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아티스트: Audiomachine
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DavaneyCreations 답글 연결
So powerful.....
TheCererean 1 답글 연결
I love it when I recognise music in a trailer...
Ramraj G
Ramraj G 2 답글 연결
beauty and the beast? anyone?
Cho 2 답글 연결
Love this piece. It's so beautiful! Heard this in the final trailer for Beauty and the Beast too! XD
Gamers'Intervention Int.
can i use it in my sch porject vid ?
Jocie In the Making
This is going to play in Beauty and The Beast! I can't wait :)
Hutcheson Thervil
Hutcheson Thervil 6 답글 연결
you want to know why this song is so beautiful its because it speaks from and to the soul not like other songs that just make noises.
Erick César
Erick César 1 답글
Agree, and I liked your comment. :)
Daniel Rodrigues dos Santos
Awesome \o/
961 Beer
961 Beer 답글 연결
john anthony luna3
Can I use this?
Andrés García Avila.
Can I use this beautiful song in a simple video?, it´s not commercial, just for pleasure.

Grettings from Colombia
Erick César
Erick César 답글
I think if you'll use it for non commercial use only, yes. Like a video for your familliars...
john anthony luna3
john anthony luna3 답글
meee too
Faytje30 1 답글 연결
Feyenoord brought me here
FoxTwoX 답글 연결
wish i knew what they were saying. beautiful though
Al3x360 답글 연결
i wondering where i already heard anout this song ... pretty Nice score !
Cristian Ioana
Cristian Ioana 답글 연결
Amazing ... I was impressed especially by the chorus that comes in the background...
XtremeTableTennis 1 답글 연결
6 people who have no sense of music!!
XtremeTableTennis 3 more idiot added .
This is the song that will play when Donald Trump is inaugurated.
Tomahawk59 3 답글 연결
how people does not listen to this music more? this is really beyond imagination...
Erwin Meurs
Erwin Meurs 2 답글 연결
We used this on our wedding yesterday when my GF was given away by her father at the cityhall. Thanks for this great piece of work wich was perfect for this occassion.
rgadave 1 답글 연결
My favourite track off the 'Tree of Life' Audiomachine album.

stephlyra 6 답글 연결
the feeling that the song makes me feel is hope.
Newton JJ
Newton JJ 답글 연결
I like it 😊.
MarvinT 2 답글 연결
Demonstrating Audiomachine's legendary crescendo handling once again.
I will just try to decipher what the choir say in the nearest sylables and words I can make from my ear.

Letrani, Ahlibrih saph hasine montrevero.
Photrohahe mothalhibre
ah oh ho oh

Sminthsonth López Jaimes
which language is this song made?
Jian Ming Soon
Jian Ming Soon 답글
MMC418-BlueDiamondsMC it freakin is haha gd job
Anonymous 1 답글
Lol it is
MMC418-BlueDiamondsMC 1 답글
No really, Listen to it and read the lyrics, you will hear the exact same words coming out... no joke.
Kaleb Miller
Kaleb Miller 답글 연결
6 dipshits missed the like button
MMC418-BlueDiamondsMC 답글
Someone removed the one dislike, Its now 5
Jimmy Garcia
Jimmy Garcia 3 답글 연결
I love to listen to this kind of music when I draw. It brings loads and loads of inspiration.
LightMoon 답글
I totally agree
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 63 답글 연결
10 seconds of this is better than anything Nicki Minaj or Drake or Lil Wayne etc can come up with throughout their entire albums
imatotal potterhead
imatotal potterhead 답글
that is very true
Oskar Fors
Oskar Fors 4 답글
No, they are all bad so it's a good bunch of useless, talantless artists with the most meaningless lyrics in history.
komasdfg 2 답글
dislike you for comparing them together. they should never ever be in the same sentence EVER! this is an insult, like comparing a prisoner side-by-side to a king of a kingdom.
warrior100girl 4 답글 연결
i don´t know, but everytime i hear this, i imagine one thing. And that´s when two person find each other again after a very long time. They finnally know they are meant for each other.
shafin rahman
shafin rahman 답글
Then they have sex and one of them flies away...axaxaxaaxaaxaxaxaaxaxa
Andy Sedlack
Andy Sedlack 1 답글
+William Powell I love Ice of Phoenix especially too for writing, right now I'm burning through the latter half of a project I was meant to finish in the last week or so and it's just great putting one of these on repeat and sitting with my laptop for three hours.
William Powell
William Powell 2 답글
+warrior100girl (andi9x17) I got that impression as well. I use quite a few songs from Audiomachine to draw inspiration for writing. This one, Ice of Phoenix, Red Sorrow, Beyond the Clouds. All awesome. Pillars of Earth and Existence are good as well but are too upbeat for writing. Lol
Favor Smith
Favor Smith 답글 연결
it's difficult to select one between meditation and equinox !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favor Smith
Favor Smith 2 답글 연결
it's a music from the heaven.

MagicNetwork 답글 연결
Have anyone words of this song?
Mayank Karnwal
Mayank Karnwal 답글
Jdm262 답글 연결
It's a great song, but the beginning reminds of "It's Too Late to Apologize" by One Republic. If you open up another tab and compare the songs, it's pretty close. Obviously the beat in "Too Late to Apologize" and the lyrics don't connect, but the violin and the piano is very similar.
SimplyFantastic 1 답글 연결
Someone should start a thing where they animate a story to these songs. I wish this song could continue forever! Each and every song like this has a story behind it that gave it it's sound and excitement. And I honestly would l love to hear these stories from the composer's view. So I vote, someone should create animated videos for these.

What do y'all think the story of this beautiful track is?
Dan O
Dan O 3 답글 연결
You people have made some beautiful, peaceful comments. I'm in Oklahoma where can I find people like you? Your not here in Oklahoma I know that for sure!
Chris Cockrum
Chris Cockrum 1 답글
there not in missouri either
Antonio Enrico
Antonio Enrico 답글 연결
Myau_ SpaceHunter
Myau_ SpaceHunter 1 답글 연결
the louder it is, the better it sounds :)
Amir Khan
Amir Khan 답글
+Space Dandy haha Space Dandy didn't expect to see that in the comments.
Algis1184 답글
Stenchcoat 답글
+Matthew Carlsen Unless you go over 85 decibels.
Jagan Doodala
Jagan Doodala 2 답글 연결
I absolutely LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK! Not only is it amazing, but I used it as part of a video I made for a competition and it got me 1st place :)
MMC418-BlueDiamondsMC 답글
Ok... night
Jagan Doodala
Jagan Doodala 답글
+BlueDiamondsMC wow that's pretty awesome. just fyi im logging off for the night so i will be sure to continue this scintillating conversation with you tomorrow! good night!
MMC418-BlueDiamondsMC 답글
Since im 3 years old... bcuz we have a piano keyboard at home.
Jagan Doodala
Jagan Doodala 답글
+BlueDiamondsMC honestly i didn't get half of what you said LOL but its pretty awesome you know so much about music! school's prevented me from learning the piano any more than i would've like to :( how long have you been playing the piano for?
MMC418-BlueDiamondsMC 답글
Uhh.... uhh............. Its not good... The Music software I use dose not support any Emotion dynamics... just plainly...Fixed Dynamics
but when played in a piano with pure feelings... I get what will happen :)))
Cristina 3 답글 연결
Estupendo, Estupendo, Estupendo !!!
Memo Iraq
Memo Iraq 1 답글 연결
Amazing , amazing and amazing :)
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