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Greg Utrobin
Greg Utrobin 답글 연결
Perfect music for a skulduggery pleasant movie, probably `last stand of the dead men'
Joël Joshua Gabbay
Are you serious?! This song makes you feel omnipotent!
tristen the shadow dragon
2:44 I am fire.
ArtificialGaming Dorogatory
Unable to send you a message. Please send me a message. I would love to use some of your music on a few videos. Trying new software and looking to getting into making some videos!
Angie G.
Angie G. 1 답글 연결
game of thrones- 7 season
Omega Studios
Omega Studios 9 답글 연결
It sounds EPIC when you speed it up to 1.25!
Leema The Joke Ruiner
Leema The Joke Ruiner 답글
1.5 is cool as well!
Omega Studios
Omega Studios 7 답글
Especially at 2:07-3:52!!
dkerris 답글 연결
How cool would it be, to make a movie, with 90% of the music being epic tracks?
SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
+dkerris oh I see what you mean now
dkerris 답글
+SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
 Man of Steel was ok.  But too much whine.  "Poor me!  I'm an alien who can fly and is super strong, but I can't hold a job for shit.  Hold me mommy!"

Yup, whiny.
SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
+dkerris whiny movies? I know those films aren't that good, (except man of steel), but are you sure "whiny" is the right way to describe them? 😂
dkerris 답글
+SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
  No, not whiny movies.  A good movie. 
SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
Batman v superman, transformers age of extinction, man of steel. Sooooo many good tracks.
TheLordScizor 답글 연결
Mr T
Mr T 5 답글 연결
White walkers are coming
李大宝 답글 연결
like it
Kai Niihara
Kai Niihara 답글 연결
Dharma Leonardi
Dharma Leonardi 1 답글 연결
bigdud 답글 연결
2:07 - 3:00 - That sounds familiar, but cannot remember the name of the song.
Kevin Daniel
Kevin Daniel 답글
Immediate Music - Apocalypse ?
Gerall Scarlet
Gerall Scarlet 답글 연결
good song
Alex Lovato
Alex Lovato 5 답글 연결
I feel like Hi-Finesse ended up making like 5 versions of Odyssey
Big Bad Biker Nerd
Big Bad Biker Nerd 답글
+Alex Lovato
I had the same thoughts.
Helix, Stargazer, Vantage, Quantum ect... they are all pretty much the same
Joseph Carranza
Joseph Carranza 답글 연결
Love it!

Please check out my latest track on my channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep_vIJaOMBE
Scorentation 답글 연결
The beginning is so menacing...
Marissa Kelly
Marissa Kelly 2 답글 연결
X MAN 6 답글 연결
my cat hear this become  a tiger
Đigital™ 2 답글
+Mr.GummyBear my cunt heard this, now it's a black hole with anger management
Mr.GummyBear 3 답글
My lizard heard this, now it's Godzilla
Its_Saam 1 답글
my goldfish heard this, now its a shark
Sir Tathum
Sir Tathum 9 답글 연결
The storm broke...
I felt the cold wind crawl along my spine as i watched our enemy's army; the Germanic clans, draw closer. Step by menacing step towards us. We, are the Roman 2nd division of the 14th Legion.. Our skill is unmatched by all. We will stand and fight, and die. 

I, General Fulvius Guyius Titus will stand alongside my men, and I will ensure that our Victory will be remembered for all eternity. With a swift thrust of my hand upwards, I gave the order to charge. The Storm has broken. We charge downhill and scream, knowing that victory will be decisive. This is our fight. This is our Legacy.

rencrow 답글
+Sir Tathum Sure.
Sir Tathum
Sir Tathum 답글
Is that supposed to offend me? +rencrow
rencrow 답글
+Sir Tathum Stfu corny mofo
kempaku982 답글
Sir Tathum
Sir Tathum 1 답글
+kempaku982 Thank you for that! I will be sure to add it in!

EyeOpenerWoW 3 답글 연결
Freaking Awesome!!!
kidracer2004 답글 연결
epicness can i use this in my montage
kidracer2004 답글
k thanks bro
Penguin Publisher
Penguin Publisher 답글
+kidracer2004 Sure, just always give credit to Hi-Finesse and state that you do not own the rights to this track and that you are using it under fair-use.
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