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UNKLE - The Answer (Trentemøller Remix)
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Here we are Burning up in our cars And in our hearts Better days Sleeping late with our headaches Perfect weather Congregate Lay in wait for an answer They're still waiting Grit your teeth The lucky taste as the day breaks The blind are leading the blind Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Xenon lights Dots go dashing the highways Nothing's moving Radiates Everything lasting for seconds Evaporated Lovers' lips Drinking late at the station Smiling faces Coming clean Wiping your face in whatever There's an answer

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Jess Day
Jess Day 1 답글 연결
I'm basically playing all the American Assassin trailer scenes in my head as the songs playing...
I may have watched the trailer too many times
The Cat
The Cat 2 답글 연결
90% american assasin 🤘
puddlemini 답글 연결
a sterek fanvid brought me here XD
INeedMySon 4Real
INeedMySon 4Real 1 답글 연결
I just found this song amazing how it sounds
Sheep God
Sheep God 1 답글 연결
John Wick Jr "Dylan O'Brien"
ObiWanRollMeOne 답글 연결
So glad I searched this and found it on 4/20 This is a trip
SlackAlot 2 답글 연결
I guess we're all on a mission to find the dopest version of the American Assassin trailer song.
Tareq Abu shukur
Tareq Abu shukur 1 답글 연결
so exited for american assassin
Kyren 1 답글 연결
American Assassin brought me here!
Abid Ali
Abid Ali 1 답글 연결
This song is an experience.
SebastianRosas 1 답글 연결
Anyone know how to play this on piano?
diana 1 답글 연결
American Assassin teaser trailer brought me here
Juan Blas-Mendez
Juan Blas-Mendez 4 답글 연결
American Assassin anyone?
kaligg8 4 답글 연결
American Assassin brought me here! :)
gino peñaflor
gino peñaflor 5 답글 연결
the "the american assasin brought me here" comment made me scroll through the comments.
Olyvea Blazer
Olyvea Blazer 3 답글 연결
Words wouldn't do this song justice....
Sir. Diddy Derps
Sir. Diddy Derps 15 답글 연결
American assassin brought me here
Lydia 18 답글 연결
American Assassin brought me here.
Alex JRO
Alex JRO 42 답글 연결
American Assassin
Nikita Shinde
Nikita Shinde 168 답글 연결
Anyone here after watching the American assassin trailer?
Nikita Shinde yeah
Amaya LaRue
Amaya LaRue 1 답글
Nikita Shinde yup 😂
ludi nel
ludi nel 답글
new album coming out soon
David Verner
David Verner 1 답글
Unkle is one of my favorite artists. I was soooo excited when I heard this in the trailer!
Stydia_ IsFab
Stydia_ IsFab 2 답글

MrReaperofDead 2 답글 연결
my unkle brought me here...🙂
Space Octopus
Space Octopus 7 답글 연결
This song couldn't be more amazing. Unlike other people, I actually am already a Trentemøller fan. Never seen whatever the fucking movie it's in is....
 This remix is wonderful. It deserves more than almost 230,000 hits. That's for sure.

Also, why does this stupid fad exist where people feel the need to comment about what brought them to a youtube video?! It's so OBNOXIOUS. Nobody cares, dude. That's not interesting, it has nothing to do with the actual content of a video, and isn't constructive, or a discussion about the video... Just sayin'...
celine 답글
Space Octopus watch the movie meru! its so beautiful im happy i watched it cause it introduced me to amazing music like this one...
Bruhh 답글
Space Octopus I saw you on a different comment giving music recommendations and the way that you described them are the way that I describe those musicians. Royksopp, trentmoller, and ulrich schnaus make me feel so much inner peace. Like its ok to feel the way I do. Can you message me privately? Please. I'd like to learn myself a bit more through you. I'll help you in whatever way I can.
Bruhh 답글
Space Octopus look at your first paragraph and give the same logic to it. Why does anyone need to know?

