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When the world’s caving in And the world stops Hear the voices Beckoning Me towards the rocks Lie awake Watch the city sleep Silent road Watch the crowds Leave their sheets And the credits roll I believe in you I believe in you It’s not over I will stand In the eye Of the storm [musical break] Feel the pulse Quickening Brushing eyes Feel my hide Sickening In pain subside I believe in you I believe in you It’s not over I will stand In the eye Of the storm I will stand In the eye- I will stand In the eye Of the storm! It’s not over! It’s not over! It’s not over! Of the storm!

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robINATOR !!!
robINATOR !!! 답글 연결
Thank you deepwater horizon
VoiTech 답글 연결
Anybody els got a video not available?
oompsieee sidekick
oompsieee sidekick 1 답글 연결
fucking awesome song
Owen Loveland
Owen Loveland 답글 연결
o1cloud 답글 연결
The shannara chronicles has led me here. So good.
YogaGirl 답글 연결
Emma Weekley
Emma Weekley 답글 연결
love this song
XxkawaiipotatoxX 답글 연결
is this copyrighted
VoiTech 답글
XxkawaiipotatoxX can you not watch it ?
John Garcia
John Garcia 답글 연결
yeah same the deepwater horizon bought me here
B.B Port
B.B Port 답글 연결
I love this band so much, they pretty much fit the soundtrack to a book I am writing. This brilliant and powerful song happens to be a part of it. <3
Meagen Kasey
Meagen Kasey 1 답글 연결
My good taste in music brought me here
Legion 답글 연결
Слушает кто нибудь из России ? )))))
LostKarma 답글 연결
It took me about a year to finally find this song... omfg
SIERRA squad
SIERRA squad 2 답글 연결
wtf 90% of the people who Listen to this Came from deepwater Horizon you dont have to weite this every Time no one Cares
Shadow Prime 9
Shadow Prime 9 답글 연결
GODZILLA the force of nature trailer brought me here.
Chris Polanco
Chris Polanco 답글 연결
I'm be the only one who wasn't brought here because of 'Deepwater Horizon'.
Fabi Hoffmann
Fabi Hoffmann 답글 연결
Thanks to the increasing Trailer of Deepwater Horizon, which brought me here
Astrid DragonForest
Deepwater Horizon got me here.
Splitluffy 2 답글 연결
Can i use this in a video?
My first sword
My first sword 답글 연결
all yall talkin about DWH and im here cuz of the shannara chronicles (amazing show btw)

sxcstarz 답글 연결
The Shannara Chronicles brought me here <3
Mitchcario Trimm
Mitchcario Trimm 답글 연결
Emma 답글 연결
Deepwater Horizon brought me here :) (which was an awesome movie!)
Jasmine McGregor
Jasmine McGregor 답글
Deep water horizon was the best!
Muh Har
Muh Har 2 답글 연결
2:40 ..Thank me later
Baalthazar Enforcer
When I was watching the traile of Deepwater Horizon, I really thought, this was 30 Seconds to Mars :D
TheDagDragon 2 답글 연결
We desperately need a music video for this song
Marion Grandjean
Marion Grandjean 답글 연결
Incroyable ! <3
First Name Last Name
if u wanna watch deepwater horizon get kodi and search tutorial,just watched it was great
Lucy White
Lucy White 1 답글 연결
I cried during deepwater Horizons trailer. I went to see the movie the next day and cried even more during the movie :( . Amazing movie but heartbreaking to see it go up in flames. :(
Maria Angelica
Maria Angelica 답글 연결
Que alguien la traduzca :c
Manuel Lardizabal
Manuel Lardizabal 답글
Cuando el mundo está cediendo,
y el mundo se detiene.
Escucha las voces
haciendo señas,
entre las rocas.

Mantente despierto.
ve la ciudad dormir,
la carretera silenciosa.
Mira la multitúd
dejar sus asientos,
y pasan los créditos.
Yo creo en ti
Yo creo en ti
No se ha acabado.

Yo estaré,
en el ojo
de la tempestad.


Siente el pulso
Ojos cepillados
Siente mi piel
Desplomarse en dolor.

Yo creo en ti
Yo creo en ti
No se ha acabado.

Yo estaré,
en el ojo-
Yo estaré
en el ojo



Algo así

HavokzProjectz 5 답글 연결
I listen to X Ambassadors but I have to Thank " Deep water Horizon"
Draven Sieczka
Draven Sieczka 1 답글 연결
when this song plays in theaters during the deep horizon trailer,i get goosebumps. it's so powerful and incrediblem gorgeous song.
Julien Donzel
Julien Donzel 답글 연결
Why is this not available?
Chinese food182
Chinese food182 답글 연결
deepwater horizon:)
Michele Mcshepherd
Martin Sosa Dias
Martin Sosa Dias 2 답글 연결
I'm here because of Deepwater Horizon's trailer :D
RollersPostulate 답글 연결
Whitney Johnson
Whitney Johnson 1 답글 연결
this song gives me chills oh my god
Seliyah Aki Franklin
thank the goddess for Shazam because i would have been so upset watching the trailer. and not knowing the name of this song
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