Highway to Hell 가사

AC/DC - Highway to Hell
아티스트: AC/DC
230,298,215 27,315 888,892 37,861 95.9%


Living easy, living free Season ticket on a one-way ride Asking nothing, leave me be Taking everything in my stride Don't need reason, don't need rhyme Ain't nothing I would rather do Going down, party time My friends are gonna be there too I'm on the highway to hell On the highway to hell Highway to hell I'm on the highway to hell No stop signs, speed limit Nobody's gonna slow me down Like a wheel, gonna spin it Nobody's gonna mess me around Hey Satan, paid my dues Playing in a rocking band Hey mama, look at me I'm on my way to the promised land, whoo! I'm on the highway to hell Highway to hell I'm on the highway to hell Highway to hell Don't stop me I'm on the highway to hell On the highway to hell I'm on the highway to hell On the highway Yeah, highway to hell I'm on the highway to hell Highway to hell Highway to hell And I'm going down All the way Whoa! I'm on the highway to hell

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jhenni pereira
jhenni pereira 답글 연결
Scott Ford
Scott Ford 답글 연결
Leman Karpuz
Leman Karpuz 답글 연결
2017 ?
bubuviolonista 3 답글 연결
2:19 Doutor Pirula ta como nesse Rock Pesadão
Mr . Luke
Mr . Luke 답글 연결
That's a lot of people
Team Shiven
Team Shiven 답글 연결
This is dope ....wow ...i am stunned by the crowd.....acdc forever
eddy Yorke
eddy Yorke 답글 연결
2:36 movimiento demoniaco detectado xD
Arnav Pant
Arnav Pant 답글 연결
I can play it again and again just to look at the crowd jumping in sync!
Luis Alveo
Luis Alveo 답글 연결
When the live sound better than studio
creeper gamer
creeper gamer 답글 연결
AC/DC - Highway to Hell (from Live at River Plate)
JungerGott 답글 연결
Danial Mubashar
Danial Mubashar 답글 연결
just look the ground breaking crowd holly mother of gospels
HaRRyTv 답글 연결
what a crowd!!!
long live to argentina from armenians ! :D
Rami Hasi
Rami Hasi 답글 연결
37k people must go to hell
SoraLovegood 답글 연결
Shlomo Silverstein
good goys
Janine Casas
Janine Casas 답글 연결
voilà un bon moyen de destresser
Frank Nederlof
Frank Nederlof 답글 연결
Krisztina Faragò

Robb V.
Robb V. 2 답글 연결
I believe this video is the most watched live performance of any singer/band, over 200 million, man, there aren't ever other live performances over 100 million except for TNT which is also from this band....Just goes to show the live power and talent AC/DC has.
Беликто Борбонов
русские здесь
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 답글 연결
These new bands will never get a crowd like this one! How I wish I was there to witness this history!
hearkevin 답글 연결
My fav song of all time. I made a cover of this on my page.
Boy School
Boy School 답글 연결
that's the way to rock........kool
Gema Pettinelli
Gema Pettinelli 1 답글 연결
tudo mais
the cookie king
the cookie king 답글 연결
i love it
the lord black
the lord black 답글 연결
best group ever
Slap-u-silly 1 답글 연결
That crowd is insane

Carson Purcell the awesome
The perfect song for school
Doc T'Soni
Doc T'Soni 답글 연결
I hate when the live performance sounds different from the record.. But balance and sound are spot on here. Awesome!
Jlouis Cutillas
Jlouis Cutillas 답글 연결
Nicolas Villanueva
viva argentina :v
Van Hanz
Van Hanz 1 답글 연결
holly molly....
Ciencia Para Todos
piel de gallina, escalofrios
diganle como quieran
yo le digo "sensacion de ver highway to hell en vivo en river plate"
Natalie Wesson
Natalie Wesson 2 답글 연결
earthquake 🤘💚
Sophia Jane
Sophia Jane 답글 연결
AC/DC sound better live than they do recorded 😁
Anaël Baril-Larochelle
this live is way better than the original song.
carlitos andrade
carlitos andrade 답글 연결