I'm not saying this to be a jerk. I'm just like you. I'm asking an honest question. I cant figure it out. Maybe its not important. I just want to know.
Leon Lamby
Leon Lamby 1 답글 연결
Anna Schuldiner
Anna Schuldiner 답글 연결
Everything lasting for seconds evaporated
Blair Potter
Blair Potter 1 답글 연결
iFrankenCop 1 답글 연결
Kiana May
Kiana May 3 답글 연결
Anyone know songs similar to this? I came her from the Imitation Game. Maybe I'll check the whole soundtrack
Space Octopus
Space Octopus 답글
@P4ran01dAndroid lol I was just thinking, "Something I Can Never Have". Also "And All That Could Have Been".
Space Octopus
Space Octopus 4 답글
DeVotchka - How It Ends
Anything by Trentemøller, Røyksopp, or Ulrich Schnauss (specifically his remixes).
Also check out all of Aphex Twin for sure. (Alberto Balsalm, Avril 14th, Rhubarb, are all great songs by him similar to this)
RÜFÜS - Innerbloom
The Dø - Too Insistent (Trentemøller Remix)
Eluvium - Genius and the Thieves
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile
Possibly Mogwai.
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
Kate Simko - The Creative Part (especially this one)
ghost society - Tankograd Theme No. 1
Sara Savery - Small Dreams
Flunk - Sit Down
Moby - The Broken Places
New Order - Elegia ( I also highly recommend seeing the animated short film called "More" featuring this song. Exceptional stuff)
Jon Brion (mostly the stuff from the Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind soundtrack)
and last, but not least, Sigur Ros, but mostly only the older stuff. Especially from the albums Takk, and (Untitled). Hopefully you can find some similarities in some of those....
Divaker Sharma
Divaker Sharma 2 답글
Kiana May
Kiana May 1 답글
+Robbie Atkinson okay I will thank you.
P4ran01dAndroid 2 답글
+Kiana Desmond The ominous sounding piano and chord structure is similar to something Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails would create. Check him out.
Will Cruz
Will Cruz 50 답글 연결
Meru brought me here.
burningrabbit acres
burningrabbit acres 답글
Me, too. Big, beautiful movie. Too much for this old boy to grasp. it has answers....
Divaker Sharma
Divaker Sharma 1 답글
BIG WALL MERU!! Lets do it!
Mike Hetherington
Mike Hetherington 1 답글
+Will Cruz Same Here.
thekoiponds 1 답글
same here
Same here
NICKatron MC
NICKatron MC 답글 연결
Is this on iTunes? It should be
Siddhant Chhabra
Siddhant Chhabra 15 답글 연결
I don't even know what I am feeling right now but this is something that I can't do justice with my vocabulary. 
Veena Chatterjee
Veena Chatterjee 1 답글
+Siddhant Chhabra u described my current sate of mind...words are too derogatory for this song...
nova grav
nova grav 1 답글
Feelings and words only go along up-to a point. Thereafter, feelings super exceed the words. 

Noah John
Noah John 21 답글 연결
The Imitation Game got me here!
Trailer Music Information™
The Imitation Game - Academy Awards Trailer SONG
Eduardo C.G.
Eduardo C.G. 답글 연결
High Airlines L.T.
UNKLEPaul THX 답글 연결
is that vinyl
Ingridgoogl@hotmail.com Slas
:( such a love that is not more hier ... where is the Answer our love is still alive in my mind and in my Hearth :((
Sas Dom
Sas Dom 2 답글 연결
Does anyone have the piano sheet of this song?
Elliot Lyness
Elliot Lyness 6 답글 연결
The blind are leading the blind.
Spadł Ogień-Drake
Spadł Ogień-Drake 답글
An eye for an eye makes the world blind.
bloodystump3 답글 연결
I just fucking love UNKLE
voodkah 답글 연결
Wait, wait, did Day[9] actually send people here? There's no sodding way. He couldn't possibly be that excellent.
Whitteth 답글 연결
so dooope
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