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The Sweet - Fox on the Run
아티스트: The Sweet
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I don't want to know your name 'Cause you don't look the same The way you did before OK you think you got a pretty face But the rest of you is out of place You looked all right before Fox on the run You screamed and everybody comes a-running Take a run and hide yourself away Fox on the run F-foxy, foxy on the run and hideaway You-you talk about just every band But the names you drop are second hand I've heard it all before I don't want to know your name 'Cause you don't look the same The way you did before

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Andeee Black
Andeee Black 답글 연결
.......we adore this band xx
Chu Peggy
Chu Peggy 답글 연결
kdwaynec 답글 연결
This was one of the earliest, and I think the best all girl band ever!
P Chanchalermchai
Pavel Nedved
Anthony Rickard
Anthony Rickard 답글 연결
This song fuckin rocks...
Louis Martin
Louis Martin 답글 연결
il est taquin ce lapin
Haley Green
Haley Green 답글 연결
heard this on the radio...liked it heard it on Spotify...also liked it. came here.
kenneth dubard
kenneth dubard 답글 연결
Everyone has tat person this song is about in their lives..Foxy, come and run the night away..
Andrey 14
Andrey 14 답글 연결
Erland M.T. the Indonesian guy
GOTG 2 everyone?
GunCollector007 답글 연결
Whenever I play this song a family of foxes come out and play in my backyard. Not kidding!
Rothsuede 답글 연결
faster pussy cat
sandra gaffney
sandra gaffney 답글 연결
Omg 😈😂....I was like 8 yrs old...
eating French Fries @ the Homestead AirForce Pool...(Florida)
& we played Every Sweet Song on the Juke Box😀every rock n roll song too...😈💖💖💖
Swamp Dogzz
Swamp Dogzz 1 답글 연결
pity this track didnt even appear in the actual movie. The movie was a let down too.
Kauã Tavares Soares
eu sou groot
Kauã Tavares Soares
Rocket on the run
Kauã Tavares Soares
i AM Groooooooooooooooooooooooooot
henny haselhorst
henny haselhorst 답글 연결
Catch 44 so good
Robbi Huffine
Robbi Huffine 답글 연결
This is the original Spinal Tap!

sadeli marley
sadeli marley 답글 연결
Detroit Rock City brought me here
yo soy groot
Bobainthome 답글 연결
dudes wearing a wizard hat!
yola cardinali
yola cardinali 답글 연결
wuooooooooooo excelent band beatifull 70s wuau wuau, gracias brian un fuerte abrazo grupo hermoso los quiero mucho mucho, sueet mandeme un saludo para soy su fans desde jovencita los brian y todito el grupo los quiero mucho, mandenme una señal me moriria de gusto arrriba sueet
Guido Tronic
Guido Tronic 답글 연결
0:00 - 0:12 [me and my death] in the hospital
Nathan Jaimez
Nathan Jaimez 답글 연결
last time I checked this song was in 2010, after watching "Detroit Rock City" love this song. gotg always make great song choices.
Samara Chaves
Samara Chaves 답글 연결
I am groot???

Rocket: no kkk
i Smash everything
this track is ahead of its time
Csaba Görög
Csaba Görög 답글 연결
1973. Alig vártuk.
6lr6ak6 답글 연결
This is definitely there best track. superb.

Racing fan for life 18
I thought these were girls :/
Quentin James
Quentin James 답글 연결
Didn't know Rudy Sarzo played drums in Sweet.
kerry trigg
kerry trigg 답글 연결
what an intro!!!
noite do cinema
noite do cinema 답글 연결
a may groot
Doug Barr
Doug Barr 1 답글 연결
Doug Barr
Doug Barr 1 답글 연결
I AM GROOT!!!!🌳🐍
adriana roque calix
adriana roque calix 1 답글 연결
la puta ostia
Giuseppe Catuogno
cazzo NEDVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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