Wicked Game 가사

Ursine Vulpine - Wicked Game
아티스트: Ursine Vulpine

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Your world was on fire and no one could save me but you It's strange what desire make foolish people do I never dreamed that I meet somebody like you And I never dreamed that I lose somebody like you No, I don't wanna fall in love No, I don't wanna fall in love With you What a wicked game to play To make me feel this way What a wicked thing to do To let me dream on you What a wicked thing to say You never felt this way What a wicked thing to do To make dream on you! I don't wanna fall in love No, I don't wanna fall in love No, I don't wanna fall in love No, I don't wanna fall in love With you

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Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas 답글 연결
very beautiful
Jorie Traylor
Jorie Traylor 답글 연결
YouTube know me so well. Thanks for amazing recomindation.
shanz 답글 연결
perfect for 50 shades of grey 😉
leona nunes
leona nunes 답글 연결
Her voice..the instruments...last time i got this goosebumps was with the main theme of gladiator...holy fuck
Aden Nairn
Aden Nairn 답글 연결
I think this song would have also suited The Great Gatsby.
Al Fa
Al Fa 답글 연결
goddamn it! Why didnt I hear it early???
Fearless Widow
Fearless Widow 답글 연결
Her voice is so beautiful i love it❤❤❤👍👏👏
Cj Iekel
Cj Iekel 답글 연결
I love this Song I love it nice
Milos Zlatanovic
Milos Zlatanovic 1 답글 연결
Go Conor McGregor! 49-1
Supratik Sen
Supratik Sen 1 답글 연결
Hauntingly Beautiful❤
This song would have fit in very well in the final scene of Casino Royale where James loves Vesper and she ends up dying.
Ilang Ilang
Ilang Ilang 답글 연결
This is such a masterpiece. I am in love.
test 000333
test 000333 답글 연결
A new Adele :-)
Nobody special
Nobody special 답글 연결
I have been a Chris Issac fan for a long time. So is my daughter. We can't stop listening to this lush, rich, beautiful version of this song. Well done and thank you for this wonderful music.
Pasta 답글 연결
Finally found it :))
Stephanie Lauren Griffiths
This version still gets me <3
Aaron Noel
Aaron Noel 답글 연결
Stacey 답글 연결
so beautiful , it brought me to tears
DragoNate 답글 연결
I've had this song stuck in my head and been listening to it a few times a week. I really love it.
Salomé Alfageme
Salomé Alfageme 답글 연결
This is beautifully dark.
M Brontë
M Brontë 답글 연결

Jamilla Tabbara
Jamilla Tabbara 답글 연결
People should know that this song is originally for chris Issak
LadyMorgie 답글 연결
Holy crab!!! Instantly fell in love for this version of the song!!! Masterpiece!
Best cover of all time.
Baran Reiz
Baran Reiz 답글 연결
Sikerim yapacağınız coverı amk ya. Bi şarkı zevkimiz var anasını ağlattınız
SJ Pintoe
SJ Pintoe 답글 연결
best version of this song !!!
H Khan
H Khan 1 답글 연결
This amazing song is soul quenching
malyoshiro 답글 연결
I`m loopin` that yo!
Swarth2300 답글 연결
i love this song but it really does a great job of making me feel depressed, just everything about it is perfect
Jill Peeters
Jill Peeters 답글 연결
Wow just wow I don't know what to say! Soooo beautiful
Tristan Sighe
Tristan Sighe 답글 연결
Not ashamed to admit this made me cry. A very powerful and emotional rendition of a classic song. Beautiful......

Asvea 답글 연결
The song gives you chills, the music makes you dream and it leaves you wanting more <3
Asvea 답글 연결
The picture is so lovely!!
Beverly Derry
Beverly Derry 답글 연결
Just WOW!!
Jen 답글 연결
A taboo fan vid brought me here. This is the most beautiful song
Olivia Wright
Olivia Wright 답글 연결
I can't get over this song. It's hauntingly beautiful.
Ava Grace
Ava Grace 답글 연결
Chris ISAAK wrote Wicked Game.❤❤❤
Tantanradius1 1 답글 연결
Manchester United - Europa League Final by aditya_reds brought me here. What a cover!!!!
Pxeticpoison 답글 연결
This cover literally gives me goosebumps, it's truly breathtaking.
speedysam 21
speedysam 21 2 답글 연결
not once in my entire life have I ever heard such a beautiful song. this song should be on radios everywhere and this singer should be known by the world. trully incredible and astonishing work here, please make more
makeupabsolu 답글 연결