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Chamillionaire - Ridin'
아티스트: Chamillionaire
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[Chorus] They see me rollin They hatin Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty My music so loud I'm swangin They hopin that they gon catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty [Verse 1 - Chamillionaire] Police think they can see me lean I'm tint so it ain't easy to be seen When you see me ride by they can see the glean And my shine on the deck and the TV screen Ride with a new chick, she like hold up Next to the playstation controller is a full clip and my pistola Turn a jacker into a coma Girl you ain't know, I'm crazy like Krayzie Bone Just tryin to bone ain't tryin to have no babies Rock clean itself so I pull in ladies Laws of patrolling you know they hate me Music turned all the way up until the maximum I can speak for some niggas tryin to jack for some But we packin somethin that we have and um will have a nigga locked up in the maximum Security cell, I'm grippin oak Music loud and tippin slow Twist and twistin like hit this dough Police pull up from behind and is in his throat Windows down gotta stop pollution CDs change niggas like who is that producing? This the Play-N-Skillz when we out and cruisin Got warrants in every city except Houston but I'm still ain't losin [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Krayzie Bone] I been drinkin and smokin holdin shit cause a brother can't focus I gotta get to home 'fore the po po's scope this big ol Excursion swerving all up in the curve man Nigga been sippin on that Hennessey and the gin again is in again we in the wind Doin a hundred while I puff on the blunt And rollin another one up, we livin like we ain't givin a fuck I got a revolver in my right hand, 40 oz on my lap freezing my balls Roll a nigga tree, green leaves and all Comin pretty deep, me and my do-jo I gotta get back to backstreets Wanted by the six pound and I got heat glock glock shots to the block we creep creep Pop Pop hope cops don't see me, on a low key With no regards for the law we dodge em like fuck em all But I won't get caught up and brought up on charges for none of y'all Keep a gun in car, and a blunt to spark, but well if you want, nigga you poppin dark Ready or not we bust shots off in the air Krayzie Bone and Chamillionaire [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Chamillionaire] Do what you thinkin so, I tried to let you go Turn up a blink of light and I swang it slower A nigga upset for sure cause they think they know that they catchin me with plenty of the drink and dro So they get behind me tryin to check my tags, look at my rearview and they smilin Thinkin they'll catch me on the wrong well keep tryin Cause they denyin is racial profiling Houston, TX you can check my tags Pull me over try to check my slab Glove compartment gotta get my cash Cause the crooked cops try to come up fast And been a baller that I am I talk to them, giving a damn bout not feeling my attitude When they realize I ain't even ridin dirty bet you'll be leavin with an even madder mood I'mma laugh at you then I'mma have to cruise I'm in number two on some more DJ Screw You can't arrest me plus you can't sue This a message to the laws tellin them WE HATE YOU I can't be touched or tell 'em that they shoulda known Tippin' down, sittin' crooked on my chrome Bookin' my phone, tryin' to find a chick I wanna bone Like they couldn't stop me I'mma 'bout to pull up at your home and it's on [Chorus 2x]

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Shamsul Fikri
Shamsul Fikri 답글 연결
33k dislike , they hatingggg
shree govind
shree govind 답글 연결
This is still dope
The Daniil
The Daniil 답글 연결
kay brazil
kay brazil 답글 연결
Your a copycat you copied wired al
Eccentric Smithy
Eccentric Smithy 답글 연결
Dude looks like he got kicked in the face by a Clydesdale.
Amy May
Amy May 답글 연결
super ratau
super ratau 1 답글 연결
Nice good
Joao Pedro Sousa Santos
Insanity 답글 연결
Anjela Gamer
Anjela Gamer 답글 연결
born in 2005 😂
Savage X
Savage X 답글 연결
When he says PlayStation controller it's actually Xbox :49
steven Kennedy
steven Kennedy 2 답글 연결
Krayzie Bone is amazing and this song is amazing no auto-tune straight bars and beautiful word play
Leonardo !
Leonardo ! 1 답글 연결
WHO watch 2017 ?? ;)
Hero Channel
Hero Channel 답글 연결
Thug Life
Gumbo 답글 연결
Who had this as there ring tone
Gumbo 답글 연결
1:14 or 1:13 shrek!?!
Alexander Gomez-Leon
Gumbo 답글 연결
1:22 in my brand new 2 year old bike
Gumbo 답글 연결
It says Playstaion but yet it's a Xbox360 controller
Gumbo 답글 연결
Who was riding a 2 year old bike down the road at midnight playing this really loud cause I did XD

TwichyPie 7
TwichyPie 7 답글 연결
I came here because they see me rolling!!!!!!!!!!!
Graça Gomes
Graça Gomes 답글 연결
nossa ele é bario
BlockMan // BMTV Gaming n' More!!
0:48 Playstation controller, she's holding an XBOX CONTROLLER! LMAO
Thranduwillson 답글 연결
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh 답글 연결
thug life
Tim leder
Tim leder 답글 연결
nice musik bro
Juan David Piedra Titimbo
Who is Watching it right now?. 22/03/17 11:06.
Pereira Torres
Pereira Torres 답글 연결
quem tá vendo em 2017?? kkkkkk brasileiro
Bàlint Sulyok
Bàlint Sulyok 답글 연결
CoolBoy04 71
CoolBoy04 71 답글 연결
The music is awesome!!!!!

Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman 답글 연결
So cool
Rous Garza
Rous Garza 답글 연결
fuck el que lo leea
Feras SY
Feras SY 1 답글 연결
who else is watching this on 2017 !!!!!!
Toto 답글 연결
milion laików ktoby pomyślał
Veltyn ッ
Veltyn ッ 2 답글 연결
I was with my aunt and uncle in a stupid jacked farm, Nothing to do at all

Then one day they bought a horse, It smelled like shit so they called it "Dirty"

"If we catch you on top of dirty we will beat the shit out of you!!" They said. One day I was playing with a tire, I remember about dirty....

They see me rollin'
They Hatin'
They tryina' be catching me riding dirty
Elliott Ford
Elliott Ford 답글
Veltyn ッ If you're gonna copy a greentext then at least have the decency to post the whole thing. This isn't funny, nor does it read as well without the further context that the full greentext brings.
Elvin Santana
Elvin Santana 답글 연결
I finally found it!!
Tanya Warakagoda
Tanya Warakagoda 답글 연결
Did you know that it is an Xbox controller
Tanya Warakagoda
Tanya Warakagoda 답글 연결
I love this song
T Dente
T Dente 답글 연결
Wow, I remember about 8-9 months ago (couldn't have been a year) this video had about 10 million less than White and Nerdy. Guess everyone remembered it in mass or something.
Zolf3r 답글 연결
next to the playstation controller, an xbox controlled appears FML
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