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Emma Stone - Someone in the Crowd
아티스트: Emma Stone
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[Tracy] You got the invitation [Alexis] You got the right address [Tracy] You need some medication? [Caitlin] The answer's always yes [Tracy] A little chance encounter Could be the one you've waited for [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] Just squeeze a bit more [Alexis] Tonight we're on a mission Tonight's the casting call [Caitlin] If this is the real audition [Mia] Oh, God, help us all [Tracy] You make the right impression Then ev'rybody knows your name [Alexis & Caitlin] We're in the fast lane [Alexis] Someone in the crowd Could be the one you need to know The one to fin'lly lift you off the ground [Tracy] Someone in the crowd could Take you where you wanna go If you're the someone ready to be found [Alexis] The someone ready to be found [Caitlin & Tracy] Do what you need to do 'Til they discover you [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] And make you more than who You're seeing now So with the stars aligned [Mia] I think I'll stay behind [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] You've got to go and find [Caitlin] That someone in the crowd [All] That someone in the crowd [Mia] Is someone in the crowd the only thing you really see? Watching while the world keeps spinning 'round? Somewhere there's a place where I find who I'm gonna be A somewhere that's just waiting to be found [All] Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know The someone who could lift you off the ground Someone in the crowd could take you where you wanna go Someone in the crowd could make you Someone in the crowd could take you Flying off the ground If you're someone ready to be found

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Best Scenes From La La Land in my channel :D
amalhopespeace 답글 연결
just waawww love it !!
Nadine Jon Kavanaugh
background music score is so great to work to!!! Love it!
Python the Snake
Python the Snake 답글 연결
People either love 1:27 or 3:06.

I adore the entire thing.
I love that instrumental break so much haha. Such a beautiful movie and soundtrack :D
Juan  Soriano
Juan Soriano 답글 연결
The instrumental part is imposible forget...
Duriana 답글 연결
"That someone who could lift you off the ground" AND "someone in the crowd will take you flying off the ground" FRIGGIN SEBASTION LITTERALY FLEW OFF THE GROUND WITH MIA
Lord Cthulhu
Lord Cthulhu 답글 연결
David Firecrash
David Firecrash 답글 연결
Best song !!
Freddy Scoggan
Freddy Scoggan 답글 연결
The song is so CATCHY! Favorite favorite part of the song starts from 2:26-4:17 <333 such a soothing voice and then the bass drum gets quicker and boom it's all jumpy and happy :0!!!!
1stTheEditor 답글 연결
What is the part called from 3:03 to 3:45? Is there like a specific name for that, or song of just that? Cause I love that part so much, and wish there was a song sort of revolving around just that.
Diamond Lee
Diamond Lee 답글 연결
Katie Smith
Katie Smith 답글 연결
I love the move but I hate the ending
Queen Violet
Queen Violet 답글 연결
Nice video!
Arabu Sanchuchuchez
1:30 holy cheese, I got chill on the spine
benjmin54321 답글 연결
I love this movie!
Alicracker13 답글 연결
This video has 5.3 k views and I realize about half of them are from me
phasakorn meechai
i love it
Sammy De Verteuil
0:47 is when I fell in love
Cis Canon
Cis Canon 답글 연결
why does the indian music always turns on in the advertisement ???

fnln6050 답글 연결
Tana Bach,
How did you deal with LIONSGATE Copyright? I'm trying to use the same audio in my slide show, but Youtube blocked it because of the LIONSGATE's claim. Thanks!
Maddy 025
Maddy 025 1 답글 연결
the ending of this movie depressed me so much. i shipped Mia and Sebastian so much.
Tony M
Tony M 1 답글 연결
I can't stop coming back to this, I love it
GameBulls 답글 연결
''oh god help us all'' super wonderfull :)
Ava Caldiran
Ava Caldiran 답글 연결
I love in the movie where it slows down and then starts to get faster and then a great ending!
Ava Caldiran
Ava Caldiran 답글 연결
Every time I listen to this song, I love the movie so much more
I love the chord progression of this piece so much tbh
jalil boudjourfa
jalil boudjourfa 답글 연결
The instrumental part is Awesooooome !!
Kim Wing
Kim Wing 답글 연결
This is my favorite song in the soundtrack. 0:30 is my favorite part
Chris Baier
Chris Baier 답글 연결
To make need to do --- is actually --- Do what you need to do**

NN OO 답글 연결

vbgggfff 답글 연결
Nominating Audition and City of Stars over Another Day in the Sun and Someone in the Crowd is
BULLSHIT in my opinion but what is important that La La Land won the musical awards.
Brian Paterson
Brian Paterson 1 답글 연결
This and Audition are the two best vocal tracks. Epilogue is a brilliant instrumental.
Say Rocha
Say Rocha 답글 연결
can you do lether of lovely night song
Rafał Janiszewski
Ok. Srsly.
Am i the only one who thinks that this song is about introvert who wants to stay home but her friends want her to go to the party?
So she goes. But then there is all that music, and loud people, and alcohol and all other stuff and sound that make her feel overloaded with EVERYTHING (that building up instrumental), but then she gets that few second of bilsfull silence, when she can relax.
When she gets that its too much for her and decides to go home, but to do that she has to get through that party again.
Will Hawk - Rocket League
1:29 is my fav part and fav part of the movie in the scene where they play this song ❤️
nrmora 답글 연결
The last portion is such a showstopper! Just makes me want get up and dance. I could listen to it over and over...
shengke lim
shengke lim 답글 연결
When the beat drops I'm like:
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡*)
( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡*)
( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡*)I'm the governor
Jean hay
Jean hay 답글 연결
not available for mobile phone
Abril Queiruga
Abril Queiruga 답글 연결
Wishing that one day I will be that someone in the crowd... thanks la la land!!!
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