want to see something fresh and new, at least one before I close my eyes forever
GOD BLESS AMERICA is ours goddammit and it's all we got.... that... AND OUR FREEDOM
Jakob Coulter
Jakob Coulter 답글 연결
Who had selective service card in 2017 I'm 19 and do but trump has got me worried
Jakob Coulter
Jakob Coulter 답글
I support trump tho but he's nuts
Rizky Maulana
Rizky Maulana 답글 연결
Kong : Skull island brought me here
Lloyd Dauer
Lloyd Dauer 답글 연결
Air cav ! if you aint cav.... you aint shit
Bas Heijermans
Bas Heijermans 답글 연결
The United Stated of Agression is the most agressive nation on the planet. You do not serve anybody, you are agressive idiots. Stop seeking wars!
Ryan R.
Ryan R. 답글 연결
Kong: Skull Island anyone?
Pooh Za52
Pooh Za52 답글 연결
Kong : Vietnam island
Evan Schrick
Evan Schrick 답글 연결
I thought this was the movie platoon
Jake Ω
Jake Ω 2 답글 연결
I support all soldiers. How did people throw things like poop and spit on these men. After all that one they get disrespected, man makes me sad.
steve FromEngland
steve FromEngland 1 답글 연결
Heroes! God Bless each and every one of them

drake roberts
drake roberts 1 답글 연결
drake roberts
drake roberts 답글
That war was my fathers war, along with 2 of my uncles. My dad was there 1968-1969 the worst time in that war, he was with the "Big Red One" 1st I.D. in war zone C, on the Cambodian Border. He fought in the "Iron Triangle" and was at the battle of An My, and An Loc. To me, these men were the best of their generation and did everything that was asked of them. Unlike their fathers that fought in WWII, they didn't get parades when they came home, what they got was spit on, called " Baby Killers" and bags of dog sh*t thrown at them. To me the men who fought in Vietnam have every right to feel abused and have a little hatred, I couldn't have tolerated someone spitting on me, I'd had beat the sh*t out of them, man or woman.
Happy GoLuky
Happy GoLuky 답글 연결
PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE VIETNAM VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY THE FALLEN. R.I.P
Torazah 답글 연결
129...kiss my ass.
Simon Stanner
Simon Stanner 답글 연결
fuckin tune
Simon Stanner
Simon Stanner 답글 연결
is this of hamburger hill
Jayden Warran
Jayden Warran 답글 연결
Hamburger Hill, hell yea. one of my Top 3 Nam movies.
Nerf Productions
Nerf Productions 답글 연결
thank you for your service
Jakob Johnson
Jakob Johnson 답글 연결
At 19 my Pops was drafted in 69', came back in 71', and they wouldn't let him back because he had a "bad attitude".

The military will break you down, give you an oath, and never relinquish you of that oath.

Pops died of dumb luck & pneumonia last year; taught me everything I know about life-- fought in my corner, he was the man.

To all those veterans out there, I salute you. Thank you for your service.
Dave Rakowski
Dave Rakowski 답글 연결
Stuck in the Persian Gulf for 6 months, this song ran through my head over and over and over.

Eddie Payne
Eddie Payne 답글 연결
god bless all our war veterans
Jesse Mercado
Jesse Mercado 답글 연결
Even though we lost the Vietnam war
Agent Bill Wilson
Agent Bill Wilson 답글
now vietnam makes all of our shoes. lol
Lucien Lachenal
Lucien Lachenal 답글 연결
certainement le meilleur film sur la guerre du viet nzm hamburger hill
Dennis Julein
Dennis Julein 답글 연결
Riley Eccles
Riley Eccles 답글 연결
anti war not anti troops
Bill Law
Bill Law 답글 연결
AND . . . Trump Got Outta Joining Up 4 Times!!!
henochparks 답글 연결
heard this at Ft. Ord 1970 Stillwell hall just after basic training
likesmilitaryhistory Alan Moore
Being British I am grateful my country stayed out of Vietnam. I have seen that wall in Washington and in 1998 I went to Vietnam. I cannot imagine the hardships that those poor American boys went through, the constant terror, never knowing when danger could come, the heat and the hostility of their own people when returning home.I recall passing through the old DMZ and seeing cemetery after cemetery, all with Communist symbols over the gates, hundreds of young men, many little more than boys buried in each one, and I saw scours of such cemeteries. As I said I saw the wall in Washington, the names etched onto it, like the Vietnamese in the cemeteries I saw in Vietnam, the men behind the names on the wall were mostly young men, with all their lives ahead of them, back during the war these men and the ones buried in the old DMZ cemeteries were enemies, but no longer, now they are united, united in death and I hope in peace. . I remember a woman I met in Vietnam, I complimented her on her excellent English, she told me she had been married to a GI who promised to take her to America but he was killed in the Mekong Delta, so much misery and grief all around, civilians and soldiers from both sides, only time will heal the scars. Though my country stayed out of Vietnam and I know no one who fought in that war I give our American cousins my respect. My own father is dead now,(He died in 1998) he fought in Normandy in WW2, I remember he never talked about the war, most vets don't , they just want to forget, not wanting to be reminded of that terrible times in their lives. Yet I can still see my father with tears in his eyes when he watched on TV as the queen placed a wreath of poppies on the Cenotaph (Memorial) in London. 50 years on and the sight of the Queen laying the wreath still brought tears to his eyes, somethings a person never forgets, no matter how hard he tries. I believe all veterans are deserving of respect, whether they fought in WW2, Vietnam or the Gulf, for people like me who has never been to war we cannot even begin to imagine what the vets went through and with many of them are still going though, the dreams and nightmares that will torment them for the rest of their lives.
Yiorgios Vazouras
Yiorgios Vazouras 1 답글 연결
Anyone else here from Skull Island?
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