Don't Owe You a Thang 가사

Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You a Thang
아티스트: Gary Clark Jr.
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Well I ain't got no money. No fancy car. Ain't got no excuses baby. Hanging at the bar. I don't owe you a thing baby (x2) I don't owe you a thing (x2) Oh we ain't getting married. I ain't buying you no diamond ring. That's alright! Ain't got no credit. No fancy clothes. Ain't got no excuses baby, But a good man knows... I don't owe you a thing baby (x2) I don't owe you a thing (x2) Oh we ain't getting married. I ain't buying you no diamond ring. That's alright! This all you get now baby, this all you get. (x2) This all you get now mama, this all you get. Just me and this guitar baby, that's all you get. Well ain't got no apology, won't be no fairy tale. Ain't got no excuses baby. I'm doing my deal. I don't owe you a thing baby (x2) I don't owe you a thing (x2) Oh we ain't getting married. I ain't buying you no diamond ring. That's alright! Ain't got no money. Ain't got no car. Ain't got no excuses baby. I'm drinking at the bar. I don't owe you a thing mama, I don't owe you a thing. I don't owe you a thing baby, I don't owe you a thing. Well we ain't getting married. I ain't buying you no diamond ring. (x2) That's alright! (x2) Well we ain't getting married. I ain't buying you a diamond ring...

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Jerry Horton
Jerry Horton 답글 연결
Sorry, I just have to chime in here - I cannot believe the ignorant race comments given in this thread. Some of the comments are appropriate - i.e. why don't more people hear about great black artists like Gary Clark, Jr.? - but since when did exceptional music have a color at all? This isn't about ethnicity, it is about marvelous talent and sound which speaks to your soul. Those of you who choose to focus on race, either positively or negatively, are completely missing the point.
Alicia Chinellato
Très très jolie et bonne vibrations dans cette musique la guitare et juste sublime 😍
곽금성 답글 연결
싫어요 왜있는거임?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Strictly Underground Funk
stop the race bullshit, nobody gives a fuck really
Reaper817x 답글 연결
The thing that frustrates me the most about Gary Clark Jr is that he's from Austin and hardly anybody here knows who he is. He's a fantastic artist and deserves a lot more credibility and fame than he receives.
freuz11 답글 연결
copy of "devil in me" - 20 22 's , even the solo is the same, shame
freuz11 답글
same guitar effects.. ridiculous
Janilson Meireles
Im a bit lost in this sound from the heaven. Chuck, Hendrix, George, King...i feel you all here! Thanks God!!
Savoy W
Savoy W 답글 연결
Excellent. Who would thumb this down?
lachlan fountain
lachlan fountain 답글 연결
heard it on longmire first so grateful it introduced me to this talented guy
Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan 답글 연결
Has chops on his guitar, has the voice. The band is kick ass. He is not giving apologies, he's ready to roll.
Mike P
Mike P 답글 연결
This song is the tits.
Jim Sandford
Jim Sandford 답글 연결
You are amazing...love your shit man
Aaron Shadwell
Aaron Shadwell 답글 연결
beautiful track.
deaconx 1 답글 연결
You're the man, Gary. Keep on rockin'
Carole Tallerino
Carole Tallerino 1 답글 연결
Never stop rocking Gary!
luie hei
luie hei 답글 연결
This was really good.
Sir John McPoopington XVII Jr
Not a fan of comparisons of styles but I'd go with Muddy Waters with Royal Blood as a backing group
cee Wee
cee Wee 답글 연결
Note to self: Do not listen to this at work....
AGuyNamedJu 1 답글 연결
man... this guitar...
David Guez
David Guez 답글 연결
sorry guys , but his style , voice and guitar playing have nothing to do with Jimi Hendrix , completely different.

GediSpock 답글 연결
Tedeschi Trucks drummer?
john goldsworthy
john goldsworthy 답글 연결
I am fuckin dancing round the room some decent music at last
Crystal Kliegl
Crystal Kliegl 답글 연결
This guy made my day!
LifeIsGone 답글 연결
Need For Speed: The Run brought me here
susan layton
susan layton 답글 연결
its called The Blues!!! Some of Garys influences are Albert King -Muddy Waters BB KIng and the white boy with more soul them all of them put together stevie Ray Vaughn!! I could listen to him for hours!!! He was one of a kind.I think he started playing when he was 8 and he slept with his wife(his guitar) every nite,He was not frm this planet !! He was frm the Heavens where he is tda!!!!!
Georgia Rain
Georgia Rain 답글 연결
not a single thang ......love it
Derpy Pickle
Derpy Pickle 1 답글 연결
Raw! Pure! How could you not appreciate this? Gary Rocks!!
Randy Mann
Randy Mann 1 답글 연결
Robin Trower songs y'all should check out - Bridge of Sighs, Day of the Eagle, Too Rolling Stoned and Long Misty Days.
Dos anjos de britto
Poh que som mais foda !! 👏
camille avery
camille avery 답글 연결
Love his music my favorite is Bright Lights, keep playing and singing

G&K - ROBLOX 답글 연결
nfs the run stage 1
chad Michael
chad Michael 답글 연결
damn damn damn
Aurore 0
Aurore 0 답글 연결
Fucking great rock and roll ! <3
dexterita delph
dexterita delph 답글 연결
c'est la deuxiemes musiques que j'ai deja entendue dans la serie sons of anarchy et que j'adore !!! il est trés talentueux
Raymond Sheffield
I know what fine tunes will be coming out of my speakers now. I don't know if they can handle it. good lawd
lain 답글 연결
man all you people in the comments pointing out he's black are making me cringe. who gives a shit? you love this music. I love this music. just because he's black and most black people haven't heard of him doesn't mean shit. I'm white but I don't listen to country music because race has and should have nothing to do with personal taste in music. that's cultural, not racial.
lain 답글
then you've got people like Scott S who think you can compare Gary to Jimi Hendrix even though Jimi did a wide range of music whereas Gary sticks to this kind of music, meaning the only real connection you can make is skin color and that's not anywhere near a good enough reason to make a comparison between the two.
Prateek Poddar
Prateek Poddar 답글 연결
The love child of Junior Kimbrough and Jimi Hendrix.
TheKongus 답글 연결
Tom Waits somehow got me here. And, I'm ok with that!
iceonaboy 답글 연결
Who gives a fuck that he is black? Its just good music. Why can't people just appreciate music without going on about the ethnic roots of wherever it came from?
lester smith
lester smith 1 답글
here here WELL SAID
Fotini Kasapidis
Fotini Kasapidis 답글 연결
Love this. Thought he was a new artist as I only heard of him last night from the sound atrocious Grammys. Apparently he's been out for the last four-five or more years!! Wtf!?! He's awesome!