Law & Order Opening Theme

Mike Post - Law & Order Opening Theme
아티스트: Mike Post
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Toni Roberts
Toni Roberts 답글 연결
Bruh this is like de catchy-est theme songggg everrrrr
Shanners Gaming
Shanners Gaming 1 답글 연결
Thanks Boo, now I've had this theme stuck in my head for days. You fucking bitch.
Purple Haze
Purple Haze 답글 연결
always having this song in head when i see cops come to me to searching for drugs...and seeing this in orange is the new black season5 make me hardly laugh for the reference
Holly Anne
Holly Anne 1 답글 연결
Big boo
Night Skirr
Night Skirr 4 답글 연결
Who's else is here for Orange is the New Black?
daniel mitre
daniel mitre 3 답글 연결
Orange is the new black brought me here
Bryan Murray
Bryan Murray 답글 연결
Wow... I Am 28 grew up watching law and order as a kid in Canada.... Never knew this was a whole song
Mateo Y Sus Vídeos
Mateo Y Sus Vídeos 1 답글 연결
OITNB T 5 😍😍😍
Little Reader
Little Reader 4 답글 연결
Honestly, I'm here because of Orange Is The New Black, season 5.
Axel Fjellman tøp
Axel Fjellman tøp 답글
Little Reader hahahhahah same
luizreeinert 5 답글 연결
Orange is the new black
Daniel Beckwith
Daniel Beckwith 3 답글 연결
In America, everyone has the right to a fair trial...
Glenn Farac
Glenn Farac 답글 연결
Detective Munch!
Gabriel Borghetti
Gabriel Borghetti 2 답글 연결
Boo in Orange is the new black hahahaha!!!
Axel Fjellman tøp
Axel Fjellman tøp 1 답글
Gabriel Borghetti hahahahhaha i died 😂
ramen_noodles_w00t 4 답글 연결
Anyone else here because of big boo?
ramen_noodles_w00t lol you beat me to it. It was just too funny when she was in caputos suit.
tragoedia veritas
Law and Order was filmed and produced by Lauren Order and will not be made or recorded illegally for personal use
Jessrey Mark Solijon
Michael Scott on his audition for the Sweeney Todd play, "BUM BUM DUM DUM DUM DUMM DUMMM"
xLevi 답글 연결

John Rages

TV GUY:Wink*

Cuts To this song
DarkStarAZ 답글 연결
What makes this show is the writing.
Well Ok, and Alexandra Eames, (Kathryn Erbe), Vincent D'Onofrio, and the theme song. But it's really the writing.
Kabul Afghanistan
Kabul Afghanistan 2 답글 연결
I love this show!
Emily Severeid-Geiss
that moment when you and your friends find out you are soon to be victims of a cashier's check scam! You play this song and call the FTC and Secret Service! BOOM.

JasonDaDucky 답글 연결
Let's all go to court
Agt L
Agt L 답글 연결
such a culture
crockett616 답글 연결
This, Hill Street Blues and the Sopranos. Best openings ever!
Jolty 답글 연결
can i use this for a skit?
Evan Benedict
Evan Benedict 답글 연결
2:13 Favourite part
alannah graber
alannah graber 답글 연결
Low order
Alex vause just just in progress
Quote just just got my home
Gustavo Horn
Gustavo Horn 답글 연결
Watch this video and this song will play in your head all day, and you can't stop it.
lilymaate 답글 연결
Can someone loop this for ten hours what a meme
Vino in Botte
Vino in Botte 답글 연결
Listening 0.75x sounds like Pink Floyd
Jaguars A-Holic
Jaguars A-Holic 답글 연결
My god, that first note still sends chills down my spines. It's really good.

Regenia N
Regenia N 답글 연결
love it
Danger Dog
Danger Dog 답글 연결
This is my shit
Kasen T
Kasen T 답글 연결
Fuckin love it
Kabul Afghanistan
Kabul Afghanistan 1 답글 연결
I love Law and Order.
jody024 답글 연결
I do love this theme and that of SVU
Celeste Kennedy
Celeste Kennedy 답글 연결
love this song good job for finding the whole song
Jay McD
Jay McD 1 답글 연결
Used to watch the original law & order back in the 90s, loved this theme don't know why they messed with it in recent years.
Originality 답글 연결
I've known this show since I was a baby and I've always remembered the theme
Linda Iturino
Linda Iturino 답글 연결
love it!!!!
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