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Van Halen - Everybody Wants Some!!
아티스트: Van Halen
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Ow! (Adlib jungle sounds) Ow! Ooh yeah! Oh yeah! You can't get romantic on a subway line Conductor don't like it, says, "You're wastin' your time" But everybody wants some! I want some too Everybody wants some! Baby, how 'bout you? Oh! Oh yeah! I took a mobile light, lookin' for a moonbeam. Ow! Yeah, ya stand in line ya got lost in a jet stream Ooh, everybody wants some! I want some too (Oh yeah) Everybody wants some! How about you? Ohhhh yeah Ooooh yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (Guitar solo) Everybody wants some! I want some too! Whoa! Everybody wants some! Hey, hey! How 'bout you? Yeah! (Adlib jungle sounds) Woo! Where'd you get that cheap cologne? Blehhh... I like.... I like the little way the line runs up the back of the stockings I've always liked those kind of high heels, too, ya know I... No, no, no, no don't take 'em off. Don't take...leave 'em on Yeah, that's it...a little more to the right Ow! Hey, hey, hey! Everybody wants some! I want some too. Whoa! Everybody wants some! Baby how 'bout you? Yeah! Everybody wants some! Everybody needs some! Everybody wants some! Everybody needs some! Ah yeah! Ahhh yeah! Look, I'll pay ya for it, what the fuck?

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Kyle Doll
Kyle Doll 답글 연결
Look I'll pay ya for it what the fuck
1x4x9 1 답글 연결
Just wanting more brought me here
Don Thompson
Don Thompson 답글 연결
Dave is my Hero..
1:29 夜景でも見るか わっ 寒いな
Daniel Persson
Daniel Persson 1 답글 연결
"Aht seek oo boopoo ladda looky fora moopy!"
Every time, I swear.
LyleVSXyle 답글 연결
Thank God for rednecks!!!
Julie Rife
Julie Rife 답글 연결
One of my favorite Van Halen songs!! :)
Daniel Marone
Daniel Marone 답글 연결
dancing bubby burger brought me here
mark thrasher
mark thrasher 답글 연결
Another cocaine song.
MrKajithecat 답글 연결
Goddamn, why haven't I heard this before? This is some awesome stuff.
IbleedINC 답글
I meant to say I wasn't a huge fan of Sammys years. I've since grown to respect him.
IbleedINC 답글
Really? Man, my parents were fucking awesome!
well in a nutshell, there's two sides of VH. David Lee Roth sings in their early shit, Sammy Haggar sings their later stuff.my favorite by far is 'Ain't talking bout love','unchained','panama'....want a huge fan of "Van-Haggar"lol but check it out
chipsdips 답글 연결
cant hear it on this track but on my car stereo i can hear David Lee getting higher on vocals then the sound between 238 and 250
Prabhu Vairavel
Prabhu Vairavel 2 답글 연결
Came Here after watching Everybody wants some
Daisey Fitzherbert Stewart
zombieland brought me here :)
DreamEater 86
DreamEater 86 답글
Daisey Fitzherbert Stewart same here
Edwin Drood
Edwin Drood 답글 연결
Amazing song. Quite possibly a good Christmas song, too
Robert Stenfeldt
Robert Stenfeldt 1 답글 연결
van Halen music is legendary and it's. awesome. never will stop listening. to. van Halen or any other. rock. groups rock on dudes.
D Tittle1964
D Tittle1964 4 답글 연결
Kevin C.
Kevin C. 2 답글
I like that film, D Tittle1964; Especially the Bluray version.
Abel Forester
Abel Forester 1 답글 연결
a kickass cheeseburger introduced me to this
Robert Lemuel
Robert Lemuel 8 답글 연결
underated van Halen song
The Fantango's
The Fantango's 2 답글 연결
Tallahassee sent me here
Nate K
Nate K 답글 연결
One of the best songs in my opinion

Rick Woolsey
Rick Woolsey 답글 연결
I want some too!
Gaming Galaxies
Gaming Galaxies 5 답글 연결
Gondo Marks
Gondo Marks 6 답글 연결
I'm really sorry your mom blew up Ricky.
STuRM ZuFuHReN 답글 연결
JTR Guitar Lessons
Better off Dead😂
Sergio Zayasbazan
just cause they want some too ? ohhhh yea yea, yea, yea ?
Ray Baby
Ray Baby 답글 연결
And i do mean EVERYBODY!
thelittlepilgrim 13 답글 연결
I seek a booba ladda lookin for a mook bee.
Kimberly Ecker
Kimberly Ecker 답글
thelittlepilgrim Hahahaha
thelittlepilgrim 1 답글 연결
Let's see if you have any brains at all. First, you take the meat, pat it in the pig mold....
Brian Seymour
Brian Seymour 답글 연결
Better Off Dead drove me to hear the legendary anthem that is this song!

MrMichaelrg 1 답글 연결
I heard Tommy Iommi say during an airing of 'The Metal Shop' back in the early 80's that this was the heaviest metal song he'd ever heard... and at the time it was!
Mad Mark
Mad Mark 답글 연결
I'll show them what everybody wants...
Desiree McCoy
Desiree McCoy 답글 연결
Cesar Chewy.com
Desiree McCoy
Desiree McCoy 1 답글
Thanks for the Pleasure.
GameaPlaya 32 답글 연결
Every time I make burgers this song pops into my head! xD
Phil Trujeque
Phil Trujeque 답글
I love to be proven wrong! Good on ya bud!
84Bronco351 2 답글
I'm 17 and I got it. I much prefer to think of his Camaro rather than the burger scene.
YukiSnake 1 답글
Good movie XD
Clark Liberty
Clark Liberty 5 답글
+VisCerebral Music
I could be at home,drinking this monster eggnog my brother makes with lighter fluid.
Phil Trujeque
Phil Trujeque 답글
I love how this comment is picking up some speed
Ryan Swan
Ryan Swan 답글 연결
sexest songs
PeterZeeke 답글 연결
Jimi Lev
Jimi Lev 답글 연결
In Cali in the 70's we loved Van Halen with David Lee Roth , When the Van Halens & Roth parted ways it sucked , I personally liked Hagar on his own yes they were successful but it was never the same we grew up with Van Halen listening to this music 24-7 Van Hagar IMO sucked they became commercialized I liked alot of the new stuff but , Honestly we liked every single song on every record they ever put out they were the best in there day .
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts 2 답글 연결
you could make a reasonable case for this being the greatest rock and roll song of all time.
Camp X-Ray
Camp X-Ray 답글
Hello: Argue off your gonads. All great rock n roll songs are great. WTF!
john dough
john dough 답글
A perfect strip club song to get the girls playing. I'll say nothing past that.
B OB 3 답글
Absolutely true.......this fucking rocks in every way.....
Ninten Guy
Ninten Guy 44 답글 연결
Everybody wants some!! GREAT freaking movie!
Swan Chase Films
Swan Chase Films 답글
A very underrated film imo. Linklater is a subtle genius.
Ninten Guy
Ninten Guy 2 답글
+pistolpete667 It wasnt as good as Dazed but still a lot of fun.
pistolpete667 2 답글
Ninten Guy I thought the film was rather pointless
Nemoris Inferioris
Nemoris Inferioris 답글
Miciah Martin
Miciah Martin 2 답글
+Ninten Guy I dont believe in a perfect Circle.
NeilMars SixxLee
NeilMars SixxLee 답글 연결
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