I Don't Wanna 가사

Beck Bennett & Scarlett Johansson - I Don't Wanna
아티스트: Beck Bennett & Scarlett Johansson
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One, two One, two, three, four! I don't wanna talk to you (What did you say?) I don't wanna walk with you (Outta my way) I'm not gonna fight with ya (I don't wanna play) I don't need anyone else I live my life by myself I can't stand a thing that you say I'm not listening anyway! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! I don't need anyone else I live my life by myself Can't stand a thing that you say I'm not listening anyway! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey!

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ZachTractor 1
ZachTractor 1 답글 연결
Lance is a piece of shit, I just came here for Ash.
Frankie Juarez
Frankie Juarez 답글 연결
Me too 😄
Amiable Potato
Amiable Potato 답글 연결
Someone please point me to anyone that can hit that damn note cause holy mother of tits that's the golden note the gods have been looking for.
Kickwolf & Pvt. Wishbone
Anyone become furry after this movie
Sydney Sharman
Sydney Sharman 답글 연결
wow I like this song
bepis lo-fi
bepis lo-fi 답글 연결
next in on "people can sing you never would have thought"
Evryn Bradley
Evryn Bradley 답글 연결
Ok some times I like this
Evryn Bradley
Evryn Bradley 답글 연결
I hate this
Backwordz is better
Caitlin Lps
Caitlin Lps 답글 연결
omg good song im listening to this song EVERY FUCKING DAY
Princess Pinky
Princess Pinky 답글 연결
Tails Very Loud
ganondorfchampin 답글 연결
Real punk rock and an original song in a blockbuster?
WolfTale AzzyWolf
itsdomin 답글 연결
This movie kinda fuggin sucks but the music is good honestly I love this song
Yetlanezi Rodriguez Herrera
Esra bien chida
WolfGirl 3709
WolfGirl 3709 답글 연결
Aviannah Bloom LP
I wish they made a full like 2-3 minute version because I love this song
AnimalLover#1 AnimalLover#1
man. beck Bennet is awful no offense, it should've just been scarlet
Maryam Faraj
Maryam Faraj 답글 연결
What if they sang the full song if lance wasint an asshat
Wolfclan Warriors
Get dunked on Lance!!!
kynan satria
kynan satria 1 답글 연결
1:03 Lance's sound is disturbing me
Lu Silveira
Lu Silveira 답글
pfttt XD

Amy Rose
Amy Rose 1 답글 연결
Sounds like idina Mendel
Leigh Bennett
Leigh Bennett 답글 연결
1:05 this is the moment you waited for people
Jane Azzaro
Jane Azzaro 답글 연결
I ❤️ Ash
agenttheater5 답글 연결
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this song only sounded halfway decent because Ash was singing
jnfr 2c
jnfr 2c 답글 연결
That note was sooo good!
Julia Nerkowski Nerkowski
sing is my favorite movie
Bengo 2
Bengo 2 답글 연결
Awesome!!!!!!! i dot need anyone else! i live my life by myself
Amity 답글 연결
1:03 I just came for that
Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar 답글 연결
Is this from an actual real song?
Julia Nerkowski Nerkowski

lne.m 1 답글 연결
I honestly like lances lyrics better and his voice
not saying I don't like ash I have her as my header
I don't like hypocrites
Hope Swiftfire
Hope Swiftfire 답글
lne.m same
Puffin 답글
Yeah. I like it at 0:24 where Lance screams and it gets more fast paced.
XxDjDavidxX 1 답글 연결
Sing No. 2
TheSmileygirl90 답글 연결
That's my girl, Scarlett!!
Даня Глинка
have a full song ?
Lu Silveira
Lu Silveira 1 답글
This is the full song
Valentina 399
Valentina 399 답글 연결
S. Uni Cat
S. Uni Cat 답글 연결
this is one of my top 4 favorite songs
dinodisneylover1 답글 연결
Wow! Scarlett Johansson sure has talent. And I thought her version of 'Trust in me' was the only good thing.
Erick Craft
Erick Craft 답글 연결
I love ash she is so hot in real life
Erick Craft
Erick Craft 6 답글 연결
the girl is so hot
Erick Craft
Erick Craft 답글
i do
Sammy TapShoes
Sammy TapShoes 답글
Erick Craft you mean Ash? If you like her so much, you should know her name.
FruitSmoothie 2 답글 연결
OMG IM IN LOVE WIT DIS SONGG (and I neeeedd to watch da movie again!! its a brilliant movie!!!)