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Emma Stone - Someone in the Crowd
아티스트: Emma Stone
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[Tracy] You got the invitation [Alexis] You got the right address [Tracy] You need some medication? [Caitlin] The answer's always yes [Tracy] A little chance encounter Could be the one you've waited for [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] Just squeeze a bit more [Alexis] Tonight we're on a mission Tonight's the casting call [Caitlin] If this is the real audition [Mia] Oh, God, help us all [Tracy] You make the right impression Then ev'rybody knows your name [Alexis & Caitlin] We're in the fast lane [Alexis] Someone in the crowd Could be the one you need to know The one to fin'lly lift you off the ground [Tracy] Someone in the crowd could Take you where you wanna go If you're the someone ready to be found [Alexis] The someone ready to be found [Caitlin & Tracy] Do what you need to do 'Til they discover you [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] And make you more than who You're seeing now So with the stars aligned [Mia] I think I'll stay behind [Alexis, Caitlin & Tracy] You've got to go and find [Caitlin] That someone in the crowd [All] That someone in the crowd [Mia] Is someone in the crowd the only thing you really see? Watching while the world keeps spinning 'round? Somewhere there's a place where I find who I'm gonna be A somewhere that's just waiting to be found [All] Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know The someone who could lift you off the ground Someone in the crowd could take you where you wanna go Someone in the crowd could make you Someone in the crowd could take you Flying off the ground If you're someone ready to be found

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Gabriella ______
Gabriella ______ 답글 연결
Such a coincidence! I just had a Lala land DVD commercial on before the video started
Xiamer 답글 연결
Commercial for La-La Land on this. And it's the one featuring this song.
Nicholas Flanders
At around the one minute mark with the instrumental break I love the hi hat and bass together it sounds kind of jazzy and smooth I love it
Jessica Stutman
Jessica Stutman 답글 연결
my very part was from 0:00 to 4:20
Thomas Lorentzen
Thomas Lorentzen 답글 연결
Despite how popular this film has become to hate on, I absolutely loved it. This song brings me pure joy like few other things do, especially from 3:46 onwards
Alice Santos
Alice Santos 답글 연결
This song suits Viktor and Yuri so much. (≧◡≦)
liz c
liz c 1 답글 연결
This song motivates me 👍🏻
Troy Nguyen
Troy Nguyen 답글 연결
Jaiden 답글 연결
So there was an add for Lala Land right as I opened the video. Crazy coincidences.
Bhupen Mandal
Bhupen Mandal 답글 연결
the instrumental part is so awesome!
Troy Nguyen
Troy Nguyen 답글 연결
Alex Breedlove
Alex Breedlove 답글 연결
i once rubbed nacho cheese on my nipples
arthrit 답글 연결
it's funny, cause at her one woman show, it was someone in the crowd that gave her an opportunity to be in her first movie
i lke this movie but i cry when i lisening why the final part of the movie..😢😭💔💑
eastaura 답글 연결
god i love it so much i have no words to impress myseeeelf
Joe Villaros
Joe Villaros 답글 연결
To be honest this song, I believe (and with reading lots of other people's comments) that this song truly is the heart of La La Land over City of Stars.

So much of the movie had to do with an actual "someone in the crowd". Mia met Sebastian at a party as someone in the crowd and even before that in their traffic encounter. Later on during Sebastian's show with Jon Legend Mia returned from being someone special to him to moving back to being someone in the crowd (foreshadowing their hard times on their relationship later). Mia's chance at getting another audition was because of someone in the crowd at her one woman show. And in the end she became, after visiting Sebs, just someone in the crowd to Sebastian before their nod and their taking leave from one another's lives.

Truly an amazing song. Still playing it almost everyday after seeing this movie.
Luca Peyrefitte
Luca Peyrefitte 답글
Joe Villaros the ending made me cry and i wish they did stay together
Alison Fuller
Alison Fuller 1 답글 연결
Why can't life just be like Lala Land?
박사유일한 답글 연결
sound of heaven~
Rita Moskalensky
Rita Moskalensky 답글 연결
I think this song has power....
Reino Bualat
Reino Bualat 1 답글 연결
I love the instrumental break

[CM2G]-2016 Claire FLAMAND
at 1 minute its not " so let the stars align" bu " when the stars align"
Hardcore Tøp Fan
i haven't seen La La Land but i'm so obsessed with the idea and soundtrack
alpaca plays
alpaca plays 답글 연결
La La Land - Someone in the Crowd - Lyrics
alpaca plays
alpaca plays 답글
patriece jenkins
patriece jenkins 답글 연결
I kind of like this song but my sis said it was a sad movie I agree but good
amalhopespeace 답글 연결
just waawww love it !!
Nadine Jon Kavanaugh
background music score is so great to work to!!! Love it!
Python the Snake
Python the Snake 답글 연결
People either love 1:27 or 3:06.

I adore the entire thing.
I love that instrumental break so much haha. Such a beautiful movie and soundtrack :D
Juan  Soriano
Juan Soriano 답글 연결
The instrumental part is imposible forget...

Duriana 답글 연결
"That someone who could lift you off the ground" AND "someone in the crowd will take you flying off the ground" FRIGGIN SEBASTION LITTERALY FLEW OFF THE GROUND WITH MIA
Lord Cthulhu
Lord Cthulhu 답글 연결
David Firecrash
David Firecrash 답글 연결
Best song !!
Freddy Scoggan
Freddy Scoggan 답글 연결
The song is so CATCHY! Favorite favorite part of the song starts from 2:26-4:17 <333 such a soothing voice and then the bass drum gets quicker and boom it's all jumpy and happy :0!!!!
1stTheEditor 답글 연결
What is the part called from 3:03 to 3:45? Is there like a specific name for that, or song of just that? Cause I love that part so much, and wish there was a song sort of revolving around just that.
Diamond Lee
Diamond Lee 답글 연결
Katie Smith
Katie Smith 답글 연결
I love the move but I hate the ending
Queen Violet
Queen Violet 답글 연결
Nice video!
Arabu Sanchuchuchez
1:30 holy cheese, I got chill on the spine
benjmin54321 답글 연결
I love this movie!
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