Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 가사

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
아티스트: Led Zeppelin
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[Verse 1] Babe, baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you I said baby, you know I'm gonna leave you I'll leave you when the summertime Leave you when the summer comes a-rolling Leave you when the summer comes along [Verse 2] Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, baby, baby I want to leave you I ain't joking woman, I've got to ramble Oh, yeah, baby, baby, I believin' We really got to ramble (I can hear it calling me) I can hear it calling me the way it used to do I can hear it calling me back home [Bridge 1] Babe, I'm gonna leave you Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you Oh I can hear it calling me I said don't you hear it calling me the way it used to do? [Verse 3] I know I know, I know I never, never, never, never, never gonna leave you, babe But I got to go away from this place I've got to quit you, yeah Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Oh, don't you hear it callin' me? Oh, woman, woman, I know, I know It feels good to have you back again And I know that one day baby, it's gonna really grow, yes it is We gonna go walkin' through the park every day Come what may, every day, oh My my my my my, my babe I'm gonna leave you, go away [Bridge 2] Oh I miss you, baby It was really, really good You made me happy every single day But now I've got to go away Oh, oh, oh [Outro] Baby, baby, baby, baby That's when it's calling me I said that's when it's calling me back home

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Ronald Torres
Ronald Torres 답글 연결
unas leyendas led Zeppelin por siempre .
Ismene Edecaste
Ismene Edecaste 답글 연결
LOVE .......this song.
Luke Pritchard
Luke Pritchard 답글 연결
Que grandes que fueron, la puta madre!!
Deniss Schultz
Deniss Schultz 답글 연결
feels good to have you back again?
Peter Wood
Peter Wood 답글 연결
44 people lost their way to the Bieber pit.
David Giffel
David Giffel 답글 연결
Please somebody tabs for 1:08 the lick after he sings
David Giffel
David Giffel 답글
while he sings*
Sondre 답글 연결
Led Zeppelin is such an incredible band. I still think The Beatles is the greatest band of all time, but instrumentally Zeppelin was better. JPJ was better than McCartney, Page was better than Harrison and Bonham was better than Ringo. Each of the band members were incredibly talented.
Roberto Perry
Roberto Perry 답글 연결
FIRE !!!!!
BrejetyKirby 1 답글 연결
It's astonishing how plant's appearance changed from here at the beginning to the end of Led Zeppelin. Only 10 years.
Get _RekT
Get _RekT 3 답글 연결
This masterpiece got 279,230 views.. sad right?
dsm3759703 1 답글 연결
Thank god this got recorded.
TR6Telos 답글 연결
I missed this, think I was watching blue peter or animal magic when telly came on at 5pm.
Saravanan V
Saravanan V 1 답글 연결
God created human, of few became god
AfroCoke 1 답글 연결
Jesus Christ, just look at Robert's face, he is really feeling it!
Nitish Daniel
Nitish Daniel 답글 연결
how the hell can the audience be so dull while listening to such superb music
Samson Bandy
Samson Bandy 답글
Actually in a trance
I had the very good fortune to see them twice I was in a trance as well
Joshua R.G
Joshua R.G 답글 연결
Ese we de jimmy page , mato a randy rhoads lo juro! xddd
geofreyr 1 답글 연결
Gosh, so much talent, like the Beatles.
guitar lover
guitar lover 1 답글 연결
seemed like it was a competition who could look the most badass between Jimmy and Robert have to call this one a tie
Ali Chacon
Ali Chacon 답글 연결
alv .v a ellos se les salen los gallitos y no les dicen nada ehhhh :'v
esemonsalve 답글 연결
exactly, 48 years of this <3

mw2727 답글 연결
I was excited when I heard this in the new King Arthur trailer
Paige Plant
Paige Plant 2 답글 연결
robert slays here
Marcela Córdova
Marcela Córdova 답글 연결
La nota perfecta.
Kaïs Gelso
Kaïs Gelso 1 답글 연결
incroyable 1969 ,,,,,inegalable
Herb DeCordova
Herb DeCordova 3 답글 연결
Happy 73rd Birthday Jimmy Page
Understanding Each Other
Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to be grateful for YouTube. As a kid I used to waste countless hours scouring VH-1 Classic for this kind of stuff. The joy of finding a couple minutes of Zep after sitting through Cheap Trick after Twisted Sister was tremendous in those days!
Now I just sit and smile wide...
70S Rock LB
70S Rock LB 3 답글 연결
best i seen yet if this live version ...zep always put the feel to there songs...
misa chan
misa chan 4 답글 연결
I know, I know
I know I never never never never never gonna leave your babe
But I got to go away from this place :(
Patricia Hushagen
Patricia Hushagen 2 답글 연결
Ramble til time brings us back ❤
Enes Sezer
Enes Sezer 1 답글 연결

Enes Sezer
Enes Sezer 2 답글 연결
OMG TOO COOL! TOO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marc Isaac
Marc Isaac 1 답글 연결
I got to meet Plant in my hometown of Lafayette,Louisiana at my friend Dickie Landry's home....crazy
Marc Isaac
Marc Isaac 1 답글
I was giddy ..I am from New Iberia ...da Berri ..Plant was down in South Louisiana and stayed at Dickie Landry's house I met him briefly one day ...Dickie has been my friend for years and I have met many musicians over the years because of him..Plant recorded a couple of songs with Lil Band of Gold while he was here ..Happy New Year to you sir ....
Beau Wyatt
Beau Wyatt 답글
Marc Isaac WHOA! I would have been as giddy as a school girl! What year was that? I know Robert went on a sojourn to the south early in his career to explore the roots of blues. My mom is from Erath and I got lots of Cajun cousins in that area. Take care.....Aye.....Eeeee!
Haige Gee
Haige Gee 19 답글 연결
John Paul Jones' expression at the beginning is just adorably awkward!!
petowius 3 답글
like my monday morning :)
Bang Fish
Bang Fish 11 답글
Haige Gee thats called passion
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor 3 답글 연결
This is the best video on YouTube.
Mason Thron
Mason Thron 2 답글 연결
every time i listen to this song i have to turn it up even if its in the middle in the night
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare 1 답글 연결
4:31 greatest shot ever
Barbara Główczewska
The Blackstone Project
AMAZING sound quality. Don't know if this has been remastered but it's unbelievably crisp.
nikosvault 12 답글
Danish quaility control.
jacob sp
jacob sp 답글 연결
This is my favorite
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