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AURORA - Nature Boy
아티스트: AURORA
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There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very far Over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day A lucky day he passed my way Then we spoke of many things: Fools and kings Then he said to me "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return"

이 음악이 쓰인 영상

Federica Catrambone
this song is perfect for American Horror Story 😍😍
Agaretha Afon Kosasih
I don't know why, seeing the tree makes me thought of The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games
Conservative Canuck
NKC is smiling in heaven at this rendition. Well done.
oshea thompson
oshea thompson 답글 연결
This music reminds me of RWBY when they were talking about the old man and the maidens.(Aurora's music makes me think of
Animations by the truck load lol)
Tâmara Thayná
Tâmara Thayná 답글 연결
Holy Shit, this girl Kill me when open her lips.
Adicka Adooki
Adicka Adooki 답글 연결
creepy music
Cem aydın
Cem aydın 답글 연결
perfect voice
Ilias Kremidas
Ilias Kremidas 답글 연결
specific voice & nice.
Anne Marrie
Anne Marrie 답글 연결
this song hypnotized me
Julien bla
Julien bla 답글 연결
Oh my god!You are the chosen one confirmed ...I am speakless....
Those Sunglasses
Those Sunglasses 답글 연결
wow this song is even loud on my ears this a loud video.
Rohini Pandey
Rohini Pandey 답글 연결
I thought it was Christina Perri I swear to God...such a beautiful voice!
Rich Kalel
Rich Kalel 답글 연결
I see the tree moving..
You'llSeeFar Daybreak
This music puts me in a imagination where my palace is made of pure gold, during the night with reddish deemed lights, sitting, a small round table across my beautiful queen, I stare at her smoking a cigarette, her dressed in red and black sparkling among my golden walls, I gently smile and the scene ends.
Emsu x3
Emsu x3 답글 연결
Saw the trailer for Alien Covenant earlier and i recognized the voice.
Spleśniały Dżem
And that cello <3
FRMOutsideSpace 답글 연결
I think he wandered a little TOO far           #Covenant
Scott Rayner eBay Reseller
What a really silly place to attach a swing. That branch is about as thin as my cock. Instant snappage
Thomas Saba
Thomas Saba 답글 연결
Recognized her voice instantly in the Alien trailer

MrDaithi240 답글 연결
Such a creepy song! Thanks alien covenant
Brienne of Tarth
Brienne of Tarth 답글 연결
This is so game of thrones ❤
Kratos Godofwar
Kratos Godofwar 답글 연결
ficou parecido com as músicas do nordeste.
fufundb 답글 연결
95Attentat 답글 연결
He wandered so fucking far that he landed on another planet...
Glenn Cuthbertson
Micheal fassbender
JSX 답글 연결
There was a Xenomorph, a very strange...
Lewis 답글 연결
Alien covenant yessssssss !
Meridian Hearts
Meridian Hearts 답글 연결
new to this artist but I love her rendition. heard it from aliens trailer. she is among my favorite covers
Charlotte 답글 연결
This is definitely my favorite version of this song- even better than Grace Slick and the Great Society's. She totally made it her own, and so hauntingly too.

Beth Johnston
Beth Johnston 답글 연결
This is by far my favourite cover of this song
MeiNightcore 답글 연결
Alien covenant =D
i can't stop listening to this song
MeiNightcore 답글
On my channel I have the Nightcore song =P
my new favorite song
Nicholas Nolan
Nicholas Nolan 답글 연결
I can see this on the next season of game of thrones
Fatima Idrees
Fatima Idrees 답글 연결
peter pan?
A. Cadena
A. Cadena 답글 연결
Am I going crazy or is the swing swinging on its own?? o.0
deathequals345 답글 연결
Nat King Cole legend
deathequals345 답글 연결
alien covenant
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 답글 연결
Nature boy should have watched his step off that ship.
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