Blade Runner Main Titles

Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Titles
아티스트: Vangelis
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The theme from the 1982 Ridley Scott film "Blade Runner" with Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer & Sean Young. Music composed, arranged & performed by Vangelis.
cat Chaser
cat Chaser 1 답글
Your Videos are Awesome, Thanks for the time and effort and uploading,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
stop it
Harald Schwehm
Harald Schwehm 답글 연결
my all time Favorit scifi from 1982 ..and thiss Kind of future now allmost near.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 답글 연결
Orgasmo visual, amazing
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 답글 연결
dacmiller 답글 연결
Lazerhawk should take over the sound track
Santiago Camino Medina
I still do not thnk Vangelis will not make the music of the sequel, practically the score of THIS one is the half of the movie
Santiago Camino Medina
I dont believe Vangelis, is not making the soundtrack for this new sequel, THIS score
Alexandre B. Nóbrega
Blade Runner is a Masterpiece, quite possibly the greatest science fiction film ever made. The film is excellent and the soundtrack is wonderful.
dacmiller 답글
of course...I don't think anything will ever come close again
Sr aavl1981
Sr aavl1981 답글 연결
me pican las bolas
LicocoS 답글 연결
El milenio 2.000 estaba muy idealizado en los años 80 y significaba el futuro total con robots humanos y coches volando. ni siquiera han sustituido aun a la gasolina en los coches.
Les Martin
Les Martin 1 답글 연결
When everything comes together you have a visual and audible masterpiece. Although incredibly complex in its creation, it is simply the greatest Science Fiction film ever to be made. Totally unsurpassable !. You can probably guess i am a big fan.
Excellent video.
Roberto Bobo
Roberto Bobo 답글 연결
Nowdays every scanner can magnify a picture and increase definition (e.g. the circle mirror, former blurred than sharp). I asked myself if it's a "paper hologram". An ordinary photo can't show anything behind some object. I find funny the low quality hard copy despite of a good video.
Rachel Timmins
Rachel Timmins 답글 연결
How Bohemian Grove got it wrong
John Snow
John Snow 답글 연결
que grande es Blade Runne'rs. obra maestra sin igual...lo unico!"!!?? la habría. ambientado en el año 2119...
ClifftonBeach 답글 연결
@ 3:00 - the Millennium Falcon
Lost Jonny
Lost Jonny 답글 연결
Best Sci - Fi movie of all time, especially considering the shoe string budget!
jules duv
jules duv 3 답글 연결
this movie is so incredible even i was born in 1998
i think the music is better than all the other movie
i hope the next episode will be correct!
Antonio Casalduero Recuero
Aquí la música lo hace todo, es increíble el clima que es capaz de crear para acompañar esas imágenes; hagan una prueba para comprobarlo, corten la música y miren sólo las imágenes, a ver qué queda...
Ícaro 답글 연결

Janette Vega-Neese
Amazing, Amazing composer. I have been a fan of Vangelis for over 30+ years. Started out listening to Vangelis in my friends basement while playing D&D
xhole 답글 연결
Sid Howard
Sid Howard 1 답글 연결
And yes, I did prefer the original theatrical release with the voice over. It was far more Noir to me and I felt suited the film better.
Sid Howard
Sid Howard 3 답글 연결
Perhaps the greatest science fiction film ever put on the screen.
i7fan 답글 연결
Back when movies were awesome and not vessels of SJW. Great edit as well. Thanks.
Gabriel Eduardo Gerosa González
Vangelis, fue, es y sera el maestro de la electronica. Saludos
Jim Pickard
Jim Pickard 1 답글 연결
What a great film Blade Runner is .. and Sean Young in one of the most beautiful film appearances of all time ..wonderful
Noe Arias
Noe Arias 답글 연결
Film de culto...
GB3770 답글 연결
my fav sci fi film ever! top 5 film ever! amazing music!
Juan Fernando
Juan Fernando 답글 연결
So Boring theme i feel like yawning

DeSpace Man
DeSpace Man 답글 연결
Is it just me or is it true the women do look sexier back in those days than today I guess they had less fake crap then.
DosGordosEnMoto 답글 연결
The birth of Cyberpunk :-)
유희환 답글 연결
이보다 더 좋을순 없다
Svein Grimstad
Svein Grimstad 답글 연결
I love this movie and the soundtrack! Rutger is a very convincing villain as always, and Harrison is the true hero.
kiko fernandez
kiko fernandez 답글 연결
Sorry, but the continuation, you will not have music by vangelis, a great down of quality
thamonkaface999 답글 연결
Sean young. Still beautiful to watch
John Thorne
John Thorne 답글 연결
Talent hits a target no-one else can hit.Genius hits a target no-one else can see.Ridley Scott.Genius.
44excalibur 답글 연결
I'm dreaming electric sheep just watching this.
Nella Crosiglia
Nella Crosiglia 답글 연결
to listen
Bart Man
Bart Man 1 답글 연결
definitely one of the greatest Cult Classics Movies of all time and I always like the characters here especially Sean Young's Character so adorable..
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