Do You Realize?? Redux 가사

Ursine Vulpine - Do You Realize?? Redux
아티스트: Ursine Vulpine
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Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face? Do you realize we're floating in space? Do you realize that happiness makes you cry? Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die? Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?

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keşfetme canavarı
transformers 5
dangerpanda gaming
optimimus is nemesis prime in movie
nownthen vintage
nownthen vintage 답글 연결
speed 1.5 :D
Mason Jar
Mason Jar 답글 연결
I was brought here by a Cavs hype video that someone made lol. I suppose now that I think about it I do remember it from the trailer.
donkey bitch ass
donkey bitch ass 답글 연결
the transformers du du du du du woooo woooo brought me here
Srinjoy Bhattacharya
i think the story will?be lk knights fighting each other to bring back cybertron
Mew Mew LPS
Mew Mew LPS 답글 연결
"It has been said.... through the ages.... without sacrifice....

There can be no victory"
Phantom 1234
Phantom 1234 답글 연결
This song is now stuck in my head
Samuel Chase
Samuel Chase 답글 연결
Is there by chance, Anyone out there who had also found this gem before it was publicized via Transformers?
HeyItsAustin 답글 연결
The Apple Music/iTunes version sounds different for some reason :/
Alexander Leslie
Alexander Leslie 답글 연결
no sacrifice there will be no victory
PsykoWheels 답글 연결
Forgive me * draws sword * NOOO!!
SparktheDog 답글 연결
Don't get mislead by the title, the webtoon Magical 12th Graders is as depressing as Madoka
Madamnesia 답글 연결
arrangiamento spettacolare
Zayni 답글 연결
I cry
Steirer3000 답글 연결
sry for bad german
Rie Takahashi
Rie Takahashi 답글 연결
And Below you can see 90% of the comments saying in different ways the exact same thing "here because of TF5' and if you look hard enough the other 10% is people saying they liked the song before the trailer.
Zek kinz
Zek kinz 답글 연결
optimus left us for the third fucking time
TriZZ Mewsy
TriZZ Mewsy 답글 연결
pfft i'm here cos of the flaming lips
Alex Tseng
Alex Tseng 답글 연결

theRewindguy1 답글 연결
anyone Else wish this was an actual song?
Zek kinz
Zek kinz 답글 연결
lets hope that TF5 will be better
Ivanenrique Martinezaguilaf
like a music
CasperGgoodwood 답글 연결
the first two minutes of this is amazing but jesus christ the drop is horrible
Luke O'Brien
Luke O'Brien 답글 연결
transgender sent me bhere 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like if youa gree
Aminus 답글 연결
what the fuck, this was uploaded in 2015 and this song is basically the same one in the in the new upcoming transformers movie, I'm tripping out
StormeEd 답글
It's been used in a couple of trailers before Transformers, I discovered it from a Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa featurette on youtube hahah. It wasn't anywhere on the internet at that time so I took it upon myself to put it up so others could marvel at it's glory :)
Sarah M
Sarah M 답글 연결
I would love to hear Ursine Vulpine cover Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters"!
Kpop Lover17
Kpop Lover17 1 답글 연결
Wow this video was made in 2015
Goctagon 답글 연결
Everyone in this comment section is a faggot
Goctagon 답글
Joshua Willis Oops you got me 🙊
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 1 답글
Goctagon I guess you're also a faggot since you commented
Ryan Melton
Ryan Melton 답글 연결
me too

Kyrylo Ianukovych
When you don't know how to properly set your Auto-Tune.
RAGEQUIT 31 답글 연결
and know won will know
RAGEQUIT 31 답글 연결
and we are all alone
RAGEQUIT 31 답글 연결
do you ever feel like that the fact we could be the only race in the universe
RAGEQUIT 31 답글 연결
I have a question for every one
RAGEQUIT 31 답글 연결
RAGEQUIT 31 답글 연결
SAMAEL 1 답글 연결
That hapiness makes you cry
Luke O'Brien
Luke O'Brien 답글 연결
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