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Barns Courtney - Fire
아티스트: Barns Courtney

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  • Glitter & Gold
    Glitter & Gold
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Lonely shadow's following me Lonely ghost come crawling Lonely voices talking to me Now I'm gone 3x And my mom told me "Son let it be" Sold my soul to the calling Sold my soul to sweet melody Now I'm gone 3x Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x Thousand faces staring at me Thousand times I'v fallen Thousand voices dead at my feet Now I'm gone 3x And my mom told me "Son let it be" Sold my soul to the calling Sold my soul to sweet melody Now I'm gone 3x Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x Ghosts and devils come crawling Crawling my name out lost in the fire Sweet virgin blood is calling Calling my name out Lost in the fire Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x

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OmegaSaiyan92 답글 연결
honestly Lucifer's season 2 finale brought me here, but this is a good song without the free advertising from a TV show
OmegaSaiyan92 답글 연결
must get tiring playing a guitar while walking everywhere
Anto AB
Anto AB 1 답글 연결
Suits??? Anyone???
blmonkey 답글 연결
Wish Barns allows his monetizing songs on others' YouTube vids instead of Blocking. Last night I was going to push out a YouTube of the Follow Me feature of my drone so I googled 'follow me' song... and discovered Fire. Bought the track off 'Zon and instantly loved it. It fit perfect in length and ironically I came here to see the music video and he's walking at the beginning and running at the end... exactly what I was doing with my drone following in front of me... lol. Going back to buy the full album... love his stuff
Ilia Bilyk
Ilia Bilyk 답글 연결
Rugved Navandar
Rugved Navandar 답글 연결
FIFA 17theme song, Suits Adapted it as well!!1
Thiefgamer 답글 연결
listen to this song at 1.5 speed
MargretParsa 답글 연결
The first song I heard of his was "Glitter and Gold" and I only heard his voice. Did anyone else think he was older than what he actually was or was it just me? Definitely not in a bad way, it just works with the songs and makes them that even more amazing twist.
#TheQueenofRandom# And etc!
But my mix tapes are lit
Siddharth Upadhyay
Barns Courtney is great!.
He makes me feel about Queens.
I feel bold by hearing his song..................
Zuz Boj
Zuz Boj 답글 연결
YouTube recommendation brought me here, so grateful <3
Alfie Soloman
Alfie Soloman 답글 연결
Have u herd glitter and gold
Luciana 답글 연결
lol I'm here because of Teen Wolf
Anyone think this guy is underrated.
Franki brought me here.
Richard 답글 연결
Pandora radio brought me here.
lovely A
lovely A 답글 연결
I heard this song in an ad probably like a month and a half ago and tried my best to remember the lyrics and find the song on google but I couldn't find it. I watched XCX Charli's new video and saw a list of the names of the guys in the music video. I searched the ones I didn't know and Barns Courtney was one of them. I saw this music video of his and turns out this was the song I had been looking for for the past month and a half, wow. Now I can't stop replaying it, is so good!!
Laurabcn 답글 연결
I'm here from FIFA 17 and Dirt 4 😂
Louise Raymond
Louise Raymond 답글 연결
Lucifer brought me here.
Dojo Sensai
Dojo Sensai 답글 연결
Such a deep song for the brainless.

The Proteanthread
this song was way popular before suits. suits sucks.
Victor 답글 연결
Lucifer S02E18 brought me here
Nico Lieber
Nico Lieber 1 답글 연결
Wie so hat justen bieber mehr Fans als er
Sherry Vincent
Sherry Vincent 답글 연결
Suits brought me here too!!!!
Thiefgamer 답글 연결
who else found this song before it exploded on every trailer for everything
Two Nerds and a Geek Productions
Wanna know what brought me here? Hellfire was recommended to me.  I listened to it.  I liked it.  So I decided to check out some of his other songs.  This is good too.  I like it.  So I'm listening to it.  End of story
TrueBlue26 답글 연결
There are no gifts for Harvey. What Harvey wants, Harvey gets.
Pedro Portes Peck
Anyone here because of Frankie's DayZ series?
Cubalibre 답글 연결
He plated the monkfish....upside down 3 times
pepa valenta
pepa valenta 답글 연결
Barns: ok so now you are going to move backwards with the camera just so I can keep on. understood?
Cameraman: sure thing boss! *silent laugh*
Barns: umm bro you can slow down a little
Barns: bro? you hear me?
Barns: phew... thanks...

bobbie9093 답글 연결
Barns Courtney where have you been all my life?
Wally Berger
Wally Berger 답글 연결
Wow. That sound makes my head vibrate. Haunting.
Dito 답글 연결
Luzifer brought me here XD
Mctwisp Rabbit
Mctwisp Rabbit 답글 연결
this is lit
200016lLIVE☮ 답글 연결
super!!good luck!!love you!!<3
visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! :)
Molly R
Molly R 답글 연결
I met him and he talked about fried cheese curds
Bj La Rue
Bj La Rue 답글 연결
I like it , heard it from the movie Burnt, has a good beat!
Douglas Chagas
Douglas Chagas 답글 연결
Meu bom gosto musical é foda
Norbert Hegyesi
Norbert Hegyesi 답글 연결
shikha tewari
shikha tewari 답글 연결
Suits S7