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Willis Earl Beal - Too Dry to Cry
아티스트: Willis Earl Beal
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[Verse 1] Tweed jacket, trucker hat, cup of tea I'm just sitting at the table thinking about me With my moccasins on and waiting by my phone With my half-masked eyes like a tear-less drone I am the deep down clown, you better throw me a bone Cause I'll be making that sound, when they leave me alone With the pots and pans, my voice and my hands And my spoon drumstick, with this innocuous trance You got to give me a chance to advance this romance So when I pick out my 'fro I have a place I can go [Hook] No no, don't leave me hanging like a spider with no fly Cause I've been banging on the walls cause I'm too dry to cry (x2) [Verse 2] Photocopied Xerox pictures of dames With two dimensional faces make me feel ashamed So I keep 'em tucked away in a folder that's red But I don't need to look at them, cause they're stuck in my head They're what I sniff when I tell you to come right along In my one-room shack, you know we can't go wrong I got nine hard inches like a pitchfork prong So honey lift up your dress and help me sing this song [Hook x2] No no Ow no Don't leave me hanging (repeat, fade out)

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gg sophia
Rice Gum 2
Rice Gum 2 1 답글 연결
Who else is here from bleed for this?
Chante Jones
Chante Jones 답글 연결
The song too dry to cry deep
Morgane Thibau
Morgane Thibau 답글 연결
Hey, toi qui m'avait fait découvrir cette chanson ^^ :
je trouve qu'elle est très profonde. On dirait qu'elle nous invite à poursuivre quelque chose, comme une invitation au voyage ^^ J'approuve, elle est bien ^^
Anna Maria Olczak
"It's not that simple".
Roagax 답글 연결
Who's listening to this in 2k17 July?

my bday is after 2 days btw woooooo...gonna listen to this for sure!!
Piotr 답글 연결
turn on speed to 1.25. Is soo much better :D
K.O 답글 연결
poor sophia
Victor Hugo #ConTV
cade a galera do bunker do dio?
Mathew Farry
Mathew Farry 1 답글 연결
This song makes me want to walk to the SHU in slow motion
Caroline Mavv
Caroline Mavv 답글 연결
Sirius Turner
Sirius Turner 답글 연결
Ellye M
Ellye M 답글 연결
Orange is the new black, don't make me come back there.
Jan Ahonen
Jan Ahonen 답글 연결
Thats a whole pie of great art Pal keep it up
Juai nott?
Juai nott? 답글 연결
Im a man so... I dont watch fagg shows like Orange
I came here cuasa i came before in a porn video of a very nice lady Hahaha Sorry not sorry
Great song
Cloud Senpai
Cloud Senpai 답글 연결
Dinlerken ruhum eriyormuş gibi hissediyorum. Böyle içimden çıkıyor havalanıp bir yerlere varıyormuş gibi de oluyor yani bilemedim ne yaşadığımı ama acayip sürrealist bir süreç yaşıyorum.
Hakki Riza Kucuk
Hakki Riza Kucuk 답글 연결
Çok sağlam.
oaktown 510
oaktown 510 답글 연결
bleed for this
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman 답글 연결
Bleed for this brought me hear
Pasquale Natale
Pasquale Natale 답글 연결
questa canzone è diventata una delle tante colonne sonore del film bleed più forte del destino

Lucy3ify 답글 연결
Thank you "Bleed For This" ending song.
tsifotis007 답글 연결
It sounds like a blues version of "word up". Nice
Cat Bolt
Cat Bolt 답글 연결
thanks orange
Radu G
Radu G 1 답글 연결
The song goes perfect with the movie.
Francesco Baldoni
Bleed - Più forte del destino
Alcassahno 1876
Alcassahno 1876 답글 연결
Bleed for this brought me here lol
Lacey Kimble
Lacey Kimble 답글 연결
I've been a fan since 2012..... keep it real Mr. Beal
Aleksa Babic Rezonja
Bleed For This, bre.
Dimza P
Dimza P 답글 연결
"We started this in a basement, VInny... A fucking basement!" ahhhhhh so good
Steph Cambridge
Steph Cambridge 답글 연결
Bleed for this👊👊

Tom Hodgkins
Tom Hodgkins 1 답글 연결
anyone from 'bleed for this'?
amin sabe
amin sabe 답글 연결
Bleed for this
Tempting The Pagans
great song Mister Beal.
Big like
celia screamer
celia screamer 답글 연결
does somebody know what are the notes that the guitar plays?
Jhenfry 답글 연결
Poor Sophia ):
Cody Ginther
Cody Ginther 답글 연결
Everyone like "OITNB" lol i'm here from Bleed for this.
lukqee 답글 연결
Pazienza history brought me here.
Maxim Sim
Maxim Sim 답글 연결
Bleed For This
Sindri S Hjaltalín
Bleed for this
Critical Thoughts
I just saw a bomb ass porno with this song in the background