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Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - City of Stars
아티스트: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
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[Sebastian's Verse: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone] City of stars Are you shining just for me? City of stars There's so much that I can't see Who knows? I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you That now our dreams They've finally come true [Mia's Verse: Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling] City of stars Just one thing everybody wants There in the bars And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants It's love Yes, all we're looking for is love from someone else A rush A glance A touch A dance [Duet: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone] A look in somebody's eyes To light up the skies To open the world and send it reeling A voice that says, I'll be here And you'll be alright I don't care if I know Just where I will go 'Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling A rat-tat-tat on my heart [Outro: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone] Think I want it to stay City of stars Are you shining just for me? City of stars You never shined so brightly

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rnugitt 답글 연결
Milli vanilli look them up!
Amy Morgenstern
Amy Morgenstern 답글 연결
um wtf, this is boring
Lolwat 답글 연결
I cringe every time I hear this song knowing that it got the Oscar
NYCzora 답글 연결
Ryan and Emma cannot sing. There's a good reason John Legend sang this song at the Oscars instead of them. Couldn't the producers have hired actors with great voices?
Filthy Weeb
Filthy Weeb 답글 연결
so did they record this with a shitty $20 mic from eBay?
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose 답글 연결
How did this win over Audition? Or, better yet, How Far I'll Go?
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis 답글 연결
He sounded like an actual Angel in this
Starr lauren
Starr lauren 답글 연결
still crying over the ending, such a good movie
Dl 답글 연결
how the hell did this win over moana's how far i go?? the fact that gosling could barely even sing n that neither of them could even hit the note that auli'i cravahol hit in moana's how far ill go lol lyrics are bland n isnt all that, while auli'i cravahol's stunning voice makes kids, teens, n even adults want to sing lol lin was robbed..
Thy Tran
Thy Tran 답글 연결
This song is good...
But better than How Far I'll Go?
Jeje The Human
Jeje The Human 답글 연결
I didn't really enjoy La La Land but this song is amazing.
An Vũ
An Vũ 답글 연결
trực tiếp game đưa tôi tới đây
Dawn Gameplay!
Dawn Gameplay! 답글 연결
this is addicting, This is probably my favorite song.
Eliezer Garcia Almengor
De lo poco que me gustó de La La Land
Ibrahim Manfoud
Ibrahim Manfoud 답글 연결
tfw you're trying to look up city of stars by logic but this comes up because the movie is so big
Prince Cooper
Prince Cooper 답글 연결
1:48 omggggggggg
Elizabeth D
Elizabeth D 답글 연결
Are you shitting me that this won over Moana? Ryan gosling can't even sing?? The song is so simple??????????????? I'm so confused
AvatarTTfan 답글 연결
this shit won over Moana? how the fuck...
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka 답글 연결
Thin voices. Disney melody. Plastic Disney sentiment. It's a true wonder there were no animated bluebirds dropping flowers on Emma Stone and animated cute garden animals hiding and watching them dance with cartoon hearts floating around them. Emotionally as powerful as a hallmark card stature that says "I Wuv You This Much", followed by a big lunch of fake cheese, white bread and 1% skim milk. Soon to be played at grade school recitals across the nation displacing such sugar-coated classics as anything by Taylor Swift and the theme from "Frozen". And now total lightweight  Emma Stone has been handed a Best "Actress" award for this high school musical. It's time to take off your thinking caps folks and open wide for a big helping of high fructose corn syrup entertainment perfect for the new lobotomized Trump world (his favorite movie?) Haters, start your engines.
Gaming 답글
Franz Kafka what are you even talking about
happyness counts
happyness counts 답글 연결
I love this song

phylosacc 답글 연결
Gotta love the weirdos whose lives are so devoid of purpose they have to vicariously live through the awards of someone (despite some of those being undeserved) they will never meet and come here to rain on sane people's parades.

I'll just keep laughing at them and shall keep enjoying this song. A song that deserved the win, by a wide, wide margin.
Shania Santiago
Shania Santiago 답글 연결
Not gonna lie, the note at 1:37 or 1:38 sent a stab through my heart. It just....idk something came out wrong and when I first listened and it came up, I literally jumped. My opinion is that How Far I'll Go deserved the award, but I wanted to listen to at least give City of Stars a chance but as good of a song as it may be, that not is driving me insane. 
Sorry if you don't agree with my opinion but I call it as I see it.
R1 답글 연결
... and the Oscar goes to...
PocketTrollsForSale 1 답글 연결
people are gonna hate me for this but i honestly dont think this should have won over "How Far I'll Go". dont get me wrong this is a great song...but they dont harmonize well.

but thats just an opinion, A LOUSY OPINION!
Jordana Melissa
Jordana Melissa 1 답글 연결
I love this, dude. amazing!
Lillian Ramsier
Lillian Ramsier 답글 연결
THIS beat Lin-Manuel? Wow
ThatoneKazoo'er Prime
ThatoneKazoo'er Prime 답글
PuR3 답글 연결
Logic should sue 😂
Sarah Vecchione
Sarah Vecchione 1 답글 연결
I like the song, but I still think How Far I'll go was better #sorrynotsorry
Ediimatiion 1 답글 연결
love this song so much but lin so deserved it,, his was way better
Maddie Lamonica
Maddie Lamonica 1 답글 연결
moana should have won

Andrea S
Andrea S 답글 연결
Absolutely breathtaking. A very much deserved Oscar. Such a genuine, authentic and truly beautiful song. In love ♡
Noob Lyn
Noob Lyn 답글 연결
This song is really good, so why do I still feel so jaded that Lin didn't get his Oscar?
Jimmy Driver
Jimmy Driver 답글 연결
Ousvj 답글 연결
Clearly one of the best musical scores in Hollywood history !!
Rayner Sutardja
Rayner Sutardja 2 답글 연결
Great song, but you can tell that they're not professional singers. They're a little airy, and Ryan lacks resonance at certain parts. Still great, though.
Russell C.
Russell C. 1 답글 연결
Not impressed
Mauricio Arango
Mauricio Arango 답글 연결
It sucks!
kitkatt24 답글 연결
I saw this movie back in December and I hated. I just wanted to make sure I still hated it and no can sing. Still true.
jaqueline morales
very disappointed with The End...
Milagros Fernández
Milagros Fernández 1 답글 연결
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