Knockin' on Heaven's Door 가사

Blakwall - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
아티스트: Blakwall
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Mama take this badge from me I can't use it anymore It's gettin' dark, too dark to see Feels like I'm knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Mama put my guns in the ground I can't shoot them anymore That cold black cloud is comin' down Feels like I'm knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door

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Natasa Fidersek
Natasa Fidersek 답글 연결
what a song-love it
Daniel Petrus
Daniel Petrus 답글 연결
Awesome Cover!!!!
darkgate33 1 답글 연결
This song will be perfect for Suits series
varlam Gurgenidze
Finallyy I'vee foooound hd Hell or High Water moviee heereee => https://twitter.com/6bab242ee515c0b7b/status/822752711812616192
MrMichaelXX 답글 연결
God damn that climax!
Hey guys, just to let you know that the band´s facebook link in the description of the video takes you to a metal band from Switzerland called Blackwall. This is the correct link: https://www.facebook.com/Blakwall-1095752907151848/
Burt Cassell
Burt Cassell 답글 연결
Jesus brought me here. 😇
nelia931 답글 연결
I wish the whole song was like the first 40 seconds, the beginning always makes me cry. So beautiful.
farhand abu
farhand abu 답글 연결
hey elsa?
oldmoviemusic 답글 연결
any other songs like this? recommendations, anyone?
West Coast
West Coast 답글 연결
"That makes ME a Comanche"
Jindra Fenig
Jindra Fenig 답글 연결
anyone knows where to download this version?
Maria Gabriela Goñi
Incredible cover. congrats
Nixon Hendrix
Nixon Hendrix 2 답글 연결
supernatural should use this
kyriakos kyriakou
kyriakos kyriakou 2 답글 연결
my god that cover is so amazing thumbs up!!
Alex Koch
Alex Koch 답글 연결
Would Match perfectly to Sons of anarchy
iggnasio 1 답글 연결
Its not in the movie only trailer.
Sabra Shirley
Sabra Shirley 1 답글 연결
René Nozon
René Nozon 1 답글 연결
1:08 got me so hard

Italiamerican 3 답글 연결
Dat organ tho
Diego Fernando Devia Barrios
DWSimmy 8 답글 연결
This is a damn good cover.
OrphydianMusic 답글 연결
does  anybody knows the name of  the song that playing on sheriff car radio song juts before they go in the final chase around 1:10:20
Perák Gábor
Perák Gábor 답글
OrphydianMusic check IMDB. You have to find it there
Lick mychin
Lick mychin 4 답글 연결
This Movie I feel is going to be a subtle remake of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973 Western where the Original 'Knockin on Heaven's Door' by Bob Dylan debuted when he wrote it for this movie in reference to Garrets life as a Sheriff). Garret was the aging sheriff (played by Jeff Bridges here) who killed Billy the Kid (who I loosely associate with Chris Pine - since he looks mature but has a younger face. Good casting). Hope you enjoyed the mini History lesson. Rock on!
allaeddine aiche
allaeddine aiche 3 답글 연결
Hell or High Water movie got me here
Eric Foreal
Eric Foreal 1 답글 연결
The movie Hell or High Water is an amazing Movie based out of Texas where I'm from and this song sets the tone for the film
Thomas Nagel
Thomas Nagel 1 답글 연결
its next to " Guns n Roses " and " Selig " - the best version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Bernd Hajdinjak
Bernd Hajdinjak 답글
Ja Selig. Wie die Zeit vergeht. Du warst noch nie am Meer? Till zu Jan. DieseVersion hier ist naja mau.
mike mesteller
mike mesteller 3 답글 연결
great cover. Did it justice
gina davis
gina davis 답글 연결
Che bella cover!!!

Neesaun Naveed
Neesaun Naveed 2 답글 연결
who what brought anyone here? it's good music...let's just enjoy it!
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 2 답글 연결
Ben Foster brought me here...
Law Abiding Citizen
Law Abiding Citizen 1 답글 연결
The Movie Is Going To Go Hard. Anybody Know The Release Date?
Fat Freddy
Fat Freddy 답글
Yiffy is.....most definitely....with ooot doubt.....thee man :)
saddam sarwar
saddam sarwar 1 답글
just saw it today , a really beautiful movie, download from YTS Yiffy torrents
mynameisvampka 답글
out on DVD on november 22. the premier was in august.
TheTrekkie42 2 답글 연결
Best damn movie of the year.
Frank Preston
Frank Preston 답글
TheTrekkie42 debatable but it's up there
Anchal Kumar
Anchal Kumar 19 답글 연결
I am here due to hell or high water.
Gunn3r 답글
In germany it's available on 12th january 2k17... even if it's only 2 weeks I think i'll watch the english version cuz i can't wait
Anchal Kumar
Anchal Kumar 1 답글
sunny rajusth buddy Hell or high water is one of the greatest film I have ever seen in history of cinema,I mean I kept asking myself many questions about movie day after day,it is kinda haunting experience I have been through,what a financial crisis could do In an country you could see that,powerful execution by David mccanzie,they put all their ideologies in front of the audience idiosyncrasies and asked many questionsand performance was magnificent too by all foster,Jeff,pine.In our country the main problems with our directors,they don't have any particular thingto do with movies,they just copied and made.Period.They can only depict shitty romantic movies,but it is only the one side of coin,audiences are also responsible for watching these type of movies,only boycotting is the simplest way to escape from this petty thing.Hell or high water is a powerful tale of conscience, captlisim ,banking collaterization,and lastly love(depict between foster and pine).I am sure the movie would consider by academy this year.
sunny rajusth
sunny rajusth 1 답글
super movie...alwaz wanted to be a cowboy....y don't they make such movies in india...
Carolin Bürger
Carolin Bürger 2 답글 연결
i like this song
wackywriter15 답글 연결
I feel like this would fuck up the walking dead fans if they played this when Negan's beating the holy hell outta our peep
Боднарь Виктор erg738
Yоu сan wааааtсh Hell or High Watеr here https://twitter.com/eb7448fb4f447a1cc/status/781149053488738304 Blakwall - Кnoоoockin' On Heaven's Doоoоor (Hеll оr High Wаtеr TТTTraileeеer Мusic)
L. Sylvie
L. Sylvie 1 답글 연결
magique ;)
Rush Bills
Rush Bills 1 답글 연결
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