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Apashe - I'm a Dragon
아티스트: Apashe
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We put in practice and discipline, no giving up, no giving in We're matchfit, we're here to win For those of you that don't know Information Information And we're getting in without an invitation sound travels and the ground shakes and our society got us on the wild chase tell 'em it we'll be back in sixty seconds with the loud bass we're moving at our pace Yeah Saying stuff, screamin stuff Whats the tempo? Whats the the tempo? Come from the same club before we and we aint gonna wait for no invitation before we get involved and we can make the ground shake We got Information, Information And were getting in without an invitation Bounce with us (Bounce, Bounce)

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Foldan Playz
Foldan Playz 답글 연결
found this song like 2 years ago :P
Minty Hallelujah
Minty Hallelujah 답글 연결
primordial papers rwby amv brought me here
Shino 1 답글 연결
Any Genji Mains here? xD
3xMisMe 답글 연결
I don't know about y'all but I was brought here cause I have good taste in music
FallenEmo 답글 연결
3:30 The best moment ;)
Deluxe Gaming
Deluxe Gaming 답글 연결
Apashe brought me here, Idk wtf iron fist is.
Terrie Fisher
Terrie Fisher 2 답글 연결
that shit straight dope when that beat hits I believe it bruh!!!!
Furkan Karagöz
Furkan Karagöz 답글 연결
Necati Baba Boynuma Dola Boğ Beni <3 NECO <3
Overr Cannon
Overr Cannon 1 답글 연결
Nice Noobs xD
Skull Remix
Skull Remix 답글 연결
Iron fist
Kira 1 답글 연결
a RWBY amv actually brought me here lmao
Renee Salinas
Renee Salinas 답글
Kira Lol, same
The Darkness
The Darkness 답글 연결
TISs_ rOgUe
TISs_ rOgUe 답글 연결
Love this song
Blrzy 답글 연결
Matrix586478 답글 연결
I love the Part from 5:17 so much. I wish this part would be longer.
59slayer 답글 연결
Please put this in a racing movie
Connor Treado
Connor Treado 답글 연결
I noticed part of the beat sounds like it was sampled from purple Lamborghini. well played guys. better song than Skrillex and Rick Ross will ever make.
joako gameplays y mucho mas
i'm iron first😍😍
Captain T-man
Captain T-man 답글 연결
this song is awesome! is there an instumental variant of this? cause it would make this even better (the song is awesome, I like an instrumental version of songs I really like as well XD)
Alvin Pf
Alvin Pf 1 답글 연결

Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 1 답글 연결
Nice for my workout! I love your music!!!
Siddhartha Khare Khare
Stronger Than Trap King
JØNNY før20
JØNNY før20 1 답글 연결
Anyone else been bengin with Apashe since the ROTTUN days? 👌👌
George Daskalakis
apashe real good
Elliminatus T
Elliminatus T 답글 연결
FU***n 6i <3
DaMuvis 답글 연결
2:38 "im a dragon" then goes an eagle sound
christopher stath
Bounce wit me!
Cody James White
Cody James White 답글 연결
Play it at 1.25 speed, you're welcome.
Cassidy Ekeoha
Cassidy Ekeoha 1 답글 연결
1'1 Apashe. Woow this track is very cool & insane. The work made for the bass is simply straordinary. Great work. Thanks to TrapAndBass !!!
Tomas Pazzelli
Tomas Pazzelli 답글 연결
263 members of the hand doesn't like this

Tomas Pazzelli
Tomas Pazzelli 답글 연결
what does that mean?
akanksha Chaudhary
Perfect GYM song
alan 답글 연결
Definitely awesome!!! no more needs to be said :)
John Hall
John Hall 답글 연결
iron fist
Thunder Varkia
Thunder Varkia 답글
Minty Pink Marvel Comics not some weaboo shit
Minty Pink
Minty Pink 답글
John Hall wait If your talking about fairy tail then YASSSS
Cat N' Snail Gaming
this is my new favorite song
Kill Switch454
Kill Switch454 답글 연결
easy sub
Minty Pink
Minty Pink 답글 연결
love this song
Kill Switch454
Kill Switch454 답글 연결
Can I use it in my video
Kill Switch454
Kill Switch454 답글
who Is the copyright holder?
if its you, can i please use it in my video.
Trap and Bass
Trap and Bass 답글
It is copyrighted.
Kill Switch454
Kill Switch454 1 답글 연결
2:39 to 3:04 BEST TONE EVER!!!
Boss !
Boss ! 답글 연결
Iron Fist <3
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