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AURORA - Nature Boy
아티스트: AURORA
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There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very far Over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day A lucky day he passed my way Then we spoke of many things: Fools and kings Then he said to me "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return"

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MadEngineer 답글 연결
I get the feel from the video of the "Tristram" theme from DIablo I. Anyone else?
Barbara Barros
Barbara Barros 답글 연결
why does this remind me of hemlock grove?
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 답글 연결
Alien covenant made me watch this
Willber Garcia
Willber Garcia 답글 연결
Umberto Tarallo
Umberto Tarallo 답글 연결
Amazing song! Can't wait for Covenant.
laurent rosselle
laurent rosselle 답글 연결
super son
The gaming cube
The gaming cube 답글 연결
this song goes so well with the alien covenant trailer
Mirna Silva
Mirna Silva 답글 연결
OMG i didn't know this song existed! i always loved the quote "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return" from moulin rouge and i love Aurora .
Dracknid 10
Dracknid 10 답글 연결
Idont like this sort of music but aurora is turning me
Kerem Ince
Kerem Ince 답글 연결
Eargasm waw
Abi Coleman
Abi Coleman 답글 연결
I just love it, it's like we go to another place and it's so perfect
TheCKM 1 답글 연결
Alem020 Lol
Alem020 Lol 답글 연결
Non ho ben capito cosa vuole dire questa canzone
Desdicharo 답글 연결
covenant brought me here
PÊ DFOUF 답글 연결
sproulebass 답글 연결
Does anyone know who the bassist is for this group?
77hamann 답글 연결
Mitchell K.
Mitchell K. 답글 연결
g Od L i K e. .
VR Productions
VR Productions 답글 연결
I've been waiting so long for this song's studio version to be released! Glad it's finally uploaded.
Melih Karabayır
Melih Karabayır 답글 연결

DaddyDubs 답글 연결
There was a Alien.... a very scary alien.. One unlucky day.. his embryo was foced inside my friend. When I finally saw the Alien he bit into my head.. Thhhhhheeeeee END!
kenny bob
kenny bob 답글
Bravo, bravo very good. You made me laugh.
Kurt Green
Kurt Green 답글 연결
The nature boy!

TessaMxdory95, a Wattpad Author
Oh my gosh, some of the lyrics in here TOTALLY remind me of Beauty & the Beast!
It would be PERFECT if this song is in the movie coming out!! XD like if any of you agree!
Flyboy243 답글 연결
"You sure about this, Captain?"
"...how do you mean?"
"Well-I mean, we don't know WHAT THE FUCK's out there..!?"
Marwa Hamoud
Marwa Hamoud 답글 연결
I'm here from the book "Bad Romeo" anyone else ? Cause same
Hound 답글 연결
Pastel 답글 연결
Reminds me of Game of Thrones intro sometimes..
Kai 답글 연결
considering that song is a jazz standard this adaptation makes no sense to me musically
Armenia Tube
Armenia Tube 답글 연결
wowwww!!!once I got goose bumps
Chemo uwatmate
Chemo uwatmate 1 답글 연결
Well nature boy travelled to the wrong facking Planet

Petit Pierre
Petit Pierre 1 답글 연결
Alien Covenant !!
Emi Tenshi
Emi Tenshi 답글 연결
kerli ❤
Carlos Paula
Carlos Paula 답글 연결
mega schön
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