I Put a Spell on You 가사

Marilyn Manson - I Put a Spell on You
아티스트: Marilyn Manson

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I put a spell on you because you're mine I can't stand the things that you do No, no, no I ain't lyin' No...I don't care if you don't want me 'Cause I'm yours, yours, yours anyhow I am yours, yours, yours I love you...I love you...I love you... I love you I love you! I put a spell on you Lord! Lord! Lord! 'Cause you're mine I can't stand the things that you do when you're fooling around I don't care if you don't want me 'Cause I'm yours, yours, yours anyhow I can't stand when you're fooling around If I can't have you, no one will I love you, you, you I love you, I love you, I love you I love you, you, you I don't care if you don't want me 'Cause I'm yours, yours, yours anyhow Yeah!

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Caitlin Elizabeth
I only owe you sex...well I don’t want to fuck you...well you gonna guck me...Kate tell him what he got in his hands..I not doing that..I only cry over him...
Caitlin Elizabeth
Don’t worry..she bit famous enough to find IOU’s
Caitlin Elizabeth
Miranda...you should probably hide...I not mean to find another model of Facebook but I did and now this psych path obsessed with me and stalking me
Caitlin Elizabeth
Women friends..where do you buy the outfits? Shut up...I pretending I have women friends
Caitlin Elizabeth
😂😂😂😂yeah Greg where my strip tease to this song..Colin wouldn’t do it...raise up to the competition
Cory Adams
Cory Adams 답글 연결
what's up
superawesome videos
This makes me want to listen to screaming jay hawking
blue walnuts
blue walnuts 답글 연결
challenge accepted
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez 답글 연결
He said this was like a love song but was he talking like about a love spell or something
becky martin
becky martin 답글 연결
creepy,,sexyhot scary good ,,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
The Dankster
The Dankster 답글 연결
In a porn video
Jaide Ednie
Jaide Ednie 답글 연결
I always think of hocus pocus
Mizzle420420 답글 연결
creedence was danker
Dennis Propst
Dennis Propst 답글 연결
i need my medice
Justin Kennedy
Justin Kennedy 답글 연결
Manson is a god
MandyRocks 답글 연결
Manson makes the best music for anything ❤️🤘
Mc Gowan
Mc Gowan 답글 연결
lost highway <3
Jorin Nife
Jorin Nife 답글 연결
Going to fuck my dog to this song tonight. He's in for one hell of a birthday.
Carlos Gómez Martínez
RIP Daisy. :(
Jay Frost
Jay Frost 답글 연결
Props to all of the ladies commenting about giving their men striptease shows to this song. You're the true MVPs!!

Jihan Big Medicine
is that why im obsessed with you? You're all i talk about
Jihan Big Medicine
Jihan Big Medicine 답글
dude, have you seen that to catch a predator thats like "ooops..." why are you so obsessed with to catch a predator lately??? I feel there is something i don't know but there always is i guess
Jaide Ednie
Jaide Ednie 답글
Same I think my friends get tired of it... oops lol
Lucie Quinn
Lucie Quinn 답글 연결
god I love it
Marshall Perales
Marshall Perales 답글 연결
I heard ya
Marshall Perales
Marshall Perales 1 답글 연결
I agree. Luv ya, stay top
I am who I am but not what the others say.
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 답글 연결
My man knows how to cover the most random songs
Mommy Salami
Mommy Salami 답글 연결
Tonya Hatter
Tonya Hatter 답글 연결
So hot love this
Rocky Road
Rocky Road 답글 연결
MF I love you. I love you! I put a spell on you! Oh Lord I don't care if you love me! Because I am your your yours Anyhow! So much drama I didn't forget about thanking the dark and darling Marilyn Manson. 😼
Mike Becker
Mike Becker 답글 연결
Just wait LMAO!!!!!!! you don't even know the half of it sweetie:}
Dom Love
Dom Love 답글 연결
4 Rusted Horses anyone??

Maddy love
Maddy love 2 답글 연결
Why are y'all all being sexual talking about strip teases and shit..and I'm over here thinking about singing this to my pizza
jessica wyatt
jessica wyatt 답글 연결
Im old skool, will always dig this shit
Michael Crehan
Michael Crehan 답글 연결
Screaming Jay Hawkins would've loved this.
La Guera Tamalera
such a good song god when i was 12 listening to this i felt like the biggest badass in the world! ❤ manson forver and ever
Trazar54 답글 연결
i love this lklklklklkl
William Troumbley
L Unidentified
L Unidentified 답글 연결
I want his hat
Ballad2Grave 1 답글 연결
Video called: "MONSTER WHITE COCKS IN HARDCORE ACTIONS" brought me here. :D
Jared Brodersen, Broken Romeo
Wish I could put a spell on the women I love