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Flo Rida - That's What I Like
아티스트: Flo Rida
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[Chorus - Fitz:] I said hey, that's what I like, I like about you! The way you do what you do, how you do, I like about you! Come on now, hey, that's what I like, I like about you! The way you do what you do, how you do, I like about you! I said hey, hey, hey, hey! [Verse 1 - Flo Rida:] They call me Ali Bomaye, M.I.A. to [?], baby I go hard, so don't come lazy, come lazy This is my party, don't be late And how much fun can one man take? You walk past and I go crazy Oh my, my, my, my Like it, like it, checkmate yeah I'm movin' up, up, shut 'em all down I like it, like it, I get bread I got a tour, a black Ferrari, zoom on it Come on let's get it started My party, you got in And that's why I said [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Flo Rida:] My mama ain't raise no fool or no failure Only go first place, let me upgrade yah Olé, red flag I'm wavin' Your way, drop down, I'm chasin' Oh my, my, my you look Look so bad, bad like good Good times, all the time I'm havin' Tonight and I don't mind braggin' Give me one for the treble, I need two for the bass I spend my three wishes on you, that's just my generous ways Throw it back like it's [?], I work the play A little harder than the rest like Dr. J I'm an all time great, you twerk the same like Oh my, my, my, my [Chorus]

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LolerioNark 답글 연결
Am I the only one sent here by something other than the Peanuts movie or a cereal commercial? My math teacher was playing this in class and I love it.
Jeshua24 답글 연결
Good Thing i am NOT Alergic to Peanuts cause i have been hearing this song ALL Year
Fsx 13022003
Fsx 13022003 답글 연결
nice nice
Miss Jackson
Miss Jackson 답글 연결
They played this song today in gym
coolgal33 답글 연결
we had to sing this to are grandparents on grandparents day....except for the rap XD.
Jesus Ojeda
Jesus Ojeda 답글 연결
genial la cancion una de mis favoritas de Flo Rida
Jordan Coker
Jordan Coker 답글 연결
i like this song
ALAINA the hilarious! Magical and funny!
i listened to this song when I was getting ready for dance competition
Esau Gamez
Esau Gamez 답글 연결
bruno mars song is actually the same as this song( I mean the title).
Chrissy Periwinkle
Chrissy Periwinkle 1 답글 연결
I tried dancing to this...

I broke my arm instead.
Teimon KauppA
Teimon KauppA 답글 연결
i came bc it says fitz
Patrick McIsaac
Patrick McIsaac 1 답글 연결
this is a amazing song
Axe man51575
Axe man51575 2 답글 연결
Honestly I came here because of the peanuts movie
KatieKat 7733
KatieKat 7733 2 답글 연결
I came here from dancing with the stars
Groupmaniacs 1 답글 연결
I was brought here cuz I found it on spotify...
britting inspections
good song
Cutiewolffire 12355
Cutiewolffire 12355 1 답글 연결
Official Gaming
Official Gaming 1 답글 연결
only part i like is what you do the way you do i like about you
Dustin Mullen
Dustin Mullen 1 답글 연결
I did to fat scares
lou fucito
lou fucito 1 답글 연결
like best song evs💙💙😎😎😋😋

Tonya Edwards
Tonya Edwards 1 답글 연결
ITS good
Mariahslide 1 답글 연결
What are y'all talking about? I've never heard this song in a peanuts movie. I'm here because I like flo rida
Linda e bela
Linda e bela 1 답글 연결
i love music💕
Linda e bela
Linda e bela 1 답글 연결
my love💕
CraftBoy24 Craftboy24GD
2:41 <3 best part
Mr. Ted
Mr. Ted 1 답글 연결
I came here cause I bought this album when it came out and Bruno Mars's new song of the same name reminded me of this awesome song
xxdaretolivexx 1 답글 연결
I've been looking for this song for SO LONG! It's used in my spinning class every week and I just love it - soooo glad I've found it!!!!
Avelina Mendez
Avelina Mendez 1 답글 연결
This was my ball room Danes song 😊
Brayson Owens
Brayson Owens 1 답글 연결
I love song
Devin Henderson
Devin Henderson 답글 연결
544 Blockheads didn't get perfect scores.

zackary cunningham
zackary cunningham 1 답글 연결
ok thanks lexi m.
Sara Weaver
Sara Weaver 1 답글 연결
I came from the Royal Caribbean's tv ad, this song is so freaking catchy!
Milagros Ukwu
Milagros Ukwu 답글 연결
RC Ravenclaw
RC Ravenclaw 1 답글 연결
Peanuts movie anyone?
Lexi M.
Lexi M. 1 답글 연결
I love this song! It's so energetic!
Margo Bauer
Margo Bauer 1 답글 연결
Life cereal commercial!
Randal Massaro
Randal Massaro 1 답글 연결
Alex_Nizza_Hut 1 답글 연결
mostly everone came from the peanuts movie or from the life cereal comercial
zackary cunningham
who is fitz?
Lexi M.
Lexi M. 답글
zackary cunningham oh he made the song "hands clap"
Lexi M.
Lexi M. 답글
zackary cunningham FITZS and the tantrums
Lexi M.
Lexi M. 답글
zackary cunningham I don't know I googled his name he has a band
i came cuz cereal :)
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