Justin Hurwitz - Epilogue
아티스트: Justin Hurwitz
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Miranda Genter
Miranda Genter 답글 연결
Well somebody's cutting onions again
Martel Zaldivar
Martel Zaldivar 답글 연결
I love this movie...its such a different perspective and how it is created and camera work still amazes me...it is brilliant..forever will be one of my favorite movies...it is just so dreamy and doesn’t have the end you think it would..still in love😍
Kyra Loyd
Kyra Loyd 답글 연결
hello person randomly scrolling down the comments...remember your amazing
Hannah Love
Hannah Love 답글 연결
At 5:50 does anyone know what song kinda sounds like that ???!?!?
Brae Cole
Brae Cole 답글 연결
im not crying your crying
moes 답글 연결
4:55 G O O S E B U M P S
Every girl I talk to about this movie hates the ending, while every guy (including myself) I talk to about this movie loves the ending. Why?
NoneOf YoBusiness
Best music for an epilogue

Also, I can’t help but just melt at that trumpet solo. Anyone else?
Kathleen Vo
Kathleen Vo 1 답글 연결
Love doesn't need a happy ending it has one built in no matter what happens ;)
Madelyn Klein
Madelyn Klein 답글 연결
I can play this on piano. 🙋🏽
Tom Hardison
Tom Hardison 답글 연결
The way the piano sounds like it's rewinding time, I swear, it's the most beautiful damn sound.
Matthew​ Quiton
2:50 Who else felt like there should be ice-skating here?
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 답글 연결
This gives a thousand feels.
highrollerlion 답글 연결
I took my ex girlfriend to this movie this year I had to leave on a job for 3 months and we drifted apart. Guess it foreshadowed our relationship she’s in college and I’m moving forward in my career
황성현 답글 연결
Tona3000 답글 연결
Fuck you Oscars!
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez 답글 연결
🏅🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎷🎹🎺🎻🎵🎵🎵🎵🎥 Beautiful 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez 답글
Justin Hurwitz , my respects , I bow down to you.
Tona3000 답글 연결
You are never the same after losing the one. But you have to find a way to move on and live.
jabba lamma
jabba lamma 답글 연결
Just love the tune of the song at 5:45. Being a dancer and listen to that part gives me huge love and passion to dance to it❤
Aman Verasia
Aman Verasia 답글 연결
Am I the only one who's gonna talk about the epic music build up at 2:14 ?

mrtom8097 답글 연결
I'm not crying, you're crying !
nguyen ngoc liem
nguyen ngoc liem 답글 연결
The ending hit me like a train.
Sweaty Everthing Main
I came for that trumpet solo. Mmmmmmm
king__ city
king__ city 답글 연결
at minute 6:35 is so sad;;
king__ city
king__ city 답글 연결
love it.♡
weirdo 답글 연결
4:54 ....💙
DJM3Z 답글 연결
This by far my favorite non horror or sci-fi movie, i'm a horror an sci-fi movie junkie. This filmis brilliant, just amazing.
Ye Hang Yeo
Ye Hang Yeo 답글 연결
This movie is a cinematic breakthrough
Fabiola Maldonado
Alex Brush
Alex Brush 답글 연결
why am i crying

Ian Ng
Ian Ng 답글 연결
Who else is here because Gautier Fayolle?
C K 답글
RORIII 답글 연결
I look this up for the sole purpose of crying
C K 답글
I love you <3
Will Hoffman
Will Hoffman 1 답글 연결
The ending of the song is what makes the scene so great. Listen to the last 20 seconds. It shows exactly what happens without pictures. All you want is for that last key to be pressed, the last chord to be played. It leaves a feeling of unsettling and uncomfortableness. Which leads straight to the where it leaves you on the same place. You just want the two to get back together, have their own kids. Again leaving unsettled feelings and insecurity. The composer and director knew exactly what they were doing with this one.
Chixhip 12
Chixhip 12 답글 연결
This song makes me want to cry. Especially when it reaches City of Stars.
Jessica sycles
Jessica sycles 답글 연결
JTH Studios
JTH Studios 답글 연결
This ending had some great moments, but in my opinion it went on for far too long. I think the flashback should have been just a minute or two, as to me the strongest part of the ending was the final interaction between the leads.
퀴즈제왕 답글 연결
퀴즈제왕 답글 연결
퀴즈제왕 답글 연결
노래가 엄~청 죠아용^^
Louise GaryAVBl
Louise GaryAVBl 답글 연결
This movie took so much from Jacques Demy movies and Michel Legrand music. This ending really reminds me of the ending of Les parapluies de Cherbourg !