Is She with You?

Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL - Is She with You?
아티스트: Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL
5,417,939 7,148 56,443 639 98.9%

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Luma Araújo
Luma Araújo 답글 연결
muito massa
Adnan Al-alawi
Adnan Al-alawi 답글 연결
it sounds like "Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song" to me.
Wenjian Lou
Wenjian Lou 답글 연결
wonder woman OS : no one can defeat me in my BGM :)
TheBritishMonkey 답글 연결
And still the most viewed track from the soundtrack a year later.
Noemi Cabardo
Noemi Cabardo 답글 연결
Isela Garcia
Isela Garcia 1 답글 연결
This does go good with for honor
Shazzkid 답글 연결
Only here for the first 26 seconds
Jenaro Canzina
Jenaro Canzina 답글 연결
Superman to Batman : did you find the spear?...
The Truman Show
The Truman Show 답글 연결
i came here for Hans Zimmer
wcw2793 답글 연결
I really hope we hear this in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Anyone know who's composing the score for the film?
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
I thought she was with you?
Darwin  Castillo Leon
You here that Marvel? It is called soundtrack.
Prudy Ray
Prudy Ray 답글 연결
Badass woman
Aaron Ventura
Aaron Ventura 답글 연결
best soundtrack ever made for wonder women.
Alcor 답글 연결
the movie was a joke unfortunately
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes 답글 연결
That awkward moment when the Bats and Supes met a real Alpha
KingOfRippers 답글 연결
ate os cabelo do cu arrepia mano puta que pariuuuuuuuuu
Dreamer 답글 연결
Fantastic 👂👀👂
jeff alvarez
jeff alvarez 답글 연결
if she messes this movie up, its byebye our hopes of wonder woman movie for another 5 to 10 years...
Mariana Mundim
Mariana Mundim 답글 연결

carlos fernandez
carlos fernandez 1 답글 연결
play this at my funeral plz
Lio Torres
Lio Torres 답글 연결
El momento donde se me erizó la piel con la entrada de la mujer maravilla 😍😍💪🏻💪🏻
Brin Hauptmann
Brin Hauptmann 답글 연결
This music makes me want to go save some kittens from a burning building.
I'm Keith I'm not Gay
Holy Mother of Hera!!!
Maskofshy Giotto
Maskofshy Giotto 답글 연결
who came here After the Wonder woman ORIGIN TRAILE??? :V
Sami Ahmed
Sami Ahmed 답글 연결
1:40 most badass part
Kien Pham
Kien Pham 답글
Sami Ahmed you mean 1:45?
Miguel CV
Miguel CV 답글 연결
I am here again after seeing the new trailer on Gal Gadot's Facebook
Rachel Wyld
Rachel Wyld 답글 연결
This theme needs to played loud for women
Douglas Felipe
Douglas Felipe 답글 연결
Guys, this part of the theme is so epic 2:23 - 2:48.
The song that should have played during the reveal of the Kong: Skull Island post credits bit.

Acini 01
Acini 01 답글 연결
remember when the force awakens trailer came out and we all had that mini orgasm well thats how this songs makes me feel
jack lajoie
jack lajoie 답글 연결
Literally the only piece of good music in the movie
Mariana De la Rocha
So sad Hans isn't doing JL!!
ZER0 답글 연결
Did you find the spear?
Gabo Obando
Gabo Obando 1 답글
I was busy.
Sean Knapp
Sean Knapp 답글 연결
when you walk into a dungeon in full Deadric armor.
Roberto Mercado
Roberto Mercado 1 답글 연결
Happy International Womens Day!!!!
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 답글 연결
aquele momento em que o batina vai tomar um laser na cara se não fosse a gostosa dá mulher maravilha
Furion Warrior
Furion Warrior 1 답글 연결
at 1:58 that is so so good
Kien Pham
Kien Pham 답글
Furion Warrior the jump!
Brandon Cain
Brandon Cain 답글 연결
Badass music. Although, the story could've used a little work.
Huckleberry Hound
Huckleberry Hound 답글
The Extended Version is a little better if you don't watched the original before!
Paraskeuas Broukoumis
what a kick-ass theme to make for ringtone
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