Justin Hurwitz - Epilogue
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Vu Lam Nguyen Tran
That last part of the song is the most heart breaking part I have ever hear!
ElectricLove - Movie Lover
This movie had a sadder ending than the Notebook
Amit Randhawa
Amit Randhawa 답글 연결
What are the instruments that play from 2:14 to 2:50 ?? I need more of this music
quesadillo 답글 연결
These last 7 minutes brought me more emotion than the rest of the movie tbh
SCHUJMAN (Jerónimo Salvatierra)
6:42 The Bolshoi-Sunday Morning intro
Ortober 답글 연결
1:16 - 2:48 I LOVE IT
Joy Arora
Joy Arora 답글 연결
Justin Hurwitz is GOD!!!!!!!!!
Kate Warga
Kate Warga 답글 연결
I think I cry a little every time it hits 4:33
waqar azeem
waqar azeem 답글 연결
the ending is beyond anything i could've imagined. alas! so heart breaking. fuck! it had me in tears. :(
Katie Corso
Katie Corso 1 답글 연결
Even though there were times were I zoned out I still loved 10/10 Must rewatch
Ayten Anil
Ayten Anil 답글 연결
muhteşem ötesi bir müzik
Not Your Crony
Not Your Crony 답글 연결
My main problem with this song in the scene is the torture it must've been for the audience in Seb's (who did not get the fun experience of watching the alternate ending) to see the proprietor, Seb himself, play the same little tune on the piano with his weak right hand for over 7 bloody minutes.
skuttytip 1 답글 연결
From the initial glances, it started for me as Sebastian look down at the keys. Man I couldn't hold back the tears. The epilogue in "LLL" set off just about every feeling I have in minutes. Sadly it took me to the "sound" of two glances that kind of rip your heart out. Justin Hurwitz is amazing.
Mastequila85 3 답글 연결
Ending Was Awsome......true life nature no sugar coating
Mario Almada
Mario Almada 2 답글 연결
I was crying a lot at this part
Mistrofelis 2 답글 연결
The ending to this movie was hard, it breaks the fucking heart man, rips it, and you know why? Cause it is real, this happens WAY too often. Anyway, just from listening to the starting piano notes, I start tearing up. Great movie
Will Fellows
Will Fellows 1 답글 연결
Knew it was Wayne Bergeron from that Super G at 4:29...he's the best trumpet player in the world right now
Fernanda Lye
Fernanda Lye 1 답글 연결
Natalia Aldana
Natalia Aldana 3 답글 연결
Best movie i've ever seen!! totally loved it!!
Harald Wartooth
Harald Wartooth 4 답글 연결
Best damn piece of music I've ever heard. Hands down. Absolutely beautiful, the music itself makes me cry every time I listen.

Ricku13 1 답글 연결
fukin biach got herself a new guy and a 2yrd old kid (meaning in 2yrs she married that lame shithead AAAAAND got pregnant). meaning she totally tossed that piano dude aside in just..weeel.....2 months?....FUCK THAT SHIT! BITCH! :'( i feel like they only fucked the ending so that it wouldnt be just another romance movie (btw the rest of it blew ass...only ryan goslings piano skillzzz ruled)
cirej25 2 답글 연결
I really love everything about this movie! It was masterfully done with amazing casts. Oh! Of course the soundtrack!!!!!!! Amazing songs!!! ❤️
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker 답글 연결
Am I the only one who didn't experience this film as a love story? O.O
I don't get all the people being sad about it.
Sam Lanza
Sam Lanza 2 답글
It would be a pretty dull film if you didn't experience (or get) the love story. It's really two stories entwined together:

(1) Dreamers achieving their dreams
(2) a Love Story

Both stories climax in a bittersweet ending. This epilogue you're listening to is essentially the fantasy version of their love story. That was the power of the film and what earned it rave reviews and 6 Oscar wins.
Catinka G
Catinka G 3 답글 연결
If only people would fall in love in such a beautiful way. Great movie!
ZReign 3 답글 연결
such a good piece. should've won best picture in my honest opinion. watched both moonlight and la la land multiple times each.
Logan Abaldo
Logan Abaldo 1 답글 연결
Didn't know the trumpet could hit that note
Connor Cormier
Connor Cormier 2 답글 연결
so beautiful the score is amazing
ephimer 2 답글 연결
To me, 4:48-5:29 is the most heart breaking part of this scene. It´s when her dream reaches such a desperate level of ilussion. I think the music here fits the emotional tone perfectly. This is it. It will never happen. It´s very surreal cause it´s so perfect to be true. Like you´d desperately wish to live in that moment forever. It´s haunting, nostalgic and tragic </3
Diego Hernan
Diego Hernan 답글 연결
At some point of this song, the Predator turned off his cloak device, and now being fully visible for the whole movie theater, he engaged his laser targeting vision and started to chop onions on the air with is high grade military super tech machine plasma gun.
There was no possible opposition for such devastating incursion.
Kyan Nezhad
Kyan Nezhad 1 답글 연결
I love drawing with this song playing

John Korbit
John Korbit 2 답글 연결
At 2:12 you're thrown back into the magical wonder of when they first were in love. It's beautiful beyond description.
wissem ferroudj
wissem ferroudj 1 답글 연결
if you pay enough attention to this song, you can feel that it sums up the relationship between the two characters, to the very last second. this song and La la land are two masterpieces
Greg White
Greg White 답글 연결
Check out this modern JAZZ song by Yosuke Onuma: "Summer Madness" !!
Princess Consuéla Bananahammock
I've been fighting with all my friends and I feel so lonely for so many weeks now :'(
The Infinity Boy and Girl
I'm not crying....totally not crying
Corner Entertainment, Bad
I think my favorite score is Moonlight, La La Land, and Swiss Army Man, this year!
Canal DMTV
Canal DMTV 답글 연결
Muito Bom <3
Maria Soares
Maria Soares 1 답글 연결
4:55 makes me tear up every time
Tatianna Hope
Tatianna Hope 1 답글 연결
This movie was one that I wanted to see so badly and when i finally got the chance, I was so excited. About half way through the film, while I still thought it was visually stunning, the story didn't feel all to strong and I was worried that the movie wasn't going to live up to the hype. The ending made this movie for me. It tied everything together. I legit sat in my car after the movie for 10min just thinking about it and cried. Such a masterpiece.
lucariodiez 2 답글 연결
the more I watched this movie the more I love it...
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