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Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i - We Know the Way
아티스트: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i
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Tatou o tagata folau Vala'auina e le atua O le sami tele e o mai Ia ava'e le lu'itau e lelei Tapenapena... Aue, aue Nuku i mua Te manulele e tataki iei Aue, aue Te fenua te malie Nae ko hakilia Kaiga e We read the wind and the sky When the sun is high We sail the length of the seas On the ocean breeze At night we name every star We know where we are We know who we are, who we are Away, away We set a course to find A brand-new island everywhere we roam Away, away We keep our island in our mind And when it's time to find home We know the way... Away, away We are explorers reading every sign We tell the stories of our elders in a never-ending chain Aue, aue Te fenua te malie Nae ko hakilia We know the way...

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denise montes
denise montes 답글 연결
I love this song😍😍😍😍
Muna Hassen Ahmed

Hamilfan 77
Hamilfan 77 답글 연결
vengi zee
vengi zee 답글 연결
not my people but I got chills
hamiltrash ;D
hamiltrash ;D 답글 연결
I only just realized Lin sings in this
Damian Cirelli
Damian Cirelli 답글 연결
Damian Cirelli
Damian Cirelli 답글 연결
Catbird Wolf
Catbird Wolf 답글 연결
Jamie Eastham
Jamie Eastham 답글 연결
Every time I hear this song, I think “Alexander! Wrong production! Get out of Moana!”
naturalistic wolf
Keep coming back to this!
kayle Alexis
kayle Alexis 답글 연결
Im upsest with this
1 2 3 456
1 2 3 456 답글 연결
Doing this song in a music concert and I auditioned 4 a solo and didn’t get it #potatolife 🤪
Kugelmugel 답글 연결
I can't not hear Alexander Hamilton.
Undyne Undying
Undyne Undying 답글 연결
Undyne Undying
Undyne Undying 답글
I think Lin is the reason I like this song
Quinntus79 답글 연결
Can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that these people managed to journey across the Pacific without the aid of navigation tools like compasses and sextants?
Faith Joy
Faith Joy 1 답글 연결
Omg this gave me such a strong Brother Bear feels
李世昌 답글 연결
Jack O'Rielly
Jack O'Rielly 답글 연결
Can someone just animate this with Alexander Hamilton in the back?
Ajmine Bin Ashiq
Ajmine Bin Ashiq 1 답글 연결
Terry aberahama
Terry aberahama 답글 연결

Terry aberahama
Terry aberahama 답글 연결
Victoria Demico Aa
The drums in the beginning are my absolute favorite.
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema 답글 연결
Wait, did these guys come from another island?
Cellar Door
Cellar Door 답글
There's a lot of theories about the origins of Polynesian people (tbh nobody really knows) but Polynesians are believed to have spread out from the islands of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji and started moving eastwards until they managed to reach Hawaii in the North and New Zealand in the South.
bastardjustice 답글 연결
I grow up by the sea and seeing this while hearing this song gives me goosebumps and a nostalgia. The feeling of the sea breeze and the smell of the waters makes me think of home.
민호 Sole
민호 Sole 2 답글 연결

SAMOA meaning 'sacred heart' or 'sacred center' (Tagata mao'i) --> TAHITI (Ta'ata maohi) --> HAWAI'I (Kanaka Maoli) --> Aotearoa/New Zealand (tangata maori) It's a chain. We literally are one people and it makes me so proud to be Polynesian. Despite all the stupid trivial arguments and disputes between us Polynesians we are all one and the same people. I look at NATIVE Hawaiians, Tongans, Tahitians, Niueans, Tokelauans, Maori's, Cook Islanders and Tuvaluans and see my literal blood brothers and sisters! I am so proud of our heritage and thank Disney for creating a movie that displayed our culture in such a beautiful way!
F. Haiqal
F. Haiqal 1 답글
민호 Sole hello...Im malay...and im polynesian too✌
Riley the pokemon master
How does a bastard demigod
Mariam mahfouz
Mariam mahfouz 답글 연결
What language is it ??
Nikole Mcduck
Nikole Mcduck 답글
Samoan and Tokelauan
Memoria James
Memoria James 답글 연결
This is my favorite song from "Moana".
JsCreativeStudio 답글 연결
In z
NadineDuck Duck
NadineDuck Duck 답글 연결
ahh history eyes on moana

Smiley és a Glee
When I heard Lin I heard God😍
Ana6 Falden
Ana6 Falden 답글 연결
Omg I love moan 😸😸😸😸 who ever doesn't like moan then that's sad👹👹👹
Paul W3
Paul W3 1 답글 연결
Even now 23k people still don't know the way!
Andre Mensah
Andre Mensah 답글 연결
Yes we know who we are... We are Hebrew Israelites form the promise land of Israel.
Lisa Palepale
Lisa Palepale 1 답글 연결
We rpolynision they look poly
Mr. Marker
Mr. Marker 답글 연결
gotta love Lin Manuel Miranda
Addyrose Jenkins
Addyrose Jenkins 1 답글 연결
See's lins name
clicks faster than Lafayette can rap
Some Idiot Kid On The Internet
lol most of these comments are a lot hamilton lol gay
charles Sanchez
charles Sanchez 답글 연결
I like this sounds song