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Raury - God's Whisper
아티스트: Raury
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I won't compromise I won't live a life On my knees You think I am nothing I am nothing You've got something coming Something coming because I hear God's whisper Calling my name It's in the wind I am the savior (Sing it again!) Savior Savior (I can't hear you! What?) Savior (What?) Savior We are indigos (Savior, Savior) Living lives we chose (Savior, Savior) Show you're brave Those will faith (Savior, savior) On a mission Led by intuition You should listen because I hear God's whisper Calling my name It's in the wind I am the savior I hear God's whisper Calling my name It's in the wind I am the savior We are the saviors! I hear God's Whisper Calling my name We are the saviors! It's in the wind I am the savior We are the saviors! I hear God's Whisper Calling my name We are the saviors! It's in the wind I am the savior We are the saviors! Savior

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IDentity 답글 연결
how cool is this?
Russell Banda
Russell Banda 답글 연결
Raury you're amazing
Vince SC
Vince SC 답글 연결
The world will awaken when it puts down the bottle
Queen Micheline
Queen Micheline 답글 연결
came here from American Honey
Alex Ayo
Alex Ayo 답글 연결
Just heard this after watching american honey. Fire!!!
Bornas Libra
Bornas Libra 답글 연결
I understand why people think that todays music is "trash" and why they think "why is this overlooked by trash music." But understand that people listen to playboi carti or lil uzi vert (which im guessing are what people are calling trash) just to not think, dance and be happy. Yeah the lyrics might be garbage but we dont care because we just want to have fun. I dont always want to think. Sometimes i want to just not have a care in the world and listen to trap and the mumble rap to dance and have fun. But when i do want to think i would go to this and listen to every word. Im sure im just not speaking for myself.
B. Atalay
B. Atalay 답글 연결
American Honey <3
Thierry Moullet
Thierry Moullet 답글 연결
i came from Will
ana lucia chapilliquen mariñas
Temasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
Mathews Mwiti
Mathews Mwiti 답글 연결
man! I love the vibe on this guy's music. Raury is good!
Rina Gichangi
Rina Gichangi 답글 연결
American honey movie brought me here love the movie and the soundtracks. X
Ashaun Walwyn
Ashaun Walwyn 답글 연결
he should have rapped in this tho
Ashaun Walwyn
Ashaun Walwyn 답글 연결
he need to stop smoking cigarettes tho them cancer sticks
Ashaun Walwyn
Ashaun Walwyn 답글 연결
why is he so underrated if it wasnt for xxl i would not have found this talented soul
June Kasper
June Kasper 답글 연결
American Honey
louisaparker 답글 연결
American Honey brought me here. I've no idea who this singer is.
J.J. S.
J.J. S. 답글 연결
Bro I've heard this song before and it was decent. But now that I rediscovered your music, it's good as a mofucka bro. Much love man, stay up with these bangers man. Chill ass real music man
sidgurl21 답글 연결
American honey
TRHDefintion 답글 연결
dani musumba
dani musumba 답글 연결
i came from Need For Speed 2015 to Devil's Whisper to God's Whisper. What a journey.

We Watch
We Watch 1 답글 연결
Alguien más aquí por Izhan?
Tomasz Nowak
Tomasz Nowak 답글 연결
Beautiful song
Gina Calls
Gina Calls 5 답글 연결
Who's here from WILL 😭♥️♥️
swapnil phirke
swapnil phirke 답글
Me! Awesome show, isn't it? :)
Noah Siffel
Noah Siffel 답글 연결
Respect the effort in making something with a message which is rare these days but this is a waste of great music with somebody basically talking over it complete trash ✌️😶👎
Earl Boogie
Earl Boogie 답글 연결
I'm here because Lucy
reggaered 답글 연결
this i an awesome track
swagittarius nr
swagittarius nr 답글 연결
this is one of those songs that grabs you.... thought provoking ....this is an artist
J Hyphy
J Hyphy 답글 연결
ik its intentional but the fact they're drinking in front of a dead end sign stands out to me, the symbol, the message, the picture it paints. Raury need more recognition💯
TheSusietv 4 답글 연결
will brought me here
Gloria Galan
Gloria Galan 답글 연결
please let this be the turning point in this generation's taste in music. Share make this go viral.... worldwide

Brian Stangu
Brian Stangu 답글 연결
Anyone here after watching American Honey?
Karrington Rogers
chance raury and Gambino together would be amazing
Loby Bestboy
Loby Bestboy 답글 연결
American Honey made me love this shit yall
BIG DARIUS 1 답글 연결
La mejor cancion, que he escuchado desde hace años.
ESPECTACULAR Raury, continue with this amazing work
scully isbackagain
scully isbackagain 1 답글 연결
anyone here from american honey?
DirtyDinner24 답글 연결
This is by far his best song.
Jordânia Carvalho
Jordânia Carvalho 1 답글 연결
Perfect song to the final scne of American Honey. Just in love <3
Mais Br's aqui?
Tea Bračić
Tea Bračić 답글 연결
good job
anthony guzman
anthony guzman 답글 연결
artistas de u.s.a como estos hacen crecer la musica
leon scoth kenedy