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AURORA - Nature Boy
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There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very far Over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day A lucky day he passed my way Then we spoke of many things: Fools and kings Then he said to me "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return"

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Sarah 답글 연결
Yo no one getting massive Game of thrones/ jon snow vibes here?
Captain Reads
Captain Reads 답글 연결
Not as haunting as A.C trailer version =/
Natural and Spiritual
awesomeeeee,sub back suport,love <3
Heavy Jay
Heavy Jay 답글 연결
Aimee Valencia
Aimee Valencia 답글 연결
I heard the original one and both of these are just beautiful
Barış Yılmaz
Barış Yılmaz 답글 연결
3 dk'da hayatımı sorgulamadım amk
what this girl has done to this song is amazing, the dark tragic vibes, her voice out of this world... it's amazing.
Jeannette Brink
Jeannette Brink 답글 연결
I absolutely LOVE this version!!! 😍
Wawan Kurniawan
Wawan Kurniawan 답글 연결
Close your eyes when listen this song, imagine you are in another dark place like in a grave.. Damnnn.. This song very deep!!
Shefali van der zwan
This is SO beautiful ♡♡♡
Nanasse Nanasse
Nanasse Nanasse 답글 연결
Intense version here ... ^^
Raquel Luconi
Raquel Luconi 답글 연결
Give me GOT vibes
mercedes daubian
mercedes daubian 답글 연결
There was a boy
a very strange enchanted boy
they say he wandered very far, very far
over land and sea
a little shy and sad of eye
but very wise was he
And then one day
a magic day he passed my way
and while we spoke of many things
fools and kings
this he said to me
"the greatest thing you'll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return"
<instrumental interlude>
"the greatest thing you'll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return"
JT CC 답글 연결
Oddly enough, this gives me the idea for a Love/Sci-Fi Story.
B Lalthuami
B Lalthuami 답글 연결
I miss the studio version of Little Boy in The Grass
Thiago Gonçalves
Quando ouvi essa música no Alien Covenant eu dei um grito e comecei o cover. Kkkkkk
Beefy Boy Wonder
Beefy Boy Wonder 답글 연결
This artwork tho...I need it as much as I need this album.
After watching the trailer to Alien, I knew I know this song from somewhere, Moulin Rouge :) and it made me very happy, the greatest thing you ever learn is to love, and be loved in return :)
NotHuman 답글 연결
I my god - I love how clear her voice sounds. That's some real talent right there.

Jaymi x
Jaymi x 답글 연결
this reminds me of the theme song in A Cure For Wellness
Kota RiverRoad
Kota RiverRoad 답글 연결
found this on a dishonored fan-playlist. pretty fitting
Nayeli W.
Nayeli W. 답글 연결
The first 4 words... Fucking Amazing
Nathan Farias
Nathan Farias 답글 연결
Cher’s version is beautiful
ibaadof naqvi
ibaadof naqvi 답글 연결
her voice his magical. Right from the dome of the soul.
Wolfe256 답글 연결
We used this in our marching band show
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan 답글 연결
can everyone just stop talking about Alien covenant?
Just Appreciate & enjoy the goddamn music
Rezolute Rezolute
Mmmm no. Dream boy. Sometimes music come to you in your dreams.
Joana Oliveira
Joana Oliveira 답글 연결
Jędrzej z
Jędrzej z 답글 연결
It sounds different here compared to the trailer version of Alien Covenant. :/ That outstanding echo and fading effect is missing.

yvonne redgrove
yvonne redgrove 답글 연결
Fantastic song, superb voice .
Srash 답글 연결
Good song used for a bad movie. Alien Covenant was like "Red Shirts on a field trip"
victor lemes
victor lemes 답글 연결
me gusta el pollo e.e
Alan H.
Alan H. 답글 연결
This song is not the long enough.
RandyFoxx 답글 연결
Amal Hamoud
Amal Hamoud 1 답글 연결
the ending when she sings, "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return". I feel as if the greatest thing is to love and feel loved in return, because a whole army can be in love with you but if you don't feel it, it's useless.
Bela Rupanagudi
Bela Rupanagudi 답글 연결
I adore aurora's songs , especially this cover of Nat King Cole.

Yes, this is indeed a cover.
Gin densetsu
Gin densetsu 답글 연결
What's the meaning behind the lyrics
Pumpkin Eater69
Pumpkin Eater69 답글 연결
is David Nature Boy?
Chris Henwood
Chris Henwood 답글 연결
1:18 game of thrones af