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The Sweet - Fox on the Run
아티스트: The Sweet
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I don't want to know your name 'Cause you don't look the same The way you did before OK you think you got a pretty face But the rest of you is out of place You looked all right before Fox on the run You screamed and everybody comes a-running Take a run and hide yourself away Fox on the run F-foxy, foxy on the run and hideaway You-you talk about just every band But the names you drop are second hand I've heard it all before I don't want to know your name 'Cause you don't look the same The way you did before

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Armen kizirian
Armen kizirian 답글 연결
Fox on the run guardians
John Norman
John Norman 답글 연결
the drummer looks bored as hell
calling it now, this is gonna be the big revival hit from GOTG Vol 2
sasha 답글 연결
Welcome to the frickin Guardians of the Galaxy.
Only he didn't say frickin.
Aniele Carvalho
Aniele Carvalho 답글 연결
To aqui por causa de Guardiões da galáxia
Alena Pavlikova
Alena Pavlikova 답글 연결
Lyska na uteku nema chybu super
Marcia Pedro-Milton
I absolutely love this song Good music is in my humble opinion is almost extinct like the dinosaur
Dan Calestini
Dan Calestini 답글 연결
Good song chick hairdos
Johannes Jung
Johannes Jung 답글 연결
GOTG Vol 2. :-) Starting 27. of April in Germany!
godzilla sin
godzilla sin 답글 연결
i am groooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bakewell 답글 연결
15 at secondary school, loved this band! boy that makes me feel old now!
JoshBoii 답글 연결
Bruno Pels Aizman
tudo uns lixo
u r a son of a bitches
John Stanly
John Stanly 답글 연결
no other song fits the Guardians of the galaxy more than this one
Mire VS
Mire VS 답글 연결
please no more gotg comments, cant believe you didnt here it before
Joey Martinez
Joey Martinez 답글 연결
I'm usually the guy who gets annoyed when people are only on awesome music videos because of a movie and do quotes and crap... unfortunately I'm part of the latter right now.
Gnomesmusher 답글 연결
I'm really glad this this band and this song is getting the attention it deserves now.
pablo alech
pablo alech 1 답글 연결
Damnnnnn the Vol 2 of the Guardians of the galaxy's gonna be awesome !!!
Alex Pérez
Alex Pérez 답글 연결
Deadpool brought me here.
Gary Brice
Gary Brice 답글 연결
Why do I think of the movie This Is Spinal Tap watching this?

metalheart80s 답글 연결
The godfathers of glam rock
Marcos Oliveira
Marcos Oliveira 답글 연결
Uhulllll Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2!!! Awesome Mix Vol.2!!!
zorro456 답글 연결
You are now a Furry!
misterfunnybones 답글 연결
Brian Connolly & Agnetha Fältskog had the same hairstylist.
Márk Sidló
Márk Sidló 답글 연결
FunknRoll95 답글 연결
Andy, you're a wizard!
will meaney
will meaney 답글 연결
they just can't make music like this anymore, Sad
paul holland
paul holland 답글 연결
grew up with the sweet awesome
gyula szabó
gyula szabó 답글 연결
1976-ban hallottam először,hát még még mindig jó!!!!
Philip Kearney
Philip Kearney 답글 연결
Glam rocked returned in a different form in the 90s it was called britpop.

go go
go go 답글 연결
awesome mix vol.2
YuetSze Wong
YuetSze Wong 답글 연결
I am very enjoy to listen this song,,😄
Sigurdur B Gudmundsson
Rodrigo Vinicius
Rodrigo Vinicius 1 답글 연결
Quem esta aqui por causa do Trailer de Guardiões da Galaxia 2??
MARVEL DC 2 답글 연결
I'm sick at mention guardians of the galaxy2
xbladerunner 답글 연결
Durgesh Kumar
Durgesh Kumar 1 답글 연결
Who else came here after watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 ??
Knight Rhy
Knight Rhy 답글 연결
Calling it... Their British. British Rock, Pop, Metal just invaded American and the world back in the 60s,70s,80s
Rocky Stellone
Rocky Stellone 답글 연결
just really good music
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