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Radiohead - All I Need
아티스트: Radiohead

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    Everything in Its Right Place
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I'm the next step Waiting in the wings I'm an animal Trapped in your hot car I am all the days That you choose to ignore You are all I need Youre all I need I'm in the middle of your picture Lying in the reeds I am a moth Who just wants to share your light I'm just an insect Trying to get out of the night I only stick with you Because there are no others You are all I need Youre all I need I'm in the middle of your picture Lying in the reeds It's all wrong, it's all right It's all wrong, it's all right It's all wrong, it's all right It's all wrong, it's all right It's all, it's all

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SkogNaturalist 답글 연결
These guys are true genius musicians. You can see that they strive to get that perfect sound.
Burak Zengin
Burak Zengin 답글 연결
2:04 is there a ghost behind the door? Look carefully, the girl is passing too fast.
Kevin Twin
Kevin Twin 답글 연결
I'm all the days that you choose to ignore is a hell of a line
Ben Nickels
Ben Nickels 답글 연결
I think I can safely say half of this video's views were me
Karina 답글 연결
This is the most beautiful song i have ever heard about ugly people... I was just abandoned by one of them and i just realized that i was just a moth for him. ;(
cegax_ 답글 연결
Better than original version
feroui hamza
feroui hamza 답글 연결
jesus christ jonny is an orchestra by himself
Graeme Fellows
Graeme Fellows 1 답글 연결
Dopest dope I've smoked
aneros988 답글 연결
Das Glockenspiel
Jay S
Jay S 답글 연결
Check out my cover of How to Disappear Completely here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxdUq28Bzk0
Kamilla Rodrigues
So right, so wrong...
Ismail Tofey
Ismail Tofey 답글 연결
Radiohead songs are so complex in their arrangements and timing. It's awesome
Mercurial Pierrot
I feel like this would make a great wedding dance song.
Mark Anthony Chan
Sounds like Smashing Pumpkins' song "Shame"
The Murky Margin Marauder
It’s alright.
Distances 답글 연결
I need to see Radiohead before I die. If they played this song, I would definitely cry.
Miguel Duran Luna
Está es una gran canción. Me gusta porqué causa una especie de sensación parecida a las drogas,😎 eso en mi opinión.
Alfy Rocks
Alfy Rocks 답글 연결
the bass player really looks like Ellliot Smith
Sidikous 2 답글 연결
I was picking a girl up for a date at her house. I walked inside to greet her while she finished getting ready. I didn’t even hear the whole song, just from 3:11 onward and I remember just standing there lost in so many emotions. I’ve never had a song hit me like this did and I didn’t even know what it was. I didn’t know if I should cry or smile or kiss the girl when she came back into the room. She came back in, saw me, and said “you too??”

We’ve been together since and I haven’t been happier. I swear it’s because of this song.
brad morton
brad morton 1 답글 연결
im n love..............................................................................................................

1qwasz12 답글 연결
Good performance but how come the pricks took the original studio versions of almost all their songs off youtube?
GajA lejandro
GajA lejandro 답글 연결
una genialidad de tema...gracias....
Mr. Joey
Mr. Joey 답글 연결
One of those bands where everyone is so damn magical. Ed is awesome, Phil is awesome, thom always kicks out the jams, but the best part of this particular performance in my opinion was the Greenwood brothers. Colin and Jonny really shine here in every way.
Jace Imperio
Jace Imperio 답글 연결
The drop Greenwood did at 3:55 - 4:00 is just insane
kristian jay pe benito
the art oozes <3
John Motherfuckin' Coltrane
ElCris Gamer
ElCris Gamer 답글 연결
Minuto 2:14 en la ventana
Tavo N. Aguilera
Tavo N. Aguilera 답글 연결
Quisiera q durará más esta canción..... magnifica
Esther Villegas
Esther Villegas 답글 연결
Truly mesmerizing! <3
Nico Negron
Nico Negron 답글 연결
They killed this song. What an awesome performance. I love Radiohead.

DirkDiggler 1 답글 연결
How are they so good? Did Jonny G sell his soul to the devil or something?
Jeleeo 답글 연결
Fuck this is good
Dante Emmett
Dante Emmett 답글 연결
This sounds a lot like the album.
The Rational
The Rational 답글 연결
Playing a glockenspiel and the keys at the same time, who else but Jonny Greenwood.
Utsav kumar
Utsav kumar 1 답글 연결
Xylophone the most underrated instrument !!!
Anshul Awasthi
Anshul Awasthi 1 답글 연결
wish that microphone was my ass
Them Collin counts
Marcos Pacheco
Marcos Pacheco 답글 연결
"You are all I need

I'm in the middle of your picture

Lying in the leaves"
George Guelis
George Guelis 답글 연결
Did the drummer come in wrong?
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard 답글 연결
Lazy eyed basterd