Hoppípolla 가사

Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
아티스트: Sigur Rós
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[Icelandic:] Brosandi Hendumst í hringi Höldumst í hendur Allur heimurinn óskýr Nema þú stendur Rennblautur Allur rennvotur Engin gúmmístígvél Hlaupandi inn í okkur Vill springa út úr skel Vindurinn Og útilykt af hárinu þínu Ég anda eins fast og ég get Með nefinu mínu Hoppípolla I engum stígvélum Allur rennvotur (rennblautur) I engum stígvélum Og ég fæ blóðnasir En ég stend alltaf upp [Hopelandic] Og ég fæ blóðnasir Og ég stend alltaf upp [Hopelandic] [English Translation:] Smiling Spinning 'round and 'round Holding hands The whole world a blur But you are standing Soaked Completely drenched No rubber boots Running in us Want to erupt from a shell The wind And outdoor smell of your hair I breathe as hard as I can With my nose Hopping in puddles Completely drenched Soaked With no boots on And I get nosebleed But I always get up [Hopelandic] And I get nosebleed But I always get up [Hopelandic]

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Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal 답글 연결
10 years on and I still do not understand a single word but still, I've been listening to them for over a decade now. This is music. <3
Abiel Cotto
Abiel Cotto 답글 연결
they mostoff have a good,power plant for this.I imagine the natural acoustics. Woooouuu!!! Amazing...
maplesnare 2
maplesnare 2 답글 연결
We can feel many thigs from this song.. sad, warm, emptiness, peace and comfort
Cielvin 답글 연결
I wish I can live in this body of music ...so alive, my temporary runaway from the dread in life. thank you sigur ros and the uploader. today I had major breakdown, and this music is here to help me to feel lighter. :) btw, I love the improvisation added from 5:12 onwards, didn't hear that version in other official recording
Erlangga Marion
Erlangga Marion 답글 연결
iceland, see you soon.
buntefuss 답글 연결
I´m a train driver and last monday i had an accident. i hit a car that was ignoring the red lights and i hit her car. She died. My whole changed at that moment. I have a hard time but this here is helping me in a great way. this music is kinda sad and kinda not. It´s awesome.

without this i think i wouldn´t take it.

Nature loves us all and we must care for her, this music tells us not to forget xx
Fabio Mendes
Fabio Mendes 답글 연결
Wonderfullllllllllll can I live with you in your country????? Simply love, congratulationssss
宮本のぞみ 답글 연결
Kurt Maisu
Kurt Maisu 답글 연결
i wish i will be there.
Margriet Dijkstra
muziek van sigur ros brengt me terug in IJsland. Het geeft me dat magische gevoel. Wonderschone muziek.
S C 답글 연결
Damn wish I had discovered you guys a couple of months ago. Id go see yall in new orleans coming up soon. Sucks cause Im just 2 hours west
ross mazur
ross mazur 답글 연결
Outstanding song!
wtglb 답글 연결
I love how Orri beats those drums like it owes him money....
taeyang shin
taeyang shin 답글 연결
이번 지산에서는 꼭 불러주길ㅜ
Marzia Castagneri
Come li amo ❤️ed ora ascolterò Saeglopur 💙
GizmosAndGadgets 답글 연결
Can people just shut up about Iceland and just enjoy the music?
Roberto Patrini
Roberto Patrini 답글 연결
Love it
PrivateSchemers1 답글 연결
This is European music that touches the soul of the European volk.
That is why we respond so strongly.
Yrt 답글 연결
The black&white clips seem totally unrelated. Were those inserted by the uploader or were they on the DVD?

Manas Singh
Manas Singh 답글 연결
best song ever!!!!
Jjhh Hhhh
Jjhh Hhhh 답글 연결
I miss him 💔
mwcross1989 답글 연결
Með blóðnasir from 5:12 onwards..wow!!
Andres Izquierdo Ybazeta
7:03 let's fuck this lmao
furkan eren arslan
Şarkı ve söylendiği ortam insanın içini huzurla dolduruyor ama bunun yanında biraz hüzünde hissetmiyor değilsin. Klip zaten özellikle çok hoş ; Genci yaşlısı her nesilden insan çok güzel bir ovada çimenlere yayılmış grubu dinliyorlar. Grubun üyeleri her çeşit enstrüman kullanıp içlerinden her yaştan insanı barındırıyor. Bilmiyorum "Sigur Ros" hakkında başka ne denilebilir. Hoşsunuz abi devam..
Geno Turrise
Geno Turrise 답글 연결
Gorgeous song.
larassofi iqlima
larassofi iqlima 답글 연결
please tell me the exact location/ name of this beautiful canyon
Tlacuache 99
Tlacuache 99 답글 연결
1:25 im like that guy
Vishal Bhattacharjee
Iceland...here I come..!!
Es para mi una melodia tan llena de sentimiento y musicalmente tan completa....

samuja88 답글 연결
Vi ad-ORO
samuja88 답글 연결
Sigur ho una bimba di 3 anni.... Datemi tempo, vorrei portarla da voi💞
citizenpmd56 답글 연결
Rafael Wee
Rafael Wee 답글 연결
The audience seems so relax so chilled
Muammar Farouk
Muammar Farouk 답글 연결
AshradYa 답글 연결
kurtney Cobain
kurtney Cobain 답글 연결
i want to live in Iceland 😢😢😢
Israel Miller
Israel Miller 답글 연결
Beautiful song, beautiful land, beautiful people, beautiful soul!
Chris Speck
Chris Speck 1 답글 연결
This video reminds me of cheese, to cheddar to the classic American, and reminds me that no matter what kind of cheese you are, you'll never be as good as potatoes.
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