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Ham Is My Favourite Colour
"You want to know, don't you? Why they keep coming here. To Earth."
H Badger
H Badger 1 답글 연결
I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained.... Dr. who anyone?
That Whovian
That Whovian 답글 연결
wish this would play as the 12th doctor regenerates
Novuscourvous 답글 연결
this is the song from transformers
Andrew Medley
Andrew Medley 답글 연결
emotional , haunting and quite beautiful...
Treeamongo 답글 연결
My maker, I do
peter parker
peter parker 답글 연결
transformers the last knight
MarioBoy 13
MarioBoy 13 답글 연결
Who is here because of transformers the last knight big game spot?
Masterbuilder 164 gaming and reviews and fun
Your world is dying do you seek redemption
Оки Токи
Оки Токи 답글 연결
Ух ты! Весёлое видео! Здорово! Давайте подпишемся друг на друга.
Sophie Geetman
Sophie Geetman 답글 연결
Do you Seek Redemption?

My Maker. I Do...
YoungManSam x
YoungManSam x 답글 연결
hey what genre would you call this?
John J Sánchez
John J Sánchez 답글 연결
Optimus Prime tu mundo esta muriendo.
Pizza Girl
Pizza Girl 답글 연결
I'm kinda disappointed. I watched Jungkook listen to it and the first couple of second I thought this was gonna be some fire ass mixtape or some shit cuz i'm legitimately slow
Dreaming Daisies Dahloo
i could see myself crying after world destruction or after a war just standing upon ruins with my flask as everything came to an end this song makes me picture this
Isaiah Lang
Isaiah Lang 답글 연결
glad transformers introduced me to this beautiful masterpiece! trying to make sense of the video, and it really gets me going. anyone wanna care to tell me what you think?!
Alexis Coronado Barranco
"My Maker.... I Do..."- Optimus Prime (2017)
Andrew Medley
Andrew Medley 답글 연결
sad and haunting but beautiful
Andrew Medley
Andrew Medley 답글 연결
just gorgeous

Casy Case
Casy Case 답글 연결
transformers brought me here
Isaac Linares
Isaac Linares 1 답글 연결
TRANSFORMERS "The Last Knigth "
••Coming Soon••
RittoBR 답글 연결
M Y M A K E R I D O!!!!!!
Леся Никитова
Вся жизнь...
Jimin's jacket flip accident WASN'T an accident
WOW Jungkookie gives me those emo feelings😂
Erdal Gjelstad
Erdal Gjelstad 답글 연결
Quintessa: Your World is dying, Optimus Prime. Do you seek redemption?
Optimus Prime: My maker, i do!

Lennox: Stop Optimus! He will kill us all! We need your help!
The Last Knight: Why would i help you humans?
Lennox: You are the only one who can beat a Prime! You are the Last Knight.

Transforms into a jet
Зейнур Турсынбаев
no casualties - no victory
- Sam.
HeyItsAustin 답글 연결
Damn it... The Transformers fans beat me to it.
Nicole Yshie Hermosisima
Daddy Pig
Daddy Pig 답글 연결
Everytime i hear this i think of Halo..

tilly fyre
tilly fyre 답글 연결
do you seek redemption? my maker I do..
Noah Klee
Noah Klee 답글 연결
I'm very hyped up for Transformers: The Last Knight!
Evanation DC
Evanation DC 답글 연결
Transformers 5 Squad where you'll at?
R-ONE ! 답글 연결
Depuis le temps que je la cherche
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 답글 연결
My maker....I do
ForgetMe Not
ForgetMe Not 답글 연결
"Where are the others? The ones you're hiding?"
Funny Rider
Funny Rider 답글 연결
кто после трейлера трансформеров?
Yvanh L
Yvanh L 답글 연결
Bumblebee die.

(fuck you)
TononoGuedes 답글 연결
Cuarto Milenio, a Spanish program, used this song waaay before it became so mainstream... xD
BatRed 2 답글 연결
qui est la grâce à transformers 5 xD
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