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You'll never feel happy You'll never feel happy, no you won't, until you try! You'll never feel happy You'll never feel happy, until you even try [x7] You'll never feel happy, until you try You'll never feel happy, until you even try [x3] You'll never feel happy, until you try Everybody needs this Everybody needs this, happy thing Everybody needs this, everybody needs this, happy thing This song is not a gospel song This song is not a funk song This song is not a wrong song This song is a real song aaaah! You'll never feel happy, until you even try! [x4] I need to be happy! Every, everyday! And every night! Everybody! Again and again! You know what? you'll never never never never never never never never feel.. You'll never feel happy, until you even try ... Never never never, Never never never, Never never never, Never never never woooou! You'll never feel happy, until you even try! [x4] Haheheuhoho...

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Fakhrusy Syakirin
dancing everyday~
Baby Jess
Baby Jess 답글 연결
My favorite part is from 3:59-4:19
Ashley Perrotte
Ashley Perrotte 답글 연결
The dancing in this video is amazing 👍🏽😁
Tracy Triggs
Tracy Triggs 답글 연결
I LOVE this song!!! Ever notice how songs about being happy...make you happy?
Blacknewblack 답글 연결
70% Black people
10% dance
10% light
5% Canal+
5% shoes
Mindofamango 답글 연결
is anyone else not caring that im here from ride along
adrian Villarreal
we need a 10 hour loop of this song
Martyn Timmis
Martyn Timmis 답글 연결
FLIPSYED PRODUCTIONS. C2C. They promised me their 1st Album after I followed them due to DMC. Alas, they forgot or whatever! I loved their mix. At the time I was doing amateur radio & I plugged them, big time!
Benson Troscinski
Am I the only one who noticed how long it was? Lol I know u just looked
Tiff Lawrence
Tiff Lawrence 답글 연결
🎶🔊"Everybody needs this..." 🎶 Yeaasss!!!!
KnifingGHST 답글 연결
this is how cocaine spread in the black communities
Danizox Silva
Danizox Silva 답글 연결
Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey 답글 연결
Shitty clothing and furniture commercials aside, this song is awesome
NJP695 답글 연결
I want a full, single cut of the dancing! Too many cuts when the guy's on his groove!
James Roan
James Roan 답글 연결
Comparing this song to Pharells just because the song titles are the same make you look like an unintelligent dunce
Shocky shooky
Shocky shooky 답글 연결
Thanks Macy's
Hey y'all does anyone know any other songs that sound like this one? I'm looking for one I played a lot a year or so ago and can't find it :/
Janice Zeno
Janice Zeno 답글 연결
Powerful energy everyday love it!!...♥
MGNR Family
MGNR Family 답글 연결
Que baile es este??? 😍😍😍
Kuba T.
Kuba T. 답글 연결
This song is a real song!

i am a cactus
i am a cactus 답글 연결
The Secret Life of Pets
CMDR Hyper
CMDR Hyper 1 답글 연결
This is quality shit, subbed
Tristan Alenus
Tristan Alenus 답글 연결
What's this dance style called?
Joe Kinney
Joe Kinney 답글 연결
I wish I could dance like this.
Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho 답글 연결
Ultimate Izzy
Ultimate Izzy 답글 연결
Marina Oldoerp
Marina Oldoerp 답글 연결
who look this also 2017 ? ever when i listen this song i want to dance its a very good song 🤓🤓🤗🤗😋😋
Daniel Huseynov
Daniel Huseynov 답글 연결
They need more attention!
Drigo MB
Drigo MB 답글 연결
Brazil here !! Very Very Good !!
Renato Marinelli
Renato Marinelli 답글 연결
Anybody knows what's the dancer name and/or the dancing style name?

Adam Owens
Adam Owens 답글 연결
arnaud kodia
arnaud kodia 답글 연결
be happy!!
Sydney Moses
Sydney Moses 답글 연결
I like this song and Pharrell's
H.M.D_ Fx
H.M.D_ Fx 답글 연결
Mune brought me here
YASS this is my music for my dance routine sooooo likeing this!!
Emi lik
Emi lik 답글 연결
me gusto la cancion me alegro estoy feliz
xMondayFly 답글 연결
If it had a decent video it would be way more popular, I SWEAR
Zineb Ouahi
Zineb Ouahi 답글 연결
wooooooooh bravooo bravooo
funny Time Time
funny Time Time 답글 연결
to be wonderful!!
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