Law & Order Opening Theme

Mike Post - Law & Order Opening Theme
아티스트: Mike Post
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The Silver Warrior
When you're sneaking through the halls of school but you're supposed to be in class
Miesha Chavis
Miesha Chavis 답글 연결
Lol ok
Michael Carey
Michael Carey 답글 연결
Greendale Community College is represented by two separate yet equally important types of people: the goofballs who run around stirring up trouble, and the eggheads that make a big deal out of it. These are their stories.
Jarvis Young
Jarvis Young 답글 연결
This song gives me nightmares :D...
Soviet goat
Soviet goat 답글 연결
Produced by Wolf Dick...

...sorry I meant “Dick Wolf.” What even kind of name is that? Wolf Dick just sounds more natural, am I right, or am I right?
Maisou Roger
Maisou Roger 답글 연결
This reminds me of Halo... why ?
Ssa7 Ssa78
Ssa7 Ssa78 답글 연결
good old days wish it comes back😓😓
Elad Madar
Elad Madar 답글 연결
Executive producer: Dick Wolf
danielle regan
danielle regan 답글 연결
this track is fire!!1!!1!1!
sssu 답글 연결
this shit sound like some type of telltale game ost
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor 답글 연결
I'm watching this show from season 1. And now that I see how they operate I understand why they created Special Victims Unit. These assholes don't know how to treat rape or sexual assault victims at all
Oni Linka
Oni Linka 답글 연결
Gosh I hate this song so much, but the guitar part is neat
Christina Zhang
Christina Zhang 답글 연결
Christina Zhang
Christina Zhang 답글
Christina Zhang
Christina Zhang 답글
Christina Zhang
Christina Zhang 답글 연결
give me 100 dollars i am law and order this is copyrughtu
M Spanford
M Spanford 답글 연결
This theme song apparently causes many dogs to howl... http://bit.ly/2gkVrPN
Childhood Memories!!!!!!
JM Loose
JM Loose 답글 연결
Im making a beat out of this, brb
david johnson
david johnson 답글 연결
Lets all go to court...
Family Guy brought me here
Jake Rock
Jake Rock 답글 연결
Looks like everyone’s tightening their belts in those economy

Sp4ng3 답글 연결
This is better than Doom's OST.
Xenon MLG
Xenon MLG 답글 연결
Yo pass the AUX
Elyrious 9
Elyrious 9 답글 연결
Orange is the new black :)
Maria Gabriela Keane
Amo esta serie!! 😍
Caden G
Caden G 답글 연결
Waking up at 1 am to this song playin on the tv 😂
Christian Erick Mendizabal C
this song makes me wet
Adam Shane
Adam Shane 답글 연결
I used to be scared of this song along with the wolf at end
yeeeeeessssssssssss !
George Smith
George Smith 답글 연결
Because it's a catchy tune
I love Iran and Persian language
I love this theme song!

MiZziEuNiCoRN 답글 연결
Is it true Flea plays the bass in this song? My mother told me that, but I have no idea if it's true or not, Haha. :)
Nabbit's Youtube
Nabbit's Youtube 답글 연결
"We're a bunch of assholes who take up the whole hallway with our conversation."
John Bell
John Bell 답글 연결
Have this on CD: Mike Post's Inventions from the Blue Line. Includes theme and incidental music from the first season of NYPD Blue plus the themes to Renegade and Cop Files.
TheDabbinGamer PlayzMCPE
Saw my aunt watching this.
jesusalfredo amezcuarodriguez
gracias por su aporte que buena musica
Maybe someone could make a Guitar Hero custom chart on the Law and Order theme for Guitar Hero 3. You know, the full version.
Chad Gordon
Chad Gordon 답글 연결
I jam to this tune
Paul Beauregard
Paul Beauregard 답글 연결
Extraordinary recording...performances are great and the engineering is unsurpassed.
I love Iran and Persian language
I love Law and Order!
My jam