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Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Titles
아티스트: Vangelis

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Ye Boi
Ye Boi 답글 연결
Too bad she won't live, but then again who does?
Realmasterorder 답글 연결
Light years ahead of its time the theme fits perfectly with the dark meta cyber atmosphere of this amazing movie
gaskan666 답글 연결
I think its the best Sci Fi movie ever made
Even Dwarfs Started Small
So, in the book, Rachel hooks up with every bounter hunter she can. And in the book, sex with Rachel is one step removed from bestiality. And in the book, Deckard terminates Roy Baty without a problem. The book places lots of emphasis on the cult of Mer cerism which involves feeling the pain of this Mercer guy as he ascends a hill and gets rocks tossed at him.
Mamo69 답글 연결
... ohne Worte
ydoomenaud 답글 연결
Looking forward to Hans Zimmer shitting this up in the soft rebooquel
Polecat Slam
Polecat Slam 답글 연결
Sean Young was so hot before she stopped being hot.
Crank shaft
Crank shaft 답글 연결
The game changer... right on your face.
William Levensburgh
William Levensburgh 1 답글 연결
The nice music...
My Real Me
My Real Me 1 답글 연결
Except for the “Masters”, it’s all into this movie...:
-The owl, the pyramids (and, or “sat.....” whatever triangle-obsession); (the “sat.....” whatever prime-numbers obsession 3,6,11,23, above all ‘6’ throughout the whole movie) are present: EVERywhere!
-The two columns or towers of Solomon, the suns, the darkness (occult world)..
-The “Sumerian/ Mesopotamian or Anunnaki Zigurats” (the pyramid-cut shaped buildings) used exactly as they were, errmm!! “are still used for” landing bases...
-MK-Ultras, lost into their newly-discovered split personalities, full of malfunctions in need of being reprogrammed to carry on.. Or utterly unable to repent and redeem themselves for sooo many horrific actions in life...
-A state-of-the-art technology along with optimum successful-everlasting corp’s that would sell their products despite of such a chaotic society where evil-rotten delinquency, secret societies’ elite and authority ARE totally the same.
-And, how to forget The All-Eye seeing, the one who sees it all, big brother’s watching you...
-The, the, the, and the...on and on in this sort of Illuminati’s wet dream or future Utopia they anxiously dream of OUR SOCIETIES! That One World government, where human beings (replicants), and are hybridized, harvested, enslaved, corrupted, doctrine, used, pursued, silenced, blackmailed and/ or killed...
Obviously I DO enjoy movies much MORE than I used to in the past. You see?.. leaving Avidya is a slow/ fast process not so painful, though. For with the best perspective ever... eyes and conscious are clearer and clearer to possess a wider view of EVERYTHING. Where I enjoy myself the privilege to question IT all; and find most of the answers by myself.
Enjoy it, please DO, but always with eyes wide open.

Stay well, GOD BLESS!
I hope the sequel will be just as good as this one
Those 204 dislikes are from old Nexus 5.
33hegemon 답글 연결
I used to think Roy referred to "sea beans" in his final monologue, haha.
Richard L
Richard L 답글 연결
Epic movie, great music, all way ahead of it all.
Magnus Karlsson
Magnus Karlsson 1 답글 연결
The original pitch for Alien 3 was that it would take place on Earth - that looked very much like Blade Runners world.
But it was scrapped because making such movie would have costed too much... But a movie that could have been!
xMusicx 2 답글 연결
This is from freaking 1982, seriously look at this, what imagination.
Dario Pinolini
Dario Pinolini 답글
The book is from 1974
Dodgen Francis
Dodgen Francis 답글 연결
Some background "Alien" sounds while Ford gets his hard copy, so, what came first?
Jenny Choi
Jenny Choi 답글 연결
My fave all time sci-fi movie! I'm both looking forward to and dreading watching the sequel ...only a couple more months to go!
Davide Garda
Davide Garda 답글 연결
a masterpiece, the movie, the script, the music...
88feji 답글 연결
1:13 .... BRRRR... this purring gave me goosebumps ...

Dennis Dietze
Dennis Dietze 답글 연결
the godfather of cyber punk!
Juan hernandez
Juan hernandez 답글 연결
who came after watching the second trailer of the new movie?
bottle2lip 답글 연결
this film was so ahead of its time
Nobby Nolevel
Nobby Nolevel 답글 연결
Do Russian androids dream of orange electric sheep who golf a lot and treat women like shit?
Killing DeadThings
Killing DeadThings 1 답글 연결
I still watch this movie and feel transported by it. A masterpiece.
Gelli Aramadis
Gelli Aramadis 답글 연결
this movie fucks me up in all the right ways.
Jean-Marc Desprez
I've heard sounds you people wouldn't believe...
Glorious! Time witnesses this Original Theme and will , always be uplifted as Golden Hipnetict. Sorry for typos. God Bless..... Big Fan!!!
Mih. Fil. вася железякин
The future if Hitler won the War
Josiel Chagas
Josiel Chagas 답글 연결
muito bom esse filme bladerunner

Chris Whited
Chris Whited 답글 연결
the greatest thing he ever made................still visually stunning.
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 답글 연결
One of The bests movies.
frandiziembre62 답글 연결
maravillosa!...todavia flipo!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 답글 연결
It will be interesting to see how Johann Johansson will present this world.
billthestinker 답글 연결
but, will mr happy still be needed?
nancy peck
nancy peck 답글 연결
an incredible film
FSM 답글 연결
"So say we all!"
Andre Luiz
Andre Luiz 답글 연결
alex ours
alex ours 답글 연결
One billion times much more visually attractive than everything numerically created. The ultimate achievement of pioneering Melies work. Vangelis divine, too.
The best sound-tract of Vangelis !