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Mischa "Book" Chillak - Ready or Not
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Ready or not Here I come You can't hide Ready or not Here I come You can't hide Ready or not Here I come You can't hide Ready or not Here I come You can't hide Ready or not Here I come You can't hide

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Kirsty Ede
Kirsty Ede 답글 연결
Am i the only one here from watching multifandom videos?
J kellz
J kellz 답글 연결
This would make the best music for a movie trailer all about revenge. I can't help but imagine someone SUPER strong having been wronged in some devastating way and seeking revenge with this song playing in the background. Picture OPM (one punch man) seeing his dead family or something and knowing exactly who did it. Finding their hideout and busting down the door to find, the green lantern corps, all of the APC from the Matrix reloaded, all of the super sayians, and the justice league waiting for him inside. Epic battle ensues followed by a shot of OPM walking away from the burning hideout. Having found out where their leader (doctor doom and magneto) are, there is an epic stare down followed by OPM decimating them both with a set of serious level punches. I'd watch that movie over and over till the death of me.
Ezylox 답글 연결
YoloStrater 답글 연결
mythicalcleverrose mythical jakwilen
Anyone else here bc of SenpaiX or a different anime youtubers intro lol
Jacob Dudley
Jacob Dudley 답글 연결
Anyone else here from a Flyers game?
Maria Grimes
Maria Grimes 답글 연결
Klaus Mikaelson AMV brought me here. 👌🏻
KaOs Kn1FeR
KaOs Kn1FeR 답글 연결
is any one else here from one punch man and naruto with the madara vs 5 kages
Andy Blasphemy
Andy Blasphemy 답글 연결
Philadelphia Flyers home game hype opening intro thingy. 2016-17 season
- IlalbelI-
- IlalbelI- 답글 연결
ready or not
you're a racoon.
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie 답글 연결
finally found this song ive been searching for so long omfg
Thepriceisright 답글 연결
Nashville Predators Stanley cup final pump up brought me here
Bonnie A.
Bonnie A. 답글 연결
Ready or not.
Here i come.
You can't hide
-You cannot hide from me Rebecca..! 💪💪💪
Calcium Is good for you
Vine edits at 1:20 and 1:27 ;)
Hannah Paynter
Hannah Paynter 답글 연결
this was in a harry potter edit and a few other edits I've seen and it took me forever to find oh mY GOD BUT I FOUND IT YESS
Snaker57 답글 연결
Came here from the ghost recon wildlands launch trailer. It was amazing with hype
Caroline Meowza
Caroline Meowza 답글 연결
i just got this from a supernatural edit....oh
InvictuZ 답글 연결
Is there a library of insanely hype epic music like this somewhere? And why does it sound like it's perfect for a game trailer, I feel like all epic game trailers were made with this music.
Nina Keuzenkamp
Nina Keuzenkamp 답글 연결
who else got here from an supernatural vid?
editor nat
editor nat 답글 연결
greys edits from the shooting brought me here

Lopus 312
Lopus 312 1 답글 연결
took me some time to find it, i found it just because of spotify
mabelmagallanes 답글 연결
how can I get permission to use this song?
Gracie Maryee
Gracie Maryee 답글 연결
I can't stop replaying this. It's addictive. It feels like there's a movie happening in my head because it's so intense.
장광남 답글 연결
내가 너를 기억하마..
ruby-marie 답글 연결
Void Deanmon
Void Deanmon 1 답글 연결
let's start a chain. XD
ready or not...
Sam S
Sam S 답글
Void Deanmon . here I come
Sho_ Eteai
Sho_ Eteai 답글 연결
I'm here from a Boruto amv.
Carlos Meza
Carlos Meza 답글 연결
The Anaheim Ducks used this song as their pump up montage before they enter the rink. Awesome song. GO DUCKS!!!
Ains Ooal Gown
Ains Ooal Gown 답글 연결
Phoenix lil mini anyone?
ChubRub FlamingBeep
this is the perfect song to play when someone breaks into your house, tries to kill you, and steps on your sneakers.

Noah Gardner
Noah Gardner 답글 연결
What song is 0:42 - 1:05 from?
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee 답글 연결
Here because of a Walking Dead teader for the season 7 premier, cant wait for season 8❤
Yumwer 답글
Slater 답글 연결
Fuck all the one punch fans, who's here from the r v b allison church amv
Monobear Song
Monobear Song 답글 연결
sasuke shinden
How To Be Irish
How To Be Irish 1 답글 연결
I'm making preparations to join the military with a combat MOS, and I have plans to make videos about my experience. Jotting this down as one of the songs I'll use clips from.
Ninjutso 답글 연결
Does anyone know where I can get the version of just the beat? no "ready or not"
HawksFan97 답글 연결
no one's gonna come here from the Leafs home opener? ok
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