Justin Hurwitz - Epilogue
아티스트: Justin Hurwitz
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Theavengersoffical 1 답글 연결
Hey, guys check out the short version of this epilogue which i edited i reckon its way better let me know your thoughts guys!
CAT 답글 연결
Esteban Hurtado
Esteban Hurtado 답글 연결
Yeah this movie was definitely 4stars but Idc what people say but the ending sucked.
Blue Belle
Blue Belle 답글 연결
Ulises Planta Ganadora
Alguien mas abla español
Daniel Jacques
Daniel Jacques 1 답글 연결
When he plays the last note and everyone starts to applaud except for her. The way Sebastian's playing froze her it was almost as if she could see the alternate reality as well. I will always love this movie. I always find myself listening to his song over and over.
Sofini 1 답글 연결
My only regret is that I didn't see this in theaters
YE kiprilovi
YE kiprilovi 답글 연결
This is such a beautiful piece o of music, and the movie so colorful and beautifu., The story not the sugary love story ( but close to life situations). I have not seen such a beautiful movie for many years. Thank you for the movie and the music, Hollywood!
godloveshere 1 답글 연결
This is simply OUTSTANDING!
Annie Apples
Annie Apples 답글 연결
My ex boyfriend and I watched this movie on his birthday a month before we broke up.
I told him I didn't like the ending because they didn't end up together. It was also the last movie we watched together. Listening to this soundtrack does not only make me remember this movie but also reminiscent our past memories.
#5F0202Fascist #5F0202FKi113r
Favorite part is 4:20
Peter Regan
Peter Regan 1 답글 연결
I haven't seen Moonlight yet, and I have an open mind. But that movie better be the best thing I've ever seen.
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 답글 연결
Emma stone
Fernando Baldomero
I miss my ex & cry everynight for her ☹💔
Sunsoakedbean 답글 연결
6:35 broke my heart
Jonathan lopez
Jonathan lopez 답글 연결
amazing movie
Alec Munro
Alec Munro 답글 연결
Thank you Justin Horowitz for composing 2 of the greatest soundtracks EVER
the GRAND Hoy
the GRAND Hoy 1 답글 연결
is it just me or does 4:54 sound like a Danny Elfman score
Becca Peyton
Becca Peyton 답글 연결
the dream scene made my heart break
Jane Wan
Jane Wan 답글 연결
https://musescore.com/user/6539901/scores/4329596 this is the exact music sheet for this. you're welcome

Miss Melody
Miss Melody 답글 연결
This epilogue track gets to me every time!
Jimmy Yim
Jimmy Yim 답글 연결
Why is this video not available on smartphone/tablet, but available on pc?
Luke 1 답글 연결
Cried like a bitch.
채훈 답글 연결
정말 내생에 이런영화를 보게해준 감독과 작가에게 감사하며 이런영화를 또 볼수 있을까?
Llorenç Barber
Llorenç Barber 1 답글 연결
I love this. Wonderful music
Maor Hazon
Maor Hazon 답글 연결
This is what I want to be played at my funeral!
Good Luck Stefano
Totally amazing and moving! Great great movie!
GGTeMpLaR 1 답글 연결
stupid fucking movie made me cry my eyes out
Victoria Heric
Victoria Heric 1 답글 연결
i want this song at my wedding
Marc M. Atasoy
Marc M. Atasoy 답글 연결
God, the epilogue was just something else, and hit me right in the feels.. Excellent movie!

I hate how she didn't say anything to him at the end. He helped her go big and she didn't even thank him
I think he understands that she's very thankful. He's also thankful for not giving up his dreams because of her, otherwise he would still be in that band that he didn't enjoy
Michael Alexander
Caroline Kelley
Caroline Kelley 답글 연결
Never have I felt more DEFEATED as a musician.This score is pure magic. I love this one especially because of all the emotion it conveys throughout. Truly a magnificent piece of art.
KBug Bugs
KBug Bugs 답글 연결
Wait, where is the secret ninja chopping onions!
sand man
sand man 1 답글 연결
This was the only fucking film wich make me cry
Paulo André
Paulo André 답글 연결
Love this.
Naxlog 답글 연결
New 2016 classic music
Your Local Pug Dealer
I have a hate love relationship with this movie because it's sO FUCKING GOOD BUT SO SAD IT JUST SCREWED MY FEELINGS IN THE ASS SMH
zoie faith
zoie faith 답글 연결
i had this tune stuck in my head earlier and i found what it was Yes
Moon Noivern
Moon Noivern 답글 연결
We were listening to this soundtrack on the way home from a friend's house and this song was on and it was dark and raining and I was thinking about some depressing crap aND THEN THE ENDING PART WITH THE SLOW PIANO STARTED AND IT TORE ME APART AND Y'ALL DO NOT KNOW HOW HARD I WAS TRYING NOT TO CRY BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT MY MOM TO THINK ANYTHING WAS WRONG AND IT WAS P A I N F U L