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Van Halen - Everybody Wants Some!!
아티스트: Van Halen

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Ow! (Adlib jungle sounds) Ow! Ooh yeah! Oh yeah! You can't get romantic on a subway line Conductor don't like it, says, "You're wastin' your time" But everybody wants some! I want some too Everybody wants some! Baby, how 'bout you? Oh! Oh yeah! I took a mobile light, lookin' for a moonbeam. Ow! Yeah, ya stand in line ya got lost in a jet stream Ooh, everybody wants some! I want some too (Oh yeah) Everybody wants some! How about you? Ohhhh yeah Ooooh yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (Guitar solo) Everybody wants some! I want some too! Whoa! Everybody wants some! Hey, hey! How 'bout you? Yeah! (Adlib jungle sounds) Woo! Where'd you get that cheap cologne? Blehhh... I like.... I like the little way the line runs up the back of the stockings I've always liked those kind of high heels, too, ya know I... No, no, no, no don't take 'em off. Don't take...leave 'em on Yeah, that's it...a little more to the right Ow! Hey, hey, hey! Everybody wants some! I want some too. Whoa! Everybody wants some! Baby how 'bout you? Yeah! Everybody wants some! Everybody needs some! Everybody wants some! Everybody needs some! Ah yeah! Ahhh yeah! Look, I'll pay ya for it, what the fuck?

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BigMikeZO6 답글 연결
The line “I️ like the way the line runs up the back of the stockings” is so awesome!!!
Westley Eason
Westley Eason 답글 연결
Already Got it !
Pauliejsb1 ONE
Pauliejsb1 ONE 답글 연결
a little more to the Right...
Pauliejsb1 ONE
Pauliejsb1 ONE 답글 연결
Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer 답글 연결
Killer... flashback to my youth
Hard Rock Master
Hard Rock Master 답글 연결
Best song opening ! !
Robert E. Waring
Robert E. Waring 답글 연결
My Cat brought me here
Andre Bolden
Andre Bolden 답글 연결
i had some !
Elliott Salazar
Elliott Salazar 답글 연결
diamond dave and the crew at thier BEST !!! .if you dont like this , you're dead inside .
L H 답글 연결
they don't make music like this anymore
Whiskey River
Whiskey River 답글 연결
Love the 2K to 45 ratio
Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon 답글 연결
Better Off Dead brought me here
Jabba The Plutocrat
If Darren eats 6 packets of crisps can he have a 7th?Not really,hell throw up!
Pauliejsb1 ONE
Pauliejsb1 ONE 답글 연결
Pauliejsb1 ONE
Pauliejsb1 ONE 답글 연결
james Scudder
james Scudder 답글 연결
don't get much better than this
brent clarke
brent clarke 답글 연결
I love this tune.. :)
Robert Dominguez
Robert Dominguez 답글 연결
Now its 41...
sirlordwhitman 답글 연결
super easy to play on guitar but pure genius at the same time

Sean O'Dwyer
Sean O'Dwyer 답글 연결
Really less than a million views?
Scott Bogue
Scott Bogue 답글 연결
Jack Daniels bottles ciggs m÷ms beer Americans freight train thank you
Michael Lomenzo
Michael Lomenzo 답글 연결
3:36. Dave gets interrupted by Ed 😈
John Vertucci
John Vertucci 답글 연결
wish they made a video of this one. would've been awesome!!!
Fearsome Name
Fearsome Name 답글 연결
I've always liked those kinda high heels too, I use 'em as handles.
Donny G
Donny G 답글 연결
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor 답글 연결
The real deal!
Kristopher mathis
uhh 38 dislikes really? It's motherfuckin Van Halen bitches!!!
Johnnyblaze Allday
Johnnyblaze Allday 1 답글 연결
Yeah I'm going to get some leg tonight
Thomas Cox
Thomas Cox 1 답글 연결
I got some...wyandotte nation forever!!!!

TV2 Media
TV2 Media 답글 연결
About as heavy as rock n roll can get and still call it Rock n Roll \m/
Kevin Macdonald
Kevin Macdonald 답글 연결
the 38 with thumb down,im gonna fuck your girlfriend's woooow
Brad Query
Brad Query 답글 연결
another classic from the greatest american rock band
Tom Slick
Tom Slick 1 답글 연결
56 years old , and this song still GETS ME IN TROUBLE. lol
Dan Warren
Dan Warren 1 답글 연결
Philip Cavanagh
Philip Cavanagh 답글 연결
This vinyl?
ChadEWackitz 2 답글 연결
Van Halen was awesome huh?
Griffin Contreras
lets spread are wings an fly
mike carr
mike carr 답글 연결
I feel like tarzan     where s  jane
PittyThePitty Gaming
this is in my film!