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You'll never feel happy You'll never feel happy, no you won't, until you try! You'll never feel happy You'll never feel happy, until you even try [x7] You'll never feel happy, until you try You'll never feel happy, until you even try [x3] You'll never feel happy, until you try Everybody needs this Everybody needs this, happy thing Everybody needs this, everybody needs this, happy thing This song is not a gospel song This song is not a funk song This song is not a wrong song This song is a real song aaaah! You'll never feel happy, until you even try! [x4] I need to be happy! Every, everyday! And every night! Everybody! Again and again! You know what? you'll never never never never never never never never feel.. You'll never feel happy, until you even try ... Never never never, Never never never, Never never never, Never never never woooou! You'll never feel happy, until you even try! [x4] Haheheuhoho...

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Chema Sanchez
Chema Sanchez 답글 연결
I think , happy was only from pharrel , but , i have missed it with this song , AMAZING!
OmgKeyLOL 답글 연결
The dance made my day tbh god damn
EggTerminator 답글 연결
The Rookie cop
The Rookie cop 답글 연결
damn these dancers are fire! I couldn't stop watching!
Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon 답글 연결
One is looking like C.J McCollum lmao
POPYOP 답글 연결
de la merde
asriel dreemurr genderbend version
i heard this on a macys spring commercial
Sigurdur Herlufsen
Sá lifnaði aldeilis við!
Þetta minnir mig á Léttsveitina í fyrrakvöld með sína geggjuðu tónleika - fullir af lífsorku og gleði.
Brae Borj
Brae Borj 답글 연결
Atornity 답글 연결
4:20 :I
Argylle Lucrest
Argylle Lucrest 답글 연결
I keep coming back to this song. I love this song.
lol lowrider
lol lowrider 답글 연결
I'm tired lol
Marvellous Bowser
Lol 420
Jozef M
Jozef M 답글 연결
MEGA!!! :D
Micheal Harris
Micheal Harris 답글 연결
What style of dance is this?! I need to learn it ASAP!!
urbex prod
urbex prod 답글 연결
Pûnk Rock
Pûnk Rock 답글 연결
awesome music and dance <3
DaBoss Gaming
DaBoss Gaming 답글 연결
didnt know that dancing is transfered thru touch to the head
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 답글 연결
Pierre 답글 연결
i guess obama care did this to him?

3 Theory
3 Theory 답글 연결
How am I just now finding this?? SO DAMN GOOD!
Rage Alot
Rage Alot 답글 연결
I found a subliminal message (u dont have to care), you could see theres that wooden 'thing' behind the man, it has 2 crosses, both of them being upside down...was i the only one to notice?
theFederalist 답글 연결
Did I really just hunt down a song in a Macy's ad?
Rebeca Salas
Rebeca Salas 답글 연결
What kind of dance is this? it is amazing
SMA WJ 답글 연결
eargasm is an understatement
thomas washington
Meroko26 답글 연결
Just saw the Macy's commercial and had to come here to listen to this.
Demetrius Dodson
Demetrius Dodson 답글 연결
I've heard this song for a few years on commercials and could never find it, I'm so glad I got it now
Saskia Davies
Saskia Davies 답글 연결
Love this so much. The dancers are [insert hyperbolic slang term for "extremely pleasing and talented"]. So perfect. King Charles and Story Basquiat are *unreal*.
Fakhrusy Syakirin
dancing everyday~

Baby Jess
Baby Jess 답글 연결
My favorite part is from 3:59-4:19
Ashley Perrotte
Ashley Perrotte 답글 연결
The dancing in this video is amazing 👍🏽😁
Tracy Triggs
Tracy Triggs 답글 연결
I LOVE this song!!! Ever notice how songs about being happy...make you happy?
*Blacknewblack* 답글 연결
70% Black people
10% dance
10% light
5% Canal+
5% shoes
Mindofamango 답글 연결
is anyone else not caring that im here from ride along
adrian Villarreal
we need a 10 hour loop of this song
Martyn Timmis
Martyn Timmis 답글 연결
FLIPSYED PRODUCTIONS. C2C. They promised me their 1st Album after I followed them due to DMC. Alas, they forgot or whatever! I loved their mix. At the time I was doing amateur radio & I plugged them, big time!
Benson Troscinski
Am I the only one who noticed how long it was? Lol I know u just looked
Tiff Lawrence
Tiff Lawrence 답글 연결
🎶🔊"Everybody needs this..." 🎶 Yeaasss!!!!
KnifingGHST 답글 연결
this is how cocaine spread in the black communities
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