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Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living
아티스트: Matthew Perryman Jones
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Into the land of the living Black bleeds orange into blue I am coming to life, Light is breaking through I can hear the bells in the city Across the ancient shore I am ready to fight Let down the scarlet cord It's time to shed this masquerade [Chorus:] You cannot love in moderation You're dancing with a dead man's bones Lay your soul On the threshing floor Between the walls of the river, Shoulders bare the sacred stones We made it alive We are not alone Kiss the ground and change your name [Chorus:] You cannot love in moderation You're dancing with a dead man's bones Lay your soul On the threshing floor I heard the distant battle drum The mockingbird spoke in tongues Longing for the day to come I set my face, forsook my fears I saw the city through my tears The darkness soon will disappear And be swallowed by the sun I am coming home I am coming home I am coming home I am coming home

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Lorelai M
Lorelai M 답글 연결
this song is absolutely gorgeous. gives me nostalgia for something i can't describe, so intense and powerful what a voice
jamminjomama 답글 연결
Had not heard of Manchester By The Sea until I found this song today. I was brought here by a fan comment on this soulfull note to the world-which I encourage you to read: http://jordanbpeterson.com/2016/12/new-years-letter/ In any case this song moved me to tears~so poignant-especially the I am coming home bit...my goodness that laid me bare...similar to This Will Destroy You's Mighty Rio Grande. Anyway, I am so grateful to musicians like this who remind me of the Beauty, Truth and Depth in the world, ourselves and each other because sometimes-overwhelmed by the suffering, insanity and just blatant evil, I get real tempted to throw in the towel and exit stage left of my own volition. Got to keep on keepin on-stoke the courage to live to bless/be blessed by another day...but for the Grace....Love & Peace <3
Aleksandr Zirkou
Aleksandr Zirkou 답글 연결
thats my official hitch-hike song from now on. so daring and enbraving one
Adria Rotondi
Adria Rotondi 답글 연결
Beautiful song!! 💜
Alessia L.
Alessia L. 답글 연결
This song means so much to me
Mayank Malik
Mayank Malik 답글 연결
Elviento1918 답글 연결
Manchester by the sea, very good movie and very good song:)
María Ramos
María Ramos 답글 연결
What a beautiful song !!
alisha madariaga
alisha madariaga 답글 연결
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.. It touches the soul.. It's wonderful. Never seen the movie but was captivated by the song instantly from the trailer..
simon fuller
simon fuller 1 답글 연결
I feel like I've been in a trainwreck after listening to this. An amazing emotional roller coaster of a song !
Michele Mcshepherd
heard from a trailer I always hear and find the coolest songs from movies and shows
Alex V
Alex V 답글 연결
Great song and video as well!
Rizki Oktavian
Rizki Oktavian 답글 연결
Pontianak Indonesia
Cinema XXV
Cinema XXV 3 답글 연결
sad that this song isn't in the actual movie, just a trailer "soundtrack"
jimmy sv
jimmy sv 답글 연결
amazing song...
ginger gray
ginger gray 답글 연결
great song and movie
The Polarfox Hunter
19 people disliked this, man i want to know their reasons. must be strong reasons otherwise I already know it : you are just being a dick.
Jorge Fernández
Jorge Fernández 답글 연결
Beautiful song, one of my favourites among yours!
Debasis Kar
Debasis Kar 답글 연결
By far the best soundtrack I have ever heard.
Beny Amoruso
Beny Amoruso 답글 연결
great movie! great song!..

boutayb abde samad
what a wonderful song , i really enjoyed every second of it <3 <3
maggi aguilera
maggi aguilera 답글 연결
Una de las mas hermosas canciones que he escuchado en mi vida...
Junaid Farooq
Junaid Farooq 답글 연결
Manchester by the sea!
Prakash Chandra Sahoo
This song gives me chills ! what a wonderful song!!
P.s. Ur voice is freak'in amazing, man!!
GodlyBlessedLiibaan God is Good
Beautiful Song♡"""""God first and then Manchester By The Sea brought Me here.
Loran Sena Menegon
Manchester By The Sea bought here
Loran Sena Menegon
Loran Sena Menegon 답글
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams 답글 연결
Add to my fav playlist .
Patrick Michel
Patrick Michel 답글 연결
Beautifully singing !!!! and I like Manchester by the sea too ....A good movie .Michelle Williams, Casey Affleck, Lucas Hedges, etc. ... they're  all good ....
Maria Driscoll McMahon
nelson S
nelson S 답글 연결
love this song very much

Svetlana Sirbu
Svetlana Sirbu 답글 연결
A great song and an outstanding performance of Casey Affleck. I hope he will get the Oscar for it.
Norm Mallett
Norm Mallett 답글 연결
not gonna lie, this song made me sad... what?? 😅
Nat B
Nat B 답글 연결
CAL A 답글 연결
Nice song!
Wolfgang Kofoet
Wolfgang Kofoet 답글 연결
Nice !!!
Real Hutcher.
Real Hutcher. 답글 연결
This song is amazing! Makes me cry.
Patsadasiri Bkk
Patsadasiri Bkk 답글 연결
Im coming home :)
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira 답글 연결
Amazing composition. I love this song!!
José Manuel Suarez Díaz
Really beautiful song. It makes me remember my best memories.
Roberto Beberrão
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