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Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i - We Know the Way
아티스트: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i
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Tatou o tagata folau Vala'auina e le atua O le sami tele e o mai Ia ava'e le lu'itau e lelei Tapenapena... Aue, aue Nuku i mua Te manulele e tataki iei Aue, aue Te fenua te malie Nae ko hakilia Kaiga e We read the wind and the sky When the sun is high We sail the length of the seas On the ocean breeze At night we name every star We know where we are We know who we are, who we are Away, away We set a course to find A brand-new island everywhere we roam Away, away We keep our island in our mind And when it's time to find home We know the way... Away, away We are explorers reading every sign We tell the stories of our elders in a never-ending chain Aue, aue Te fenua te malie Nae ko hakilia We know the way...

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Holobrine 답글 연결
Another Moana song improved at double speed!
Nice_ Guy
Nice_ Guy 답글 연결
Can I use your music in musically
The Blue Latiken
The Blue Latiken 1 답글 연결
1:04 Someone please tell me what you think they are saying, because i'm having flashbacks of MaloMart right now.
KittenGaming 1 답글 연결
Who Else thinks Moana is the bet Disney movie yet? Like if you agree
super nim 3003
super nim 3003 답글 연결
I like and I like the song
Flox edits
Flox edits 답글 연결
i love the first part of the song 😍
nothing here anymore.
Oh my god that's lin's voice how did I not notice!!!!!
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 답글 연결
Alex 답글 연결
The Song gets me so emotional.
This speaks not only for amazing Polynesians but for all humans and our essence of curiosity and going further beyond: From those first humans who crossed the Suez canal out of Africa into Europe and Asia, to the Norsemen crossing the Atlantic, followed by European navigators who circumnavigated the earth, to ice-age tribes who crossed the Bering strait, Chinese sailors and Phoenicians and Greeks founding city-states all across the Mediterranean.
One day we will be going out there, into the stars as our predecessors did and history would be repeated again. No doubt of it. Its our nature.
Jacob Hampton
Jacob Hampton 답글 연결
The best song of the entire movie it shows exactly what the Hawaiian culture is all about
Abe Flores
Abe Flores 답글 연결
El in ncjgjfkfjgdhr
Banana Alhammadi
Banana Alhammadi 답글 연결
idk why my little sis is in love with this song lol
김선미 1 답글 연결
Marta I Colon
Marta I Colon 답글 연결
Me gusta
Ken Malauulu
Ken Malauulu 답글 연결
Samoan pride!!
Keira Christensen
It sounds terribly autotuned.
josephine phillips
This scene is so beautiful!😍😍💕 And just asking but does anyone know if Moana is Jewish? Because I read articles on google that said that Moana could be Jewish because it said that she's not Christian and also Jews are usually the chosen ones and Moana is like the chosen one and is called to the sea. I'm Jewish and it would mean a lot to me if Moana is Jewish or if Disney makes a Jewish princess because they really should. We haven't had a Jewish Disney princess yet so I was just asking about that. I love Moana so much!💗
DarkAngel80 Death
aurei au
Laila's Life
Laila's Life 답글 연결
Youtube is good
YouTube has many songs to pick
YouTube is great
But when I see Lin Manuel Miranda, I click

(This was bad I knowww😩)
anime_sisters 답글 연결

Rainizaz Mohd Razali
, 1119
Jake Berango
Jake Berango 2 답글 연결
Anyone else learned how to sing the Samoan parts?
Ash Flame
Ash Flame 답글 연결
I love this song so much-
*recognizes Lin's voice*
PhantasyPetal // ANYTHING 2.0
When I first watched this, I was not part of the Hamilton Fandom. And I said to myself, DAYUM~ This guy has a great voice~ and now, I am proud to be part of the Hamilton Fandom~
Sena Edoh
Sena Edoh 답글 연결
TheOnlyVictim And Friends
I love the part where it oloco loca caa
Lady__Irene 답글 연결
kim santos
kim santos 답글 연결
I don't know why but this song gave me tears. I'm so confused
Tex 답글 연결
Sick tunes bro!
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 답글 연결
V ffggggk

Lilo 답글 연결
I want a no English version
Marylou Waymack
Marylou Waymack 답글 연결
love it
Christina Seanez
Christina Seanez 답글 연결
Love ❤️ moana
Fancy Fance
Fancy Fance 답글 연결
At my camp it was raining one day and we watched Moana and everyone sang it like this: "*AWAY AWAY WE SAIL AWAY*"
marygracedesuyo 답글 연결
Mom and dad : we know the way
Me : I'm lost
เปิ้ล กับ เป้ย
黃河童 답글 연결
Rebecca Partridge
i really wish that the end of the movie moana and the ilanders sang a reprise of this song cause like its starting up the voyaging life again

idk thats just me tho
Remilia Scarlet
Remilia Scarlet 답글 연결
Tha name Niyah
Tha name Niyah 답글 연결
This is so pretty and cultured😍🙌🏾