Audition (The Fools Who Dream) 가사

Emma Stone - Audition (The Fools Who Dream)
아티스트: Emma Stone
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[Intro: Mia, spoken] My aunt used to live in Paris. I remember, she used to come home and tell us these stories about being abroad and I remember she told us that she jumped into the river once, barefoot. She smiled... [Verse 1: Mia, sung] Leapt, without looking And tumbled into the Seine The water was freezing She spent a month sneezing But said she would do it again [Chorus 1] Here's to the ones who dream Foolish as they may seem Here's to the hearts that ache Here's to the mess we make [Verse 2] She captured a feeling Sky with no ceiling The sunset inside a frame She lived in her liquor And died with a flicker I'll always remember the flame [Chorus 1] Here's to the ones who dream Foolish as they may seem Here's to the hearts that ache Here's to the mess we make [Bridge] She told me: "A bit of madness is key To give us new colors to see Who knows where it will lead us? And that's why they need us" So bring on the rebels The ripples from pebbles The painters, and poets, and plays [Chorus 2] And here's to the fools who dream Crazy as they may seem Here's to the hearts that break Here's to the mess we make [Outro] I trace it all back to then Her, and the snow, and the Seine Smiling through it She said she'd do it again

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Сергей Соколов
josbird 답글 연결
this movie had a few issues (not that it was bad) but god damn the music was good and this song is fucking amazing
Thomas Gesbert
Thomas Gesbert 답글 연결
Guys I ain't saying this because I'm French but tumbling into the Seine is more important than the sand because it is here as a metaphor or a zeugma ( but i might be wrong ^^'' ). Anyway I think it refers to tumbling into the 'scene' which is even more beautiful when you understand it. Makes it even more powerful when it's well written cause it explains the character
Crystal Joy
Crystal Joy 답글 연결
I can't listen to this song without crying.
Lornia Novus
Lornia Novus 답글 연결
Hmm I like Lin Manuel Miranda's How far I'll go, but this is also pretty good. Oscars would be a hard choice for me.
Marylynn Pollard
Marylynn Pollard 답글 연결
Honestly, I feel like Emma Stone CAN sing. Of course, she's not the best singer ever, but never did she claim to be or try to act like she was in this movie. She has a soft, sweet voice. Although it's not powerful or super technical and controlled, she can still carry out a tune. The most important part is you can feel the emotion behind the lyrics when she sings and that is what makes her voice so beautiful.
twistedtick 답글 연결
manly crying intensifies
amandaLiu66 답글 연결
....this reminds me of Rainbow Connection...
Eyesso 답글 연결
FYI, it's "...tumbled into the Seine" (not sand). The Seine is the river that runs through Paris, the one that she jumped into, once, barefoot...
Brock White
Brock White 답글 연결
Such a sweet song in the best movie in many years!
Amy Castro
Amy Castro 답글 연결
I cried when I saw it in the theater. Now, I'm crying again. It's so beautiful and heartbreaking. La La Land, best movie I've ever seen 😍❤
Bianca Alderotti
Bianca Alderotti 답글 연결
Can't stop listening to it actually
sivad parks
sivad parks 답글 연결
Seine!!! As in the river! By writing Sand, the entire song doesn't make any sense.
Joshua Escobar
Joshua Escobar 답글 연결
I am so looking forward to her singing this at the oscars
Le Anh Quoc
Le Anh Quoc 답글 연결
This scene makes me cry so damn hard, it's like it speaks to my heart, really. Love the movie
Henna Canaday
Henna Canaday 답글 연결
I was humming and singing along the song not crying
Petal2604 1 답글 연결
This is the most beautiful piece of art I've ever heard ;o;.
Kary Stowe
Kary Stowe 답글 연결
Sooooo beautiful... my anthem... "here's to the mess we make" "a bit of madness is key" "that's why they need us" OMG.... i think i was the only one in the theater crying my eyes out... can't stop listening to it!!!
paula salinas
paula salinas 1 답글 연결
Thought the movie was overrated for some silly reason, but when I watched it, it touched my heart. It's a really great movie, that I recommend to everyone, especially to everyone out there who has been misunderstood or underestimated because of their dreams and/or goals. Here's to the fools who dream!
Ruby Sunrise
Ruby Sunrise 답글 연결
Such a great song. It sort of made me cry

Federico Presti
Federico Presti 답글 연결
This is fantastic, I choked up during this part...
marc giraud
marc giraud 답글 연결
Not better since west side story...really
Wing Chi Chan
Wing Chi Chan 1 답글 연결
I love this movie. Emma stone is amazing in her acting and I think she has a great chance of winning Oscar this year. But still, I can't deny the fact that her voice is not good enough for musicals.
lol you thought
lol you thought 답글 연결
Reminds me of rainbow connection!!!
mr.pizza guy52
mr.pizza guy52 답글 연결
oh my goodness i cried so hard during this scene
AangelKataang 답글 연결
This was the most beautiful scene in the movie, I realized I was crying when it ended, and boy, they were the most satisfying tears I've shed.
Hai Ly Hoang
Hai Ly Hoang 답글 연결
excuse me i want to know what kind is this music called? i love these
ginonovanta 답글 연결
do someone know if the movie was sung live or pre-recorded?
Joseph Silva
Joseph Silva 답글
ginonovanta she sang it live. She was told to start singing when it felt natural. Just Hurtwitz had to be ready to play the piano at a moments notice
Tweedlebean 답글
Pre-recorded. Nearly all movie musicals are and for good reason.
fancoy 답글 연결
So many weeks later and it still moves me so deep... What is the magic/spell in this song?
Such an inspired work of art.
Rebekah Fowler
Rebekah Fowler 답글 연결
Does anyone know what the highest belted note in this is?
Rebekah Fowler
Rebekah Fowler 답글
Tweedlebean 답글
From a quick scan of the sheet music looks like it's only a B flat

Nilas Flowers
Nilas Flowers 1 답글 연결
who else skipped until 0:30?
catfriend1776 답글 연결
I may be wrong (like I was when that horrid song from Skyfall beat out the new one in Les Miz), but I think this is the one that will take home the Oscar.
Lynda Cassidy
Lynda Cassidy 답글 연결
this movie made me craft...
DistrictDemigods 답글 연결
Am I the only one who gets a bit of a Les Miserables vibe from this?
AvaTheBear 답글 연결
I can't be the only one thinking about their OTP right now. Come on.

Peter Brown
Peter Brown 6 답글 연결
It's so weird to imagine that this could have been Emma Watson singing
Belly button
Belly button 5 답글 연결
I read an article about how emma isn't the best singer but come on🙄 she's an actress! I liked how raw and natural her voice was and the emotions were delivered phenomenally. Just loved it❣️
Rosy Aquino
Rosy Aquino 답글 연결
Emma Stone wow woww woooooowww 💜😍
More..... painters and poets and plays.
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