Way Down We Go 가사

Kaleo - Way Down We Go
아티스트: Kaleo

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    I Can't Go on Without You
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Father tell me, we get what we deserve Oh we get what we deserve And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go Way down we go You let your feet run wild Time has come as we all oh, go down Yeah but for the fall oh, my Do you dare to look him right in the eyes? 'Cause they will run you down, down til the dark Yes and they will run you down, down til you fall And they will run you down, down til you go Yeah so you can't crawl no more And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go 'Cause they will run you down, down til you fall Way down we go Oh bab-bab-yeah Wow baby Baby Bab, down we go Yeah And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go Way down we go

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Fátima Gonçalves
Grande som... 😉
Fátima Gonçalves
Grande som... 😉
steve rogers o capitao america refencis
dimonn555 답글 연결
норм сделал
Szilard Pallo
Szilard Pallo 1 답글 연결
JDM Panda
JDM Panda 답글 연결
Everyone loves this song!
Basem Naser
Basem Naser 답글 연결
Love this song
Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago 답글 연결
Got over 100 Comic Books, Comics Cards, and wolverine toys, all from 90's (i'm 36). It hit me had when Morph his best friend died in the cartoon "He's the only one that mad [him] laugh". Ever see Logan the beast cry? The only time, ever !!!!! #1 fan, forever. And his daughter is Hispanic, couldn't have asked for a better end. But remember, Multiple Universes, Flashback stories, hopefully more future movies but no Hugh. It was a sad day in my world...just like when Morph died. (Note: Morph later came back as a bad guy, it was horrible)
박모름 1 답글 연결
oh oh un way down ohohoh wego!!!!!ho
Woa a a
IMG IMG 답글 연결
what happens if ?
This song makes me moist!!!!!!!
Enes Kartal
Enes Kartal 답글 연결
Her yerdeyiz amk
Elizabeth Morris
Elizabeth Morris 답글 연결
Im down to listen to this song love it
Amy Oppen
Amy Oppen 답글 연결
So soulful. raw & lovely.
Kellie Girl
Kellie Girl 답글 연결
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!
Hot Lady
Hot Lady 답글 연결
Holy fuck this is awesome
Randy Wyatt
Randy Wyatt 답글 연결
Hotel Eleon!!!
Adwoa Acheampong
Adwoa Acheampong 답글 연결
anyone else thinking of blindspot
Bartek Leśniewski
After Logan Movie.......... <3 <3 <3
Анатолий Алексеевич Афонин
Сильнейшая песня

Butler 답글 연결
WOT_ UA 답글 연결
strong song))
farfromDondo 답글 연결
3:18 sounds like the start of new windows update available sound
farfromDondo 답글
for 0.6 of a second the sound matches almost exactly
Mr.dimon zakazaka
hi из 2017 сучки
Canal felipe vlog
i love you ❤❤
Николай Бойко
Its fantastick
Erika Ibañez
Erika Ibañez 답글 연결
Logan or fifa?
Eliabe Araújo
Eliabe Araújo 답글 연결
Александр Гунаев
Класс, обалдеть, какая красивая подача СУПЕР
manija davlatova
manija davlatova 답글 연결

Christopher Greig
Christopher Greig 1 답글 연결
In 19 years I have never cried at a film but then I heard one word.... "Daddy" 😢
The Family house hold
Love it
Лама В YouTube
Лама В YouTube 1 답글 연결
General Willy
General Willy 답글 연결
I liked them back in 2015 so fuq off
Yasmin Carvalho
Yasmin Carvalho 답글 연결
Shane Searle
Shane Searle 답글 연결
Brilliant, fresh, soulful and that voice of his.. Wow
theyycravezoey 답글 연결

Dante Montealegre
Dante Montealegre 1 답글 연결
This is not the music of wolxerine but this is the music of Logan 😢
Lesusha smail
Lesusha smail 1 답글 연결
This is a best song
Hassane Moussa
Hassane Moussa 답글 연결
I like