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Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Titles
아티스트: Vangelis

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Jenny Choi
Jenny Choi 답글 연결
My fave all time sci-fi movie! I'm both looking forward to and dreading watching the sequel ...only a couple more months to go!
Davide Garda
Davide Garda 답글 연결
a masterpiece, the movie, the script, the music...
88feji 답글 연결
1:13 .... BRRRR... this purring gave me goosebumps ...
Dennis Dietze
Dennis Dietze 답글 연결
the godfather of cyber punk!
Juan hernandez
Juan hernandez 답글 연결
who came after watching the second trailer of the new movie?
bottle2lip 답글 연결
this film was so ahead of its time
Nobby Nolevel
Nobby Nolevel 답글 연결
Do Russian androids dream of orange electric sheep who golf a lot and treat women like shit?
Killing DeadThings
Killing DeadThings 1 답글 연결
I still watch this movie and feel transported by it. A masterpiece.
Gelli Aramadis
Gelli Aramadis 답글 연결
this movie fucks me up in all the right ways.
Jean-Marc Desprez
I've heard sounds you people wouldn't believe...
Glorious! Time witnesses this Original Theme and will , always be uplifted as Golden Hipnetict. Sorry for typos. God Bless..... Big Fan!!!
вася железякин фф
The future if Hitler won the War
Josiel Chagas
Josiel Chagas 답글 연결
muito bom esse filme bladerunner
Chris Whited
Chris Whited 답글 연결
the greatest thing he ever made................still visually stunning.
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 답글 연결
One of The bests movies.
frandiziembre62 답글 연결
maravillosa!...todavia flipo!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 답글 연결
It will be interesting to see how Johann Johansson will present this world.
billthestinker 답글 연결
but, will mr happy still be needed?
nancy peck
nancy peck 답글 연결
an incredible film
Sonia Sánchez
Sonia Sánchez 답글 연결
¿Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas?

FSM 답글 연결
"So say we all!"
Andre Luiz
Andre Luiz 답글 연결
alex ours
alex ours 답글 연결
One billion times much more visually attractive than everything numerically created. The ultimate achievement of pioneering Melies work. Vangelis divine, too.
The best sound-tract of Vangelis !
ukwizard 답글 연결
It's too bad she won't live. But then again who does?
robertotamez 답글 연결
a m a z i n g !!!! wow !!! VANGELIS !!!!
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 답글 연결
35 years ago

Fuckin outstanding, still gives me chills watching this Movie today

And im old enough to remember watching the original back in 1982 as a scrawny 17 year old Liverpool Kid ;)
Sam in Red
Sam in Red 답글 연결
Nothing above... god ?
Fabiano 답글 연결
de f....!
I like to transcribe this song

irishfish 1 답글 연결
what a great film. i sure hope the new sequel is a worthy enough successor. trailer looks good tho
Khach Hang
Khach Hang 답글 연결
Formidable film...!
Le meilleur dans le genre selon moi.
Knight Rhy
Knight Rhy 답글 연결
Imagining myself in a Apartment in New York City in the year 2027. Outside my window you see Neon lights, hear Police siren's, and sound of rain, but still in reality i open my window to see the Irish Countryside not complaining so this listen to the Game of thrones theme lol
Malteser Kritic
Malteser Kritic 답글 연결
Until today, I cannot imagine how did they did all that back in 1982.
Mark H
Mark H 답글 연결
This is the talent of Ridley Scott, in that, even though he built a dark and dreadful world with this film, I still want to explore this world.
Jack Slater
Jack Slater 1 답글 연결
How the hell did WB not ask Vangelis to come back for the sequel? WTF? Instead they have some hack trying to copy his music.
Sergi Gamo
Sergi Gamo 답글 연결
esta película es una obra de arte y con la banda sonora de vangelis es eterna.
james roe
james roe 답글 연결
the synergy is amazing. the music, imagery, atmosphere, dialog, and even the casting choice is just objectively flawless. blade runner is the perfect movie. now they're making a sequel with a melted faced potato as lead using some crappy french horn goatfuck soundtrack. complete travesty.
Replicants exist in our modern world. According to a recent survey, over 67% of the human population actually consists of Replicants.
Aaron Torrealba
Aaron Torrealba 답글 연결
Now I finally understand. The Matrix, Deus, Ex Human Revolution, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in The Shell, Akira, Metropolis and so on, They are all inspired by easily the quintessential sci-fi movie all of times.