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Kaleo - Way Down We Go
아티스트: Kaleo
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Father tell me, we get what we deserve Oh we get what we deserve And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go Way down we go You let your feet run wild Time has come as we all oh, go down Yeah but for the fall oh, my Do you dare to look him right in the eyes? 'Cause they will run you down, down til the dark Yes and they will run you down, down til you fall And they will run you down, down til you go Yeah so you can't crawl no more And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go 'Cause they will run you down, down til you fall Way down we go Oh bab-bab-yeah Wow baby Baby Bab, down we go Yeah And way down we go Way down we go Say way down we go Way down we go

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Calamardo Guapo
Calamardo Guapo 답글 연결
it's from fifa 15 you mother fuckers xd
leonthesleepy 1 답글 연결
Right click on the video
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Shanthan Kumar
Shanthan Kumar 답글 연결
Who is here after watching Logan trailer2?
Nishant Guleria
Nishant Guleria 답글 연결
LOGAN dint brought me here, JJ Julius Son did.
mr pigman
mr pigman 답글 연결
R.I.P. Logan
ZeroPlayz 답글 연결
Anthony Hernandez
was there anyone playing this before logan?
Ronny Schumann
Ronny Schumann 답글 연결
schönes Lied
Julia Stern
Julia Stern 2 답글 연결
I love this song
JR V 답글 연결
John Wick will KILL LOGAN
Ronald Wilcox
Ronald Wilcox 답글 연결
That a cold song homie especially when that song play on that movie
Dilu B
Dilu B 1 답글 연결
you know you're a die-hard fan of #Logan when you find yourself listening this song with Repeat mode
fede camusso
fede camusso 답글 연결
Pastelzinho Play
Pastelzinho Play 1 답글 연결
só eu acho que essa música é muito boa para o final de um filme de terror?
Allen Aussie
Allen Aussie 답글 연결
Chris Calde
Chris Calde 답글 연결
Connor Mason
Connor Mason 답글 연결
lucifer is what got me here, if you have not watched make sure you do
MATCHU 답글 연결
Bonsoir à vous. Belle chanson pour nous rappeler que nous sortons d'un trou pour finir dans un autre..... Ami(e)s de la philosophie bonsoir.....
SUPERTYC21 1 답글 연결
Logan why did you leave
Dimitris Tsimpouris
my neighbors love this song so much that they call the police to join the party

Victor Frank
Victor Frank 답글 연결
I Love this Song
Jeffrey Lebowski
Jeffrey Lebowski 답글 연결
Now that I think about it, the lyrics perfectly describe Logan's storyline.
Ana Carolina S. Rodrigues
logan perfect muito bom vale A pena assistir mil vezes ♥♥♥♡♡♡ B-)
Marie Morel
Marie Morel 답글 연결
When i hear this song i feel bad, i think about the life and sad moment. Its a stranger feeling. But its quiet good to hear this sonf because she's wonderful, kaleo's voice is much better than justin bieber or ed sheehan because its much natural.
Владимир Нузданов
Это невероятно! Уникально, великолепно!
chaTzon 답글 연결
its too short that song ! but too strong that voice !
H4x0r Emre
H4x0r Emre 답글 연결
Logandan gelenlerin anasını amına job sokam pijler
stephanie felisberto
j adore
Vikas Saharan
Vikas Saharan 1 답글 연결
Repeat mode on..We get what we deserve..!
socrayhte 답글 연결
OMG, Isn't this song not everywhere already? Teenwolf S06, Vampire Diaries S08, Suits S05E12, Logan and now I discover Blindspot S01E10? Getting addicted already!

Abdulrahman Aldossary
"She's like you very much like you"
AxaFin 답글 연결
Gunnar Nelson anyone?
i am only one who is watching this song after watching #Logan.....
Thomas 1 답글 연결
Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes 답글 연결
Logan was amazing and i gotta say: it's damn good one for a marvel movie.
flávio amaro
flávio amaro 답글 연결
muito bom
Mickey Carroll
Mickey Carroll 답글 연결
Very Soulful
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 답글 연결
As visualizações aumentarão devido ao filme Logan, que foi muito bom 😄😊
Ahmet Ada
Ahmet Ada 답글 연결
yalnız çok iyi araba tanıtım müziği de olur bundan :D
miranda enneking
miranda enneking 1 답글 연결
Have a good day who ever in scrolling through the comments.
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