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Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
아티스트: Led Zeppelin
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Babe, baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you. I said baby, you know I'm gonna leave you. I'll leave you when the summertime Leave you when the summer comes a rollin' Leave you when the summer comes along. Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, baby, baby I don't want to leave you I ain't jokin' woman, I got to ramble. Oh yeah Baby, baby, babe, I believin' We really got to ramble. I can hear it callin' me the way it used to do I can hear it callin' me back home! Babe, I'm gonna leave you Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you Oh I can hear it callin 'me I said don't you hear it callin' me the way it used to do? Ohhh I know, I know I know I never never never never never gonna leave your babe But I got to go away from this place, I've got to quit you, yeah Ooh, baby baby baby baby baby baby ooh Don't you hear it callin' me? Woman, woman, I know, I know It feels good to have you back again And I know that one day baby, it's really gonna grow, yes it is. We gonna go walkin' through the park every day. Come what may, every day Oh, mama baby I'm gonna leave you go away It was really, really good. You made me happy every single day. But now! I've got to go away! Baby, baby, baby, That's when it's callin' me I said that's when it's callin' me back home.

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British Rock Music
British Rock Music 845 답글 연결
47 years since its release and yet still makes 5 million views in no time. What an incredible song.
Led Zeppelin. Phenomenal.
Thanks for listening!
Robert Littrell
Robert Littrell 2 답글
I'm 65 and it still blows me away.
Gale Bullman
Gale Bullman 답글
John Cornell
John Cornell 1 답글
True, although not all of them. My 17 year old nephew is into rock and he LOVES Led Zeppelin. Of course it helps that his uncle and his dad are Zep fans haha.
David Martínez
David Martínez 2 답글
John Cornell Boy, youngsters nowadays are fucking stupids. The useless generation ever.
John Cornell
John Cornell 7 답글
Never even heard of them? Are your friends stupid? Don't they even watch the news? The Stairway To Heaven court case was big news just last year.
Mike Emory
Mike Emory 답글 연결
this really feels
like saying goodbye to some girl you really love
Tristan Radeka
Tristan Radeka 답글 연결
This song is hauntingly beautiful
Darla Morris
Darla Morris 답글 연결
dig it....let the music ttaval. throughout. your body soul fill it
Richard Bain
Richard Bain 답글 연결
The Drums Fucking Blew Me Away In Fact The Whole Fucking Song Blows Me Away!
Richard Bain
Richard Bain 답글 연결
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Kathryn Missert
Kathryn Missert 답글 연결
So is he leaving or nah? Amazing song though! Timeless!
butch ering
butch ering 답글 연결
1.011 Neighbours disliked...
Joseph Barbaro
Joseph Barbaro 답글 연결
so happy my dad signed me up for guitar at such a young age
何福軒 답글 연결
King Arthur's trailer leads me here.
Anita Scott
Anita Scott 답글 연결
Kureiji Kurai
Kureiji Kurai 답글 연결
Kureiji Kurai
Kureiji Kurai 답글 연결
Putain de merde
natsomething0 답글 연결
this is your mother speaking..."always have something to say"
long live the queen
Carol Colin
Carol Colin 답글 연결
I was 19 when this song came out.
TheGiannaras2 답글 연결
damn this never gets old, does it ?
mikko hyvärinen
mikko hyvärinen 답글 연결
Fckin RocknRoll...
MegaDonGallo 답글 연결
Fucking awesome. Where's the modern equivalent? WHERE ARE YOU?!
Remy 답글 연결
4:23-5:00 one of the best moments in the history of music.
Annette Garcia
Annette Garcia 답글 연결
Grew up with music like this my mom side were rebels 😎 gives me the chills when I hear it for my mother it reminds of my grandpa never met the man but my mom said he was into this

Ty Palmer
Ty Palmer 답글 연결
This might be my favorite Led Zeppelin song.
psychedelic 68
psychedelic 68 답글 연결
Shocking Blue ~ Long And Lonesome Road
Clari Depiante
Clari Depiante 답글 연결
cyberbully :D
Luis Tavarez
Luis Tavarez 답글 연결
I came here thanks to "Arthur:Legend of the sword trailer".
Wyatt Burlock
Wyatt Burlock 답글 연결
My favourite Led Zeppelin song out there! Love this!
alex9920 답글 연결
So, Justin Bieber stole his (s)hit song from 2010 from this masterpiece by Led Zeppelin, just listen: 1:16
Josef Zack
Josef Zack 답글 연결
this here song SHOULD be an official song for that new mass movement named "MGTOW". yes it should be.
SS37 3dOH
SS37 3dOH 답글 연결
.. Shit this was our jam, never realized how premonistic it would be. =/
Naama Novak
Naama Novak 답글 연결
the best band ever!!
Abhishek kaurav
Abhishek kaurav 답글 연결

Lee Dwyer
Lee Dwyer 답글 연결
A timeless classic - never to be duplicated or surpassed ! 100 yes s from now people will listen to classics like this and see it as the wellspring of rock and creativity !
Clayton Perrin
Clayton Perrin 답글 연결
Timeless music!
Jalen Lionheart
Jalen Lionheart 답글 연결
can't wait for the king Arthur comments :)
Christopher Del Castillo
This song reminds me of Middle Earth!!!
joan ferrerons carrasco
Aegon Stratos
Aegon Stratos 답글 연결
this song + King Arthur trailer = masterpiece
Renee Gross
Renee Gross 답글 연결
I'm 47 and I grew up with this song. my son 27 said mom no no u didn't. this song is classic oh but I did. his groups now play this and I like led Zeppelin played this first!!!
Jim Muncy
Jim Muncy 답글 연결
Their first album: still my all-time favorite. :-)
GetFlecked 답글 연결
Behold, your born king.
Juan Pablo Genetti
Fingerpicking on this song is so hard
dillon scott
dillon scott 답글
Practise makes perfect
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