Bad Moon Rising 가사

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
아티스트: Creedence Clearwater Revival

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  • Fortunate Son
    Fortunate Son
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I see the bad moon arising I see trouble on the way I see earthquakes and lightnin' I see those bad times today Don't go around tonight Well it's bound to take your life There's a bad moon on the rise I hear hurricanes a'blowing I know the end is coming soon I fear rivers over flowing I hear the voice of rage and ruin Well don't go around tonight Well it's bound to take your life There's a bad moon on the rise, oh right Hope you got your things together Hope you are quite prepared to die Looks like we're in for nasty weather One eye is taken for an eye Well don't go around tonight Well it's bound to take your life There's a bad moon on the rise Don't come around tonight Well it's bound to take your life There's a bad moon on the rise

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Over Dubbed
Over Dubbed 답글 연결
My Family's taste in music took me here
Chris Haynes
Chris Haynes 답글 연결
I'm here because David and Jack didn't stay on the road or keep clear of the moors.
PepsieIsFizzy 답글 연결
having to learn this for band practice brought me here
MrAwawe 답글 연결
"There's a bathroom on the right"
Riften Guard
Riften Guard 답글 연결
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Paolo Teobaldelli Dr.
this song has been a prophecy .. it speaks of nowadays time ... it is happening everything it says ... APOCALYPSE NOW! Good luck guys :) :)
Paul Stephan
Paul Stephan 답글 연결
One more fuckin' VEVO add, YouTube. I fackin' dare ya.
Zephyr Official
Zephyr Official 답글 연결
This and Fortunate Son.
Alex Arias
Alex Arias 답글 연결
This song describes last week(Sept 3-sept10 2017) hurricanes, earthquakes etc,
Alexx Ls
Alexx Ls 답글 연결
No me den like, solo soy un mexicano amando este grupo desde hace 15 años.
the boat
the boat 답글 연결
Whos listening on Feb, 31st 1967
State Sounds
State Sounds 답글 연결
American werewolf in london
Samrat B
Samrat B 답글 연결
anthem of global warming, storms, rains, typhoons and earthquakes...
muzicka apoteka
muzicka apoteka 1 답글 연결
Kakav pesimizam.
OReiDaZueira BR
OReiDaZueira BR 답글 연결
To curado demais kkkkkk
Peter Salcius
Peter Salcius 답글 연결
J.O.Fletcher, Rand Corp. 1969.
belowroller 답글 연결
Listening to this, getting ready for Hurricane Irma, lol.
Silviu Apostolescu
Too short as a band life time ('68-'72), but prolific and prodigious. It was a too good band to be forgoten. Fortunatelly, John Fogerty is still playing. Swamp Rock - Southern Rock. You should have played music like Rolling Stones and others. Wonderful music. Hat off for all your music. What times ...
Mr Happy Guy
Mr Happy Guy 답글 연결
Great song for today's world!!!
Borris Autismo
Borris Autismo 답글 연결
Basic summary of the past 12 months

Caleb Collingsworth
Listening to this through a hurricane lmao
JoeBot101 1 답글 연결
Texas and Florida right now
William Lannér
William Lannér 답글 연결
my teacher in swededn if i learn this song on guitar for 1 day iw ill get b+
Odette Gijbels
Odette Gijbels 답글 연결
dit was jouw lievelingsliedje lieve broer r.n.p
Sah Sa
Sah Sa 답글 연결
em homenagem ao meu pai, te amo onde estiver, mesmo sem te conhecer. obrigada por tudo.
Brad Lindsey
Brad Lindsey 답글 연결
American Werewolf in London.
aldessa aguilar
aldessa aguilar 답글 연결
ClaudeVanDame 답글 연결
Brasiiil decime que se siente, tener en casa a tu papà jajajaja
Random shit At random times
Check out bang bang rockets
Jovan Miranda
Jovan Miranda 답글 연결
Good old "American Werewolf In London".

Leila Aparecida
Leila Aparecida 답글 연결
FlakeytheGamer 답글 연결
One of the greatest songs of all time
EsBarto2 답글 연결
Stephen King's 'Shining' brought me here. I knew I know this song when I read the lyrics in the book, lol. xD
Lisa Sheehan
Lisa Sheehan 답글 연결
Singing this song for assembly!
Aswin Anil
Aswin Anil 답글 연결
Who agrees this should have been in a Fallout game soundtrack?
saulo santos
saulo santos 답글 연결
top D +
NawiWonka 1 답글 연결
-Did you help Lincoln Clay murder Sal Marcano and all prominent members of his crime family?
-You're goddamn right I did. 🎶 🎶
Jay Villa
Jay Villa 답글 연결
Kong brought me here
Daniel Riboli
Daniel Riboli 1 답글 연결
My spirit brought me here. He said :,, Go, and Check out dat shii."
David Maddox
David Maddox 답글 연결
my love for good music brought me here