Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy 가사

Philip Paul Bliss - Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy
아티스트: Philip Paul Bliss
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1. Brightly beams our Father's mercy From His lighthouse evermore, But to us He gives the keeping Of the lights along the shore. (Chorus) Let the lower lights be burning; Send a gleam across the wave. Some poor fainting, struggling seaman You may rescue, you may save. 2. Dark the night of sin has settled; Loud the angry billows roar. Eager eyes are watching, longing, For the lights along the shore. 3. Trim your feeble lamp, my brother; Some poor sailor, tempest-tossed, Trying now to make the harbor, In the darkness may be lost.

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Stephen M. Stouter
I'm catholic, but Mormon tabernacle choir is amazing
Jimmy Rere
Jimmy Rere 답글 연결
I'm always in tears wen I listen to the tabernal choir , it feels like holy angels are singing in my home wen things get bad in my home ,Love the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints
trevylove 답글 연결
Beautiful sound, peaceful feelings, may we rest and be saved in the end of days.
Zephaniah3verse17 1 답글 연결
Always reminds me of Cornwall; but Lord, as you've not sent me to live there, may my lower lights be burning for you here in Suffolk.
Dale Boman
Dale Boman 1 답글 연결
My favorite Ryan Murphy arrangement.
Samone Isom
Samone Isom 1 답글 연결
so uplifting!
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 9 답글 연결
It's the "lower lights," the little torches that guide the ships among the shoals. We are the lower lights--not always the lighthouse we think we must be.
John Dudek
John Dudek 6 답글 연결
How thankful for the light from the shore. I watch the choir every Sunday on BYU TV. I am 85 and have been a follower of the choir since I was 12. They fill my soul with the spirit of rescuer every S
gilda spieckermann
gilda spieckermann 3 답글 연결
ilove mormon tabernacle choir ,,bcoz iam a mormon,,,,
S Saunders
S Saunders 1 답글 연결
One of my all time favorites!  Thank you!