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The Sweet - Fox on the Run
아티스트: The Sweet
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I don't want to know your name 'Cause you don't look the same The way you did before OK you think you got a pretty face But the rest of you is out of place You looked all right before Fox on the run You screamed and everybody comes a-running Take a run and hide yourself away Fox on the run F-foxy, foxy on the run and hideaway You-you talk about just every band But the names you drop are second hand I've heard it all before I don't want to know your name 'Cause you don't look the same The way you did before

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Galadria93 답글 연결
I'm slightly disappointed now that I found out he says f-foxy and not for fox sake... missed opportunity 😂
Levi Tupou
Levi Tupou 답글 연결
I came here because of the movie guardians of the galaxy vol.2
Levi Tupou
Levi Tupou 답글
I seen the full movie and it was so funny and sad because someone dies :(
Terrror-GamesBr 답글 연결
this music is part of my awsome mix
Chase Foster
Chase Foster 답글 연결
Dazed and Confused
Ing. Nikola Tesla
Ing. Nikola Tesla 1 답글 연결
Todos Amaran El Soundtrack Al Ver Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.
TheLegoDirector 답글 연결
I knew this song BEFORE GotG 2. But I actually liked it when I saw the trailer.
Yudha Bagaskara
Yudha Bagaskara 답글 연결
no money and time to watch GOTG 2
Matheus França
Matheus França 답글 연결
Last battle was amazing... the movie is amazing.... the hype for guardians 3 is real
Gabucho Campozano
Melfis Kennways
Melfis Kennways 답글 연결
Watched GOTG2 and this song is my favorite one.
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell 답글 연결
So 'Fox' is like code for the clap right?
Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell 답글 연결
How gay is this? Guys screaming like castrati. Jesus!
Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez 답글 연결
Shadows Queen
Shadows Queen 답글 연결
90epiphone 답글 연결
dazed & confused brought me here
Elias Limpias
Elias Limpias 답글 연결
Que temon la puta madre!
Manolito L.
Manolito L. 답글 연결
Warum nur hat der Sänger sich das angetan. Sweet ist und bleibt für mich ewig ein Idol !!! Doch jetzt ohne Frontman , warum nur ? Für mich bleiben sie aber immer die Nr.1. Ich bin mit ihnen groß geworden.
Oscar Roca
Oscar Roca 답글 연결
I saw her for Lord Of Dogtown! 10years ago!
Rutvik Kantharia
Rutvik Kantharia 2 답글 연결
we all know the reason of being here. coz we are a bunch of a-holes.
Andrew Kling
Andrew Kling 1 답글
but we're not 100% dick
REPO PIG 답글 연결
who came here because of Dazed and Confused?

alif rizky
alif rizky 답글 연결
love his mom taste
grieverlion 답글 연결
trailers. they really do teach you good music!
51Saffron 답글 연결
Love them. Brings back my teen years.
Melissa Falk
Melissa Falk 1 답글 연결
so glad this great song is getting more recognition thanks to gotg2!! grew up with their album in the car , loved it. thought they were girls lol
Robert J
Robert J 답글 연결
This was all over my schoolyard in elementary school in the 70s. I never stopped listening to my first favorite band, but WILD to see and hear this song hit a new generation today!
Robert J
Robert J 답글 연결
ONYA SWEET!!! For still being so fantastic all these years later in 2017!!! Amazing to hear them IN THEATERS this year in "that" trailer!!
Zorghum 답글 연결
My dad always hated this song never figured out why maybe the obnoxious beginning
Nate Chevalier
Nate Chevalier 답글 연결
Thumbs up to those of us who came here because of Sweet, not a movie. 👍
Caio 답글 연결
Algum fã BR de guardiões da galáxia ?kk
MavioDom 답글 연결
esse baterista toca muito brother 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Archerom 답글 연결
Better than today all music...
jose siqfried
jose siqfried 답글 연결
Sweet!!!!! ♪♫♫♪
Lilpaws 1 답글 연결
♥ Guardians of The Galaxy!!!! Love this song!!!
Acewing Dabson
Acewing Dabson 답글 연결
Haha Ive been playin' this song on guitar since I was a young lad in elementary almost 12 years ago! Super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy 2!
Светлана Соколова
Все четверо просто великолепны. Люблю их вот уже 40 лет!
kicubu 답글 연결
Im going to add this to my list: Songs i usually sing but i don't know the name xD
Paraíso Nerd
Paraíso Nerd 답글 연결
Tô aqui por causa do Gabriel do Nerd Land
de todo un poco
de todo un poco 1 답글 연결
esta cancion salio en el trailer de guardianes de la galaxia
kaku fuuno
kaku fuuno 답글 연결
Alex White
Alex White 답글 연결
